A Reason To Celebrate This Father’s Day!

The Judeo-Christian family built America, made it a remarkable nation;

government benefited from its hard working and prosperous population!


Middle America reaped what it sowed, the American Dream was the real deal;

achieved by dedication to country, family and conspicuous religious zeal!


Fathers were the breadwinners and bore the responsibility for their offspring;

they fought wars, fixed cars, hunted, they could do just about anything!


Fathers demanded and were given respect, led their little ones to God;

disciplined with a firm hand and when needed used the feared rod!


Fathers organized trips to the lake, taught kids how to swim and skip rocks; 

instructed them the best way to learn is through the school of hard knocks!


Fathers piled their brood into the station wagon to get an ice cream cone;

packed with kids and dogs, the car knew the way, its route was well-known!


In the winter fathers took their family skiing and sledding down the local hill;

he kissed away the tears if there happened to be an unfortunate spill!


At night father always had his chair, his throne from which he watched TV;

it was fathers quiet time, children were warned not to fight and disagree!


At dinner, fathers held court at the table, led the prayer and animated conversation;

it was a time to offer sage advise, lay the groundwork for a healthy foundation!


Fathers were the comforters, protectors, main income producers and lovers;

the pressures of life were on his shoulders and he provided many buffers!


Most important of all, fathers were the superb in-house role models for their sons;

insuring another generation of masculine boys who spurned dolls and preferred guns!


When the government decided it could do a better job, all good things came to an end;

bureaucratic handouts became the meal ticket, fatherless homes the ominous trend!


Now big government is the head of the home, the beleaguered tax payer foots the bill;

single mothers get free food and housing, lazy men keep adding to the baby mill!


Children are brought up with no role models, no ambition and no good reason to strive;

creating a vicious cycle of dependent generations who do not care if they thrive!


 Why is the government so interested in how couples handle their own private affairs;

government makes cold decisions based on polls, parents base theirs on prayers!


Why is the government so focused on diminishing the value of Godly motherhood?

Why is a full time mother or homeschooler no longer an exemplary livelihood?


Feminists are now parrots for the government, demanding equal rights with men;

liberal women who have been led into socialist bondage, used again and again!


Married liberal feminists have taken command of the family, dictating the rules,

their lily-livered husbands follow them around like a besotted pack of mules!


This minority of bossy opinionated women do not represent the stellar American mom;

classy conservative women who stay at home or work, both with dignified aplomb!


Conservative women prefer men who are not afraid to embrace their masculinity;

men who relieve troublesome burdens so women can enjoy their alluring femininity!


Conservative women enjoy equal rights without having to suck up to politicians;

without compromising their sexuality and time-honored God based traditions!


Government paid feminists promote and defend Planned Parenthood, hotbeds of evil;

abstaining from sex and the miracle of childbirth is just so unfashionable and medieval!


So let the liberal feminists have all the abortions and free birth control they would like;

conservatives can be relieved that they will not procreate, create another liberal tyke!


The eventual extinction of liberal feminists would be like eradicating a diseased vulture;

it would be a beneficial elimination in the food chain to preserve Americas culture!


So for those feminists who desire equal treatment, Happy Fathers Day to you too;

go fill the cooler with beer and flip those burgers and dogs on the barbecue!


While liberal women do that, conservative women will relax and drink some bubbly;

while in the arms of men who have no desire to be with a woman who is not cuddly!


Happy Fathers Day to our conservative men, there is hope for your paternal survival;

liberal feminists are rare birds facing extinction, so go celebrate your fatherhood revival!