Is Pope Francis the False Prophet?

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The stark “Last Judgment” takes up much of the rear wall behind the Sistine Chapel’s high altar and shows a stern Christ judging the righteous and sinners alike. That is the place where on 3-13-13, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires was elected Pope. Pope Francis I would later jokingly make a toast to his colleagues saying, “May God forgive you for what you have done.”

Nearly 900 years have elapsed since Saint Malachy predicted the arrival of the last Pope as stated in his Prophecy of the Popes, a list of verses describing each successive Pope from Pope Celestine II to the final 112th Pope, whom we now know is Pope Francis, whom Malachy described as ”Petrus Romanus” or “Peter the Roman.” Eerily, the prophecy describes the Catholic church’s last pontiff as overseeing a new era that will be met with great difficulty and destruction. “In extreme persecution the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman…” “Who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible or fearsome judge will judge his people.” If the predictions of Malachy are truly at their culmination, then the second beast, the one from the earth who is called the false prophet or Petrus Romanus will lead the world to worship the dragon as is illustrated in ( Rev. 16:13, 19:20, and 20:10)

Pope Francis is the first ever Jesuit Pope. The Jesuit order was specifically formed to combat the protestant reformation and assert papal supremacy over the entire world.  It is interesting to note that Cardinal Bergoglio’s coat of arms while Bishop of Buenos Aires bore the Jesuit “solar” deity symbol, yet left out the cross, which should have been included, as seen in the illustration at this link.

Pope Francis chose his name to honor Francis of Assisi “a Saint that transcends the Catholic Church,” and who although was never ordained as a priest, was canonized for his work with the poor. Shortly before his death, Francis of Assisi prophesied that “At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death…Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it underfoot and deny it…for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.” Was there something not canonical about the election of Pope Francis? Pope Benedict simply retired, the fifteen day rule between vacancy of the office and the start of the conclave was circumvented to speed up the process, and now we have two living Popes, which alone makes for an unusual, not canonically sound scenario!

As many are aware, the number thirteen has always been a number of ill-omen, causing many buildings to exclude a 13th floor. Strangely, the numbers surrounding Pope Francis’ election keep coming up thirteen. White smoke at 7:06 PM which in numerology 7 + 6 = 13 and he is 76 years old 7 + 6 = 13 and then he was elected on the calendar date 3/13/13  which sports two 13s of its own but in numerology 3/13/2013 also yields 3+1+3+2+0+1+3=13 and he was announced at precisely 8:13 PM Vatican time or in military and European time 20:13 making for 3/13/2013 at 20:13.

Even more interesting is to go back in the Bible to the first occurrence of the number thirteen as seen in Genesis 14:4, which says, “ For twelve years they had been the subject of Kedorlaomer, but in the thirteenth year they rebelled. Hence, every occurrence of the number thirteen and every multiple of it stands for rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption, disintegration, revolution, or some kindred idea. Is it a coincidence that Revelation 13:11 says; “And I beheld another beast coming out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon.” According to some, this symbolizes religious power in the service of secular authorities. According to others, he is the false prophet who attempts to appear gentle and harmless but is a ravenous wolf who comes in sheep’s clothing.

There have been many prophecies that all seem to come to the same conclusion; material and spiritual catastrophe. All these visions include a great apostasy in the Church and then a cataclysmic event that chastises the entire world. The following report at this link details many of these other prophecies.

But, let’s set aside prophetic messages and numerology for a moment and examine the actions of Pope Francis, for actions speak louder than words.

Six months into his papacy, Pope Francis sent shock waves through the Roman Catholic church with the publication of his remarks that the church had grown “obsessed” with abortion, gay marriage and contraception and criticized the church for putting dogma before love and for prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and marginalized. He articulated his vision of an inclusive church, “a home for all.” Pope Francis continues to be very clear about how he feels about ideological purity in religion and as been especially critical of right-wing Christian fundamentalism, calling it an illness.

The Jesuit order promotes “faith that promotes justice,” social justice. Although that term cannot be found in the Bible, their idea is that all people should have the same political, social, economic, and civil rights. Used as an economic doctrine, “egalitarianism” is the driving force behind communism and socialism, resulting in the redistribution of wealth. In April, the Pope tweeted, “inequality is the root of social evil.” Is inequality the root of social evil? The Bible makes it quite clear that sin is the root of all evil in the world as seen in ( Romans 5:12, and James 1:15) Pope Francis further emphasized his stance on “inequality” by calling for the United Nations to promote “a worldwide ethical mobilization” through the “legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.”

Jesus prescribed justice from a ‘love thy neighbor’ charitable standpoint. Charity was never meant to be a political directive but instead a voluntary heartfelt act of good will, a Christian moral duty. The Bible tells us that if man does not work, he ought not to eat. Everyone has a responsibility to work with their own hands and to produce something good in order to have something to give to those in need. If charity becomes an “enforced” event, it is no longer “an act of free will.” God said it best;  “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7) Most Americans, when giving to the government.. do not give with a cheerful heart!

Last week the pope received a letter from a group of priests girlfriends who pleaded with the Pope to strike down rules prohibiting priests from marriage and sex. His answer,” Priestly celibacy “is not a dogma of faith; it is a rule of life that I appreciate a great deal, and I believe it is a gift from the Church. The door is always open, given that it is not a dogma of faith.”

In an open letter to atheist Eugenio Scalfari in September 2013, the pontiff wrote; “I would not speak about ‘absolute’ truths even for believers….truth is a relationship. As  such, each one of us receives the truth and expresses it from within, that is to say, according to one’s own circumstances, culture, and situation in life.” “So we grow in the understanding of truth…there are ecclesiastical rules and precepts that were once effective, but now they have lost value or meaning. The view of the Church’s teaching as a monolith to defend without nuance or different understandings is wrong.”

Truth is important to Jesus Christ. The truth is depicted in Michelangelo’s Last Judgement that illustrates the second coming of Christ and the apocalypse. The souls of humanity rise and descend to their fates as judged by Christ and his saintly entourage. We can only pray as Christians that faith and the Bible’s truth will be our guide, and that Christ will gather us up on his right side, separate from those gathered on his left who are damned and have been sentenced to hell.

Psalm 1:

Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked

or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers,

but whose delight is in the law of the Lord and who meditates on his law day and night.

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season

and whose leaf does not wither—whatever they do prospers.

Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away.

Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.

For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.


Was the Sam I Am Ram Kiss, Noteworthy or Nauseating?


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The photo of the St. Louis Rams NFL draft pick Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend was splashed all over the headlines throughout the world and will now forever be an iconic image of the immorality that has overtaken the United States of America.

As Rams coach Jeff Fisher felt the love from virtually everyone in his midst, exchanging fist bumps and accepting congratulations, one of his younger employees voiced his full support, “Such a pimp move. It was, Guess what I’m gonna do? Whatever the (expletive) I want. In the world today, it’s truly impressive. That’s what makes him the best guy to work for, and why so many of us would kill for the guy. It’s very simple: Trust The ‘Stache. It’s big and powerful for a reason.”

“Such a pimp move, I can do whatever the (expletive I want) so impressive”…sums up the current American cultural situation quite well. This “pimp hiring” by coach Jeff Fisher, who intends to change his locker room standards to make sure that Sam will “enter a supportive and accepting environment” is quite “impressive.” I am sure all Sam’s husky, taut, testosterone torrid teammates feel the same effeminate love as well. I guess Fisher had to “impress” the St. Louis fans with, “something”…after all, the franchises non-winning consecutive seasons now totals ten.

Many Americans were revolted by the sight of two men heavily engaged in french kissing on national TV, including Miami Dolphins safety, Don Jones, who was fined, suspended and now must undergo sensitivity training for tweeting “omg” and “horrible” after watching Sam’s wet kiss. Will sensitivity training help Don achieve higher standards? Don should be congratulated for his repugnance of a NFL football player openly exchanging saliva with another man on ESPN!

Barack Hussein Obama had to share in the Sam I Am Ram spittle spotlight as well and could not wait to congratulate Michael. “The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey. From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are,” a White House official emailed to ABC News.

Did Obama miss-speak? Shouldn’t he have said corporate “bedroom” rather than boardroom and what journey was Obama referring to, the same homosexual “journey” he took before marrying Michelle, a marriage that legitimized his run for political office? Throughout history, many U.S. Presidents have become known for their humanitarian contributions to society. Obama can now top Bubba Clinton’s “oral sex contribution” with his even more lascivious “same sex, oral sex contribution.” Bravo! Will this contribution to American society be the greatest legacy of Obama’s incompetent political career? Will his future presidential library come complete with a side show of transgendered misfits and drag queens who were educated in an erotic educational school system run by his fellow gay activist Arne Duncan?

Oberlin College in Ohio has also decided to join the bandwagon to hell and is considering a new set of rules in the athletics department which would include mandatory transgender sensitivity training for all of its staff and coaches. Their new guidelines would replace the pronouns he, him, his, she, her, hers…with “they, them and theirs. So, I guess in the future, Cheerleaders must re- choreograph their chants with “2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate, not the king not the queen, we support “them” the team!”

I am a politically incorrect, Domestic Terrorist, Christian mother, but am not a homophobe and have gay friends, but do I consider them to be role models for our children or feel their activism should shape America…no! As a result of their national prominence, sports figures are leaders, and like all leaders, have a responsibility to set a good example for our nations youth. Great leaders have the ability to bring out the best in people and those around them by leading with conviction, courage and righteousness, qualities that cause people to better themselves as human beings. Sports leaders have always had the unique opportunity to foster a positive psychological development in our nations youth and to act as mentors who are able to make a positive social impact on young impressionable minds. This role model mentoring has always added considerable wealth to the national treasury of life, a treasury of life that is now bordering on the same catastrophic deficit that is affecting our national debt, but money problems can be solved, corrupted souls cannot.

The wickedness in our topsy turvy America today seems to stem from the pursuit of something good, in the completely opposite and Biblical wrong way. Sexual perversion is sex gone bad, sex pursued in the opposite way it was intended to be. If we continue to be silent and allow ourselves to be censored, are “We the People” not complicit in  supporting the immoral gay activist agenda?  Will we as Christians continue to relish all the benefits of our faith, without a huge cost to our eternal life and America’s well being? God is good, merciful and forgiving, but he is not indulgent and his moral laws are not up for discussion, they are set in stone.

God created man with free will, to know right from wrong, to have a conscience. We as a people, in a country founded and blessed by God, must make a choice. Do we want to sit back and be led by the agnostic minority who have decided to dictate our moral law or will we play quarterback on God’s team and lead America to victory? Which of the pictured football players above do you want your children and grandchildren to pass to? The ball is in our hands, ready for a “Hail Mary Pass” to greatness once again, are we game?

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

Dwight D. Eisenhower








Happy Domestic Terrorist Mother’s Day!


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Conservative women who pray in front of Planned Parenthood facilities are now considered to be domestic terrorists. That title sure does have a much more glamorous ring to it than “domestic housewife” does, so I will be sure to embroider “DT” onto my aprons from now on!  Hopefully my real life role as a Domestic Terrorist housewife will adequately prepare me for a large part in the next James Bond spy flick…the pay would certainly be a whole lot better than my role as a domestic housewife!

Life as a Domestic Terrorist housewife in a country run by a Communist dictator with a Muslim name does have its pluses. The following are many reasons why every conservative mother should consider becoming a Domestic Terrorist:

Learning about guns and ammunition is very useful now in “Obama World” and can even lead to a new hobby; personalizing guns with Swarovski crystals. A sparkly gun makes a wonderful addition to any nightstand and offers so much more comfort than a fluffy white poodle at the end of a bed.

Travel for a Domestic Terrorist mother is full of intrigue.  Vacations are spent trying to find areas suitable for a refuge where police departments have not yet been given dozens of armored vehicles that shoot at Domestic Terrorist mothers just because their car may accidentally ramrod one of their flimsy police barricades. Domestic Terrorist mothers make good investigative photographers; they take photo’s of FEMA camps and ugly black plastic coffins that are visually unpleasing, but are a necessary part of the decision making when deciding on re-locating to a suitable future refuge for their family.  Once finding out there are very few places left to live in the USA where the government has not totally intruded on your rights as a citizen of the United States, Domestic Terrorist mothers become modern day explorers and seek new horizons offshore, hoping not to someday share the same monkey infested island with a bunch of American politician banana heads who have hidden their vast bank accounts on the same island.

Becoming a Domestic Terrorist mother is a great way to expose Common Core, a code name for reeducation camps, which have been designed to brainwash and completely destroy individual thought. Common Core makes sure that the core learning of science, history, math, reading and writing are done in a common or “communal communist way,” a taxpayer paid propaganda program meant to brainwash our children with  Afro-centric, Islam-centric, eco-centric, Marxist-centric, ideology. These are education camps run by homosexual Arne Duncan who salaciously promotes the lewd and lascivious behavior of the LGBT community. It is at these same education camps where drugs are freely prescribed, forever changing the lives of millions of students, many brilliant minds being destroyed and deprived of their creative genius. Domestic Terrorist mothers will provide very helpful information in the future when monitoring for false flag events at these indoctrination camps and will provide very useful information to all parents when investigating where their particular education camp is busing their children during “evacuation drills,” when children are bussed to undisclosed locations without the permission of parents.

Domestic Terrorist mothers are good food and water hoarders and are busily preparing for their storage in the event of a shortage for any reason. Domestic Terrorist mothers know that the government has been storing their own food in under ground tunnels for years now …and that there is a “Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic.  On the God-forsaken island of Svalbard, Bill Gates along with the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation and the government of Norway, among others, have invested millions “so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future.” Here is an extremely alarming ARTICLE  on that subject that every Domestic Terrorist mother should read.

Domestic Terrorist mothers are good purveyors of conservative information. Patriotic bumper stickers, T-shirts, copies of the Constitution and flags help remind ignorant Americans that their heritage stems from American Framers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and not some Islamic Iman from a Michigan Mosque who whines every time God or the Constitution is mentioned. Domestic Terrorist mothers will never let Sharia Law become valid in the United States and the Hajib head scarf will never become an acceptable form of clothing because of its symbolic suppression of Islamic women and unacceptable selling of young Muslim girls to the sex slave market.

Domestic Terrorist mothers love the military and abhor a government who uses them for selfish political reasons. Domestic Terrorist mothers want answers on Benghazi, Seal Team Six and the improper care and treatment of America’s veteran’s. Domestic Terrorist mothers are sick and tired of the blatant lies and will not rest until justice is served and America’s political traitors are imprisoned.

Domestic Terrorist mothers profess a strong allegiance to Christ and an abhorrence to any religion that does not respect and honor the Ten Commandments and God. Domestic Terrorist mothers proudly wear their crosses, carry their bibles and openly praise God while being attacked by the DHS and IRS, just two of the many government agencies that are nothing more than fronts for the Barack Hussein Obama/Valerie Jarrett, Muslim Communist mobster regime.

On this Mother’s Day, see if you too are a Domestic Terrorist mother by looking at this LIST of 72 types of Americans who are considered to be potential terrorists.

If you feel you have the qualifications to become a Domestic Terrorist mother, then join the millions of other mothers who feel the same way you do….and wear that Domestic Terrorist badge on your sleeve proudly. Your children will love you for it.

May God Bless the Domestic Terrorist mother!