Religious Rights, What Does It Matter?

Gods divine word and politics were indivisible when America was first born;

founding fathers read and recited the bible until the pages were ripped and torn!


Gods inherent natural rights helped form the Constitution of the United States;

his unalienable rights are still the core of freedom, one of its preeminent traits!


Is it possible to steal freedom, can a thief accomplish that by being smart;

diminishing Gods importance in America would be a great place to start!


Obama offered voters hope and change, his campaign for transformation;

hope to create a class of people who would succumb to despotic domination!                                        


In Obamas world daily discourse emanates from clever phrases meant to entrap;

Saul Alinsky type euphemisms used to gloss over words that might get a bad rap!


Obamas pursues transformation like a spoiled indignant child, conform or else;

using the IRS like a whipping boy to intimidate the religious and tax their wealth!


Planned Parenthood is another tool used to meet Obamas transformative objective;

making abortion an acceptable part of American culture, death the new elective!


Obamas “war on women” slogan has thrown liberal feminists into a “choice” tizzy;

Obama the pompous political pimp makes sure his submissive women are kept busy!


Universities have long been fertile grounds for educators to spew socialist doctrine;

Obamas “Common Core” educates kindergartners on up, exposing them to liberal toxin!


Cultural institutions, the media and Hollywood all work overtime to corrupt souls;

an indoctrination of progressivism that twists the truth to accomplish the end goals!                   


Gays are allowed in the military, but God does not have a dignified rightful place;

gay marriage is widely applauded, but Christian home schoolers are often debased!


Democrats dared for the first time ever to snub God at their National Convention;

their Good Samaritan clothing came off, exposing their irreligious dimension!


These collective salvation do-gooders feel individuals cannot be saved on their own;

expecting group mercy when in front of God, even for a murderer they cannot disown!


The government stronghold knows that religious fervor and its resulting morality is a foe;

keeping public order by using the DHS police is a better way to maintain the status quo!


Government programs are intentionally set up to anesthetize its citizens to sleep;

free food, medical and housing makes people lazy with no yearning to reap!


An increasingly comatose public lives off handouts from the tax payer store;

shoo-ins to vote Democratic, bus them in and return them home to snore!


Charity in the wake of tragedy is now another opportunity to take advantage;

every crisis provides a window of opportunity to profit and mismanage!


Secular liberals use earthly goods as their false idols that change with the tide;

allegiance to a belief system based on self-satisfaction and egotistical pride!


Christians are now labeled as far right terrorists, humoring the atheist liberal base;

choosing to ignore Islamic Jihadists who are flagrantly on the terrorist database!


Americas religious values are being drained into the cesspool of government decay;

sucked into the disposal of distain, Gods preeminence lessened and betrayed!


But, what does it matter that society has eliminated God from daily conversation?

What does it matter that freedom of religious speech is facing termination?


What does it matter that material goods are being used for spiritual suffocation?  

What does it matter that Americas culture is undergoing drastic transformation? 


What does it matter that Christianity is suffering from constant vindictive provocation?   

What does it matter that faith in the military is under attack and gross intimidation?


What does it matter that Christians do not get out and vote to voice their indignation?

What does it matter that Christians are not fighting for the next vulnerable generation?


It matters because theres a dangerous fine line between those questions and evil itself;

on the other side of those questions lurks Lucifer ready to consume your very own self!


It matters because God expects a lot from his faithful, to fight darkness and win;

James 4:17; Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.


Christians need to safeguard their heavenly father, do not let his adversaries succeed;

Gods intentions are based on love, big governments intentions on power and greed!


















2 comments on “Religious Rights, What Does It Matter?

  1. Diana says:

    As always sweetie your poems are deep and hit home. You know we are praying for you and hubby. God bless you as He sees fit.

  2. You are so nice to leave a comment…it is always heartwarming to know that someone actually takes the time to read these poems and enjoys them! God Bless you Diana!

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