Religious Rights, What Does It Matter?

Gods divine word and politics were indivisible when America was first born;

founding fathers read and recited the bible until the pages were ripped and torn!


Gods inherent natural rights helped form the Constitution of the United States;

his unalienable rights are still the core of freedom, one of its preeminent traits!


Is it possible to steal freedom, can a thief accomplish that by being smart;

diminishing Gods importance in America would be a great place to start!


Obama offered voters hope and change, his campaign for transformation;

hope to create a class of people who would succumb to despotic domination!                                        


In Obamas world daily discourse emanates from clever phrases meant to entrap;

Saul Alinsky type euphemisms used to gloss over words that might get a bad rap!


Obamas pursues transformation like a spoiled indignant child, conform or else;

using the IRS like a whipping boy to intimidate the religious and tax their wealth!


Planned Parenthood is another tool used to meet Obamas transformative objective;

making abortion an acceptable part of American culture, death the new elective!


Obamas “war on women” slogan has thrown liberal feminists into a “choice” tizzy;

Obama the pompous political pimp makes sure his submissive women are kept busy!


Universities have long been fertile grounds for educators to spew socialist doctrine;

Obamas “Common Core” educates kindergartners on up, exposing them to liberal toxin!


Cultural institutions, the media and Hollywood all work overtime to corrupt souls;

an indoctrination of progressivism that twists the truth to accomplish the end goals!                   


Gays are allowed in the military, but God does not have a dignified rightful place;

gay marriage is widely applauded, but Christian home schoolers are often debased!


Democrats dared for the first time ever to snub God at their National Convention;

their Good Samaritan clothing came off, exposing their irreligious dimension!


These collective salvation do-gooders feel individuals cannot be saved on their own;

expecting group mercy when in front of God, even for a murderer they cannot disown!


The government stronghold knows that religious fervor and its resulting morality is a foe;

keeping public order by using the DHS police is a better way to maintain the status quo!


Government programs are intentionally set up to anesthetize its citizens to sleep;

free food, medical and housing makes people lazy with no yearning to reap!


An increasingly comatose public lives off handouts from the tax payer store;

shoo-ins to vote Democratic, bus them in and return them home to snore!


Charity in the wake of tragedy is now another opportunity to take advantage;

every crisis provides a window of opportunity to profit and mismanage!


Secular liberals use earthly goods as their false idols that change with the tide;

allegiance to a belief system based on self-satisfaction and egotistical pride!


Christians are now labeled as far right terrorists, humoring the atheist liberal base;

choosing to ignore Islamic Jihadists who are flagrantly on the terrorist database!


Americas religious values are being drained into the cesspool of government decay;

sucked into the disposal of distain, Gods preeminence lessened and betrayed!


But, what does it matter that society has eliminated God from daily conversation?

What does it matter that freedom of religious speech is facing termination?


What does it matter that material goods are being used for spiritual suffocation?  

What does it matter that Americas culture is undergoing drastic transformation? 


What does it matter that Christianity is suffering from constant vindictive provocation?   

What does it matter that faith in the military is under attack and gross intimidation?


What does it matter that Christians do not get out and vote to voice their indignation?

What does it matter that Christians are not fighting for the next vulnerable generation?


It matters because theres a dangerous fine line between those questions and evil itself;

on the other side of those questions lurks Lucifer ready to consume your very own self!


It matters because God expects a lot from his faithful, to fight darkness and win;

James 4:17; Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.


Christians need to safeguard their heavenly father, do not let his adversaries succeed;

Gods intentions are based on love, big governments intentions on power and greed!


















On Memorial Day, Remember!

God planted his seed of freedom and independent thought,

in a land where his wise scripture would be widely learned and taught!


It was the birth of America, a nation founded by God and destined to lead,

where its God-fearing citizens could be free and perform noble deeds!


War broke out and a Republic was born, destined for new heights;

a constitution was then drafted, based on Gods unalienable rights!


War has continued throughout the years, a self-preservation act;

to protect America against those wanting to destroy its sacred tract!


Memorial Day is a national holiday, a time set aside to honor our brave;

men and women who sacrificed their lives and went to their untimely grave!


It is a day for flags to fly at half mast and for church steeple bells to ring;

for choirs and concerts to express their utmost appreciation and sing!


Parades with marching bands celebrate on crowded neighborhood streets;

recognizing the lives of heroes who performed many distinguished feats!


Cookouts bring familys together exemplifying freedoms shared by all;

free to do as they please, read a book of choice, party or play ball!


Visiting a cemetery, placing flowers at the graves of those who have died,

makes the engraved headstones feel less cold, so much more glorified!


On Memorial Day, a sorrowful aching beats within the surviving familys hearts;

their precious sons and daughters remain in their souls, never to depart!


America will forever be indebted to the soldiers who have given their lives,

so citizens can lead a life full of opportunity, rewarding those who strive!


Now America faces a homegrown threat, one against God, Americas divine weapon;

aided by a government being hustled into the cunning hands of evil and deception!


This is a battle that Americans must fight here at home, praying that God be our shield;

defending soldiers who are denied their religious rights from a military that will not yield!


Troops can no longer utter the Lords name out loud, their protective spiritual force;

a dangerous trend has emerged, God openly shunned from public discourse!                  


The Pentagon no longer reflects a soldiers ideals, the framework that made us great;

love of God, country and family, our very culture, is being abandoned like deadweight!


This war against evil can be won, but Americans must head to the polls in droves;

in 2014 declare an election war against Capitol Hill to change the political controls!


Those who do not represent “we the people” must pack their bags and get out;

Americans will persevere in cleaning up the corruption, firmly demonstrate their clout!


Future generations are depending on every patriot to defend Americas inherent rights;

citizens who recognize Americas unique exceptionalism and are determined to fight!  


On Memorial Day as we pray for our fallen soldiers, speak to them about our intention;

that resolute Americans intend to win this war, helped by Gods divine intervention!


Americans will exalt God, glorify his name, fight for freedom and their religious rights;

make our soldiers in heaven feel proud and blessed that they paid the ultimate price!









Uncle Sam, It Is Time To Drop Your Drawers!

Uncle Sam has been a symbolic image of national identity since the war of 1812,

when a man nicknamed Uncle Sam stamped “US” onto oak barrels on his shelves.


His meat packed barrels went to supply the troops, one of their daily rations in the war;

emblematic of our government “US” made Uncle Sam’s initials and name iconic lore!


Uncle Sam became the symbol for Americas government, changing his looks on cue;

the Civil War saw Uncle Sams face resemble that of Lincolns, a beard was added too!


Tall and lanky with top hat, striped pants, a swallow-tailed coat and red vest,

Uncle Sam was a patriotic figure beaming with dignity from his caricature breast! 


The last rendering of Uncle Sam was for the “I Want You Poster” by J.M. Flagg;

to boost recruitment for World War I, help put enrollment in the government bag!


In World War II the Germans called America Samland and again we used that poster;

“I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy was the patriotic song, pride peaked like a roller coaster!


Since then, America has come a long way baby, its government has changed a lot!

Its high time to reinvent Uncle Sams image for what he is now and for what he is not!


Statesmanlike Uncle Sam disappeared long ago, we need to update that version;

trade his svelte navy jacket for a trench coat to cover-up his progressive perversion!


Sams trench coat should be bright red, the color of socialism, the color of his flag; 

his arm tattooed with a hammer and sickle so his communist friends can brag!


The red bow tie must be replaced with an effeminate pink silk scarf, good for any storm;

Sams climate change gurus cannot decide whether we are going to be cold or be warm!


Lets change his top hat to a metal helmet with numerous antennas rising from the top;

spying on Americans is Sams top priority, he prides himself in being a sly sinister cop!


One of the antennas must shoot up very high, much higher than all the rest;

dedicated to surveillance of the press, the ultimate freedom of speech theft!


A James Bond, Sam will never be, 007 works for the betterment of his close allies;

Sam spurns foreign friends, but cowers to Islamic terrorists, permitting their rise!


Its time to adjust Uncle Sam’s staunch upright stature, slump him over in a large bow;

its the new conciliatory gesture the president makes in front of brutal dictators now!


Modern-day Sam should wear large dark shades to cover his deceptive shifty glances;

shut out any possible radiant light from God that might curtail the devils advances!


The long white beard must go, replace it with a bandana to conceal Sams crooked lips;

unprompted speeches sometimes divulge secrets, time to cover up his subversive slips!


Let’s update Sam, show him with a stash of ammo, an AK-47 assault rifle and grenade;

he’s waiting for Americans to be unarmed, defenseless for his DHS Hitleresque brigade! 


Uncle Sams finger has always pointed toward his citizens, he needs to redirect his aim;

Sams government is mired in lies, time to point the finger at himself, take some blame!


Greedy Sam should put a gold ring on that finger proclaiming his fondness for addiction;

a lucky horseshoe ring for a gambler who taxes to support his debt, a severe affliction!


Sams new elite designer shirt should be patterned with hundreds of green dollar signs;

signifying the trillions of debt now burdening America, putting it in a cataclysmic bind!


Sam deviously uses the IRS to target church groups, change their religious status;

smearing, auditing, taxing foes, making sure they do not receive anything gratis!


The old Uncle Sam used to think power meant the power of God, faith, truth, hope;

Sam’s ruthless power now is akin to abuse, his bullying enormously wide in scope!


Sams recurring verbal attacks are more befitting of a tyrannical dictator type of man;

his face should now resemble Vladimir Lenin who adopted a Marxist revolutionary plan!


Uncle Sam has squashed religious freedom in Americas military, a scary warning sign;

that America’s First Amendment right of religious freedom is rapidly on the decline!


Sam demoralizes our military; Marines ordered to hold umbrellas for Obama in the rain;

put Mary Poppins and her umbrella with Sam, a repulsive reminder of his insolent reign!


Is Sam a coward or barbarian, hiding when people call for help, leaving them to die?

Seal Team Six and Benghazi Americans found out the hard way, coldly left high and dry!


A shameful Uncle Sam who does not have the guts to fight for Americans has no honor;

his new image should depict him wearing a yellow flashing badge that blinks ‘Dishonor!”


Its time to drop Uncle Sams striped drawers, perhaps he will feel and learn humility;

humbling his despotic spirit would give all Americans some peace and tranquility!


The final fix for this Uncle Sam poster is to rename it “Big Brother Betrayer Wants You!

Use disloyal Sam like he used us and educate Americans who do not have a clue!




Was Seal Team Six Handed Over To The Valley of Death?

Seal Team Six raided Usama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan aiming to kill;

Navy heroes whose courage made America so proud, an awe-inspiring drill!


Ninety-three days later in Afghanistan these same elites took a nighttime helicopter ride,

in a CH-47 Chinook not set-up for battle with an enemy that does more than just chide!


Seal Team Six and twenty-two other military men were flown to Tangi Valley, a hot zone;

Extortion17 was without escort, air cover and suppressive fire, they were sent in alone! 


A rocket propelled grenade hit the old ill-equipped chopper as it attempted to land;

our warriors set up like sitting ducks without support, blown up on enemy sand!


Bagram Air base held a ramp ceremony before returning our dead men to the States;

after a brief prayer an Iman preached Allahs words, bedeviled cursed words of hate!


That Iman prayed over the charred remains of our brave young sons who tragically fell;

praising Allah and despicably condemning our revered American boys to a blazing hell!


These Seals who killed the founder of Al-Qaeda in the fight against terrorism, to protect;

had their flag draped coffins appallingly desecrated in order to be politically correct!


This act of betrayal proves that some of our top brass have been infected with evil;

the Muslim Brotherhood is defiling our military and striving for an Islamic upheaval!


Remember how Obama wanted to transform our nation, his narcissistic cocky goal;

his idea of transformation is to allow Islamic entities to push our freedom into a hole.                                                                                                            


Counterterrorism is in the hands of CIA Director John Brennan, a Muslim convert worm;

who says terrorist attacks on the USA should not be described by using an Islamic term! 


Why did Biden and Obama leak the classified secret that Seals took out bin Laden;

making our heroes the wrathful targets of intolerant Jihadists who do not pardon?


Why were our elite sent to Tangi Valley and dangerously placed in harms way?

Why were so many Seals ordered to be together on that fateful August day?


Why does the Afghan army, police and security need to know our every maneuver?

Why is our tactical information shared, risking espionage from an enemy intruder?


Why was protocol ignored, Afghans in the Chinook switched at the last minute?

Why was the mandatory flight manifest not changed, where is it, who was in it?


Why does the symbolic word Extortion, the wrongful taking of property by violence;

remind us of Al- Qaeda’s view on the taking of bin Laden, was this reciprocal balance?


Why have the fundamental Rules of Engagement in our military been crazily changed?

Why are we handicapping the troops allowing our vile enemy to shoot first is deranged!


Why do Pentagon officials feel that the Taliban needs to feel loved and wanted,

while our unprotected brave soldiers are being maimed, blown up and taunted?


Why has the media not covered the greatest tragedy ever to hit our Special Forces?

properly investigating and exposing the military coverup using their inside sources?


Why is the press not demanding the truth about the vicious attack in Benghazi;

Americans crying for help while Obama went to bed because he felt drowsy!


Why should we have to hear Hillary Clinton say “but what does it matter!”

listen to her habitual chicanery so she can continue to climb the political ladder?


Why did Joe Biden say at the time of bin Laden’s death, “There is no place to hide!”

while two years later VP Joe is still hiding, not divulging how our Navy Seals died!


Why have all these questions gone unanswered for so long, the responses so lax;

 is it because the Obama spinmeisters need a lot more time to cover the facts?


Why has there not been a Congressional Inquiry to inform Americans of the truth;

our representatives need to help the families who have had to be their own sleuth!


Pray Americans will wake up, understand the consequences of their passive voice;

an America changed forever because its citizens did not stand up to evil by choice!


Pray for our valiant troops for they are in danger, pawns in a corrupted military scheme;

warriors who need our politically incorrect support to help uphold the American Dream!


Pray for our fallen warriors and their family’s who are full of sorrow and cry each night;

thank them for the ultimate sacrifice made on our behalf so we can bask in Gods light!


Pray for the virtuous members of Seal Team Six who are in Heaven enjoying eternal life;

American heroes who can now rest peacefully on Gods shoulder and live without strife.


Reflections From An Aborted Baby!

I am in my mothers warm womb and extremely thankful to God,

for selecting me for earthly conception, such a heavenly divine nod! 


Many others vied for this blessed chance to live the American dream;

experience its many freedoms and opportunities from which I may wean!


God carefully chose me to be one of his coveted cherished few,

because of my tremendous promise from a destiny point of view!


God gave me the ability to become a great humanitarian, generate world peace;

to snuff out darkness with my compassionate soul and help make all evil cease!


But for now I am riding comfortably in my mothers big soft belly;

well fed, enjoying the fact she overeats at the neighborhood deli!


I relish being so close to my mother, her love makes me feel so dear;

nothing can separate us, I am uniquely attached to her, so intimately near!


Today though something is unusual, I have the sensation I am not wanted;

it is a scary feeling, like my secure womb is now alien and grimly haunted!


Now I feel something foreign and cold poke at me, then hear a deep voice say;

“Do not worry, this fetus can easily be aborted and in fact, we can do it today!”


In a flash, a long sharp needle penetrates my little beating heart;

horrendous pain shoots through me like some wayward sharp dart!


I begin to float helplessly in my mothers womb, almost lifeless and dead;

when a sudden strong suction removes my legs, body and then my head!


I died, birthed in pieces, killed and abandoned by my very own mother;

never to feel her breast next to mine; I guess she did not want to bother!


Planned Parenthood is where I died, where all this blood and gore took place;

I guess its business is to destroy a mother’s splendor, along with the human race!


I believe that Planned Parenthood should be renamed something else instead;

like, “Refuse Facility For Unwanted Babies” or “ We Abort The Unborn Dead!”


God compassionately accompanied me up to heaven, he was close by my side;

why didn’t my mother want to hold and keep me, I tearfully and mournfully cried!


God embraced me like my mother should have, and gently whispered to me;

that my mother loved me but her soul was hollow and she fell for the devil’s plea!


He instructed me that the devil swayed my mother at a very weak moment in time;

that my mother and the doctor who aborted me believe infanticide is not a crime!


God sadly told me the devil hand picks the best and brightest babies he wants to kill;

the ones who would never submit to the devils flirtatious whims and heinous evil will!


God asked me to pray for my mother’s enlightenment, to learn right from wrong;

to urge her to repent, a life in hell can be fiery unmerciful and eternally long!”


God said pray that the United States government gets out of the abortion debate,

or the ills of America will be long lasting and its inherent wickedness will never abate!”


He said its time to grasp our Judeo-Christian roots, stop listening to the liberal lies;

prophetically we know if we do not, America will be judged and face its untimely demise!


A nation that condones abortion is complicit in the sin, its reputation is muddy;

American citizens must fight and pray for life or their own hands will be bloody!


Throw out Roe vs. Wade, abortion is not a natural right and not Gods will;

paid for by taxes that defy the Lords commandment “ Thou Shalt Not kill!”


Obamacare and its sex rules fly in the face of every Christian home and place of work;

another immoral tax that needs to be repealed, for it is nothing but a progressive perk!


Life was decided by the Resurrection of Christ, victory has already been won!

Abortion is death, a sin courageously erased by Jesus, Gods saintly precious son!


The government needs to get out of the business of abortion, it is not their decision;

eliminate this huge genocidal apostasy, remember why Jesus died and has risen!








God Bless The American Mother!

Mothers Day is the perfect time to thank our moms who are so very dear;

let them know how much we love them, make our deepest sentiments clear!


American mothers are the glue that have always kept our families together;

instilling a foundation of Judeo-Christian values that shun the statist tether!


American mothers know full well they possess unique and God given natural rights;

to rear their children the way they see fit, provide the opportunity to soar to new heights!


American mothers are instinctively aware that God gave his adored offspring to them,

to become stewards of his babies, his treasures from heaven, his most perfect gems!


The American mother is blessed with a unique inner strength, a staunch moral fiber,

a woman who can be gentle as a lamb, or rise to the occasion and be a ferocious tiger!


American moms will fight to the death to keep their beloved children out of harms way,

to keep them safe, protect them from danger, avoid risk, have their stern motherly say!


But there is a new fight the American mother must quickly understand and undertake;

a salacious grab for their children is happening now and their kids futures are at stake!


Marxist ideology has infested American values with traits that are morbid and unsound!

The public schools are now forums where a cavalier denial of parental rights abound!


Christian principles are taboo, but children are forced to tolerate foreign religious plights!

Schools deny references to God but permit prayer rooms, saying it is an Islamic right!


Schools promote safe sex and pornographic images are shown to every little one!

Thanks to president Clinton some sexual acts are permissible, they are just for fun!


Planned Parenthood is a guise to teach our daughters to acquire tainted liberal views;

become women with selfish agendas, hardened females with a wild and frenzied fuse!


Abortion has become as familiar and common as apple pie with ice cream on the side;

poisonous injection, torture in the womb, a baby sucked out who has suffered and died!


Why get married, who needs a husband, who even needs a man these feminists say!

Hillary declares a village can raise our children, but do we want them to grow up gay?


The callous, spineless media expose our children to an onslaught of filth and hate!

Trendy demonic music is the devil’s delight, deliriously convenient hellish bait!


Our children are being used by a despotic government that claims there is a need,

for free cell phones and fries, luring and drugging kids to adopt a progressive creed!


 It is time to let our politicians in Washington know they can never replace a mother;

that our precious children are far better off without the intervention from Big Brother!


Get the do-gooder officials out of moms lives so they can accomplish their crucial job;

so parents can raise their brood without moronic mandates from some unrelated, slob!


Innocent children are counting on fathers and mothers to stand up, do what is right;

their futures and inherent freedoms are at stake; grandparents, everyone needs to fight!


Take time this Mothers Day moms, to pray about what you yourself can do;

demand answers, have the courage to adopt a politically incorrect point of view!


Continue to be an American mother, living unselfishly and keeping God near;

he praises your devotion to your family, Proverbs 31: 10- 31 makes that clear!


Cynthia J Quinn