The Republican Tyranny Against Trump!

Ending Julius Caesars Tyrannical Reign

Ending Julius Caesars Tyrannical Reign

Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, a manchurian candidate who was propelled into office twice by a socialist, sycophant press who dramatized his fresh charismatic “oratory” appeal, politically correct ‘color’ and promise of ‘transformative change’ to a dumbed down, uninformed, unenthusiastic electorate who were tired of the ‘squishy,’ feeble, outdated Republican rhetoric of their last two establishment candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Mind-numbingly, in 2012 the GOP relied again on their narrowing Republican base to win the election, while ignoring America’s young people, African-Americans, and Hispanics, a repetitive campaign flaw. Republican voters, not energized and motivated by the establishment’s stale cookie cutter Bush-like establishment politician named Mittens, unsurprisingly stayed home, while the Democrat’s sophisticated ‘get-out-the -vote’ voter-mill operation kept churning out the newcomer votes necessary for their victory.

Why should Republicans trust the GOP and believe the election of 2016 will turn out any differently than before if they continue to get behind career politician puppets like John Kasich, who like a broken record recites the same old canned speeches with flip flop promises, or a Bible toting Ted Cruz who refuses to unseal his birth records (deja vu?), is shown on youtube being introduced on stage by a preacher who spews gay hate, and after being accused of adultery, refuses to sue the National Enquirer even though he is a lawyer? Will these typical politicians help grab some of those necessary secular voters? Would an establishment-boy-friday pick like Paul Ryan, who is very much disliked by ‘We The People” after his numerous betrayals of them be able to rally the base to win the election? The underlying question seems to be whether the GOP is so much in sync with the Democrat establishment bureaucrats that a Hillary win would be a better solution  than a Trump win, after all, the political hierarchy must be saved at all cost!

Two Marxist Obama terms later, America, once the respected leader of the free world, is now a mere shadow of its former self, its beacon of light extinguished, leaving in its place an evil gravitational black hole that is sucking in our European allies one by one, replacing their once storybook surroundings and idyllic lifestyle with villainous refugees who have migrated there for one specific reason, to form an intolerant Islamic caliphate. As Americans watch the horrors taking place in Europe, there is a sinking feeling that the same rape, murder and terrorism being played out there is soon coming to America, for open borders are a welcome invitation and bureaucrats who desire a One World government the catalyst.

America is breathing its last. This presidential race is no longer about one party versus the other, or is a personality contest, it is about the survival of America and its future! People of every color, young and old, understand America is in serious trouble and as a result they are coming out in droves to demonstrate their enthusiastic support for Donald Trump, a candidate they feel in their hearts and minds is capable of making America great again! America is in financial shambles and voters flocking to the polls feel it will take a businessman like Trump with a proven track record of success to sort through the years of political waste and criminal activity. America is also on the verge of losing its sovereignty through its current open borders policies and Trump will not only close our borders to illegals coming here to harm our country, he will properly negotiate the necessary deals that must be made for our national security!

Americans no longer have the luxury of time to waste on ambitious career politicians who are good at teleprompter boasting and playing the part, but whose hands are tied due to their associations with big lobbyists, Wall Street and nefarious foreigners like George Soros! Trump is a self-funding businessman, a rare and timely gift to every American who believes it will take an outsider to fix our vast problems!

The tyrannical rule of Roman emperor Julius Caesar came to an end when his own nephew, Marcus Brutus took part in a murder plot against him. Brutus joined the Senate during a time when the revolt against Caesar was reaching its peak, many fearing a “dictator in perpetuity.” Caesar did not see it coming and the iconic line “Et tu, Brutus” (Latin for, “and you Brutus?”) escaped his lips just before his fateful demise, the quotation made famous due to its occurrence in William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ a line that signifies the utmost betrayal by a person, such as a friend.

Brutus’ last moments ended in defeat while defending Rome and rather than be captured, he committed suicide, dying with the satisfaction of knowing he had been faithful to the principles that embodied the honor and nobility he placed so much value in throughout his life.

Will we watch as a similar tyrannical GOP leadership plays out on the national stage, a party that is purposefully ignoring ‘We The People’ and with the help of the press plotting to harm their chosen candidate, Donald Trump? Like Brutus, Trump voters place tremendous value on conviction, honor and duty to their country and everything it stands for! As New Hampshires famous slogan says, they prefer to “Live Free Or Die!”

Will this GOP party full of ‘Caesars’ eventually get their political way? If they do, their party’s death will be sudden and swift, never to recover and  “Et tu, We The People?” will be heard around the world as they gasp their last political breath.


Why Melania Trump Would Make A Great First Lady!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.58.33 PM

Melania Trump has gracefully avoided the campaign trail, not eager to share the limelight or repulsive, putrid politics that go along with it, instead choosing to stay home with her young son Barron and raise him without the help of a nanny. Melania is to be applauded for her wise decision. Full- time motherhood is the most difficult job in the world, one that requires unselfish dedication and the dutiful desire to nurture the next generation of good-hearted, charitable, ambitious Americans capable of insuring a bright future for our nation. America achieved its greatness from that simple concept of family, and it is one that all parents must once again embrace if America is to become great again.Thank you Melania for being a great example to all!

Normally, the wives and children of presidential candidates, especially those family members who have nothing to do with the campaign, are off limits to the big money smear artists who devote their lives to digging up old dirt in order to alter voters impressions of a particular candidate, therefore, the recent Ted Cruz attack ads in Utah against Melania were off base and uncalled for. In an attempt to sway his heavily religious Mormon audience, Bible toting Cruz chose the moral low road and allowed his television ads to highlight a scantily clad Melania, photos taken years ago during her very successful modeling career that grew when in 1996 she joined a firm in New York. Her former boss describes Melania as very professional and determined when it came to her career. “She was a homebody, not a “party girl” he told the Post in 2005.

Melania, who speaks four languages, may have some nude skeletons in her closet, but I bet some women would love to inherit that same skeleton! I sure as heck would rather have her gorgeous skeleton than Heidi Cruz’s vertebrae spine that cracks loudly in support of the North American Union and a One World Order! String bikini’s can easily be discarded for full wet suits, but liaisons with the elite grand masters of the world cannot as easily be shrugged off!

Ted Cruz, always priding himself in being the more Godly choice for president, does not seem to practice what he preaches with his outright lies and bad-mouth tactics!

Maybe “anointed” Ted, Rafael, Glenn Beck, and Mitt Romney need to open their Bibles to Luke 7:36-50 where the Pharisee chose to focus his thoughts on the sinfulness of a woman’s previous behavior, (a woman who truly sinned) rather than rejoicing in the woman’s repentance, a woman the Pharisee knew full well was now serving Jesus by performing righteous deeds, a woman who Jesus forgave and loved, because her actions of faith spoke louder than any empty words.

Hopefully in time for Easter, the Cruz camp will act a bit more like the role model that Melania has become, and less like the blind, vindictive Pharisee.

The GOP, Grand Old Porkers!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.32.45 PM

The rancor of the GOP toward Donald Trump and his supporters should send a chill up every conservative’s spine. The Republican party’s out of control displays of desperation and paranoia have given Americans a ‘peeping Tom’ view into the political underworld of boorish hacks who through the use of cultish cronyism are directing a nationwide campaign of voter intimidation, shameful bureaucrats who are obviously driven by greed rather than good governance, secularism rather than inspired providence.

The GOP has become a pernicious parody of its former self, a party that no longer represents ‘We The People’ but instead represents a profound selfishness driven by pompous piggishness, a party that has whored itself out to the Democrat party, an incestuous relationship that has resulted in the impregnation, birth and emergence of a mutated single party made up of anti-American, pathological liars intent on bringing about a One World Order.

With the exception of a few righteous statesmen,The GOP, or ‘Grand Old Porkers’, is nothing more than a swineherd who slops off their conservative base and then use their fatty porcine muscle to grease and fill the swill buckets of their fellow fascists, and in this election year, immobilize pig parasites like Mitt Romney to do their stinky work, expecting Piggy Mittens to use his sniveling old snout to snort and dig up dirt to help alter the outcome of elections.

Time is up for the Grand Old Porkers, too much is at stake for ‘We The People.’ Will the Porkers and their brethren Democrat pigsty swine install Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, a judge who is anti-gun, after all, every astute political hog who works at the stink ridden Capitol Hill Pig Pen knows that their worst predator is a well armed American!

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”- Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, December 20, 1787

If the Grand Old Porkers and crony capitalist controlled media think they are going to sway this presidential election, they are sadly mistaken! The American people are sick and tired of their political charade and of their hoofing mud into the faces of ‘We The People’ who pay the bills to support their heathen hog heaven lifestyle.

With the help of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) there was a scheduled “unity” meeting with the GOP on March 21st. Time will tell if the establishment’s squeals and oinks will amount to anything.

Perhaps our establishment politicians should get back to the basics and learn the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America without stuttering, maybe then ‘We The People’ may begin to trust them once again.


Make America Great Again, Support Our Veterans!

Actress Carroll Baker and Bob Hope on the flight deck of the Ticonderoga, Vietnam

Actress Carroll Baker and comedian Bob Hope on the flight deck of the Ticonderoga, South Vietnam

The Washington political establishment does not seem to have a clue as to how to manage and fix the shoddy care of our nation’s veterans, and the ongoing disregard of their ‘should be a priority status’ continues to make America less than great.

Veteran’s from every branch of the US military have been affected by the gross mismanagement of the Veterans Benefits Administration. One such example of our government’s lack of oversight is illustrated in a recent report in the Stars and Stripes March 4, 2016 edition, that highlights the Vietnam War and the some 2.6 million Vietnam veterans who are thought to have been exposed to and possibly harmed by Agent Orange, a dangerous chemical contaminate called dioxin that the U.S. military used to defoliate dense forests making it easier to spot enemy troops. It is shocking to learn that our Vietnam veterans are only eligible for VA compensation if they went on land, earning them a status called “boots on the ground,”or if their ships entered Vietnam’s rivers.

Hundreds of U.S. Navy ships crossed into Vietnam’s rivers or sent crew members ashore, possibly exposing their sailors to the toxic herbicide! More than 40 years after the war’s end, the U.S. government still does not have a full accounting of which ships traveled where, adding hurdles and delays for sick Navy veterans seeking compensation. The importance of proving to the VA which ships went inland during the war was underscored last month, when the VA rejected a request from veterans and members of Congress to extend benefits to all Navy veterans who served within 12 miles of the Vietnamese coast, the so-called ‘Blue Water’ veterans. Those vets believe they were exposed to Agent Orange even if they stayed off the coast, arguing their ships sucked in water tainted with Agent Orange and they used it for showering, cooking and cleaning.

More than 700 Navy ships deployed to Vietnam between 1962 and 1975. Veterans have produced records to get about half of them onto the VA’s working list, with new ships being added every year, but veterans advocacy groups estimate about 90,000 Navy vets are still not eligible to receive benefits related to Agent Orange exposure, either because their ships never entered inland waters, or because they have yet to prove they did.

Veteran Joseph Pires, 68, spent the last 2 1/2 years working to convince the VA that his ship, the aircraft carrier USS Bennington, should be added to the list. He reviewed the daily deck logs to find the latitude and longitude recordings and read officers’ descriptions of the ship’s movements. He found a listing for Dec. 26, 1966, when the ship entered Qui Nhon Bay Harbor to pick up comedian Bob Hope and his troupe for an onboard Christmas show. “Now I had the proof,” he said.

Pires submitted it to the VA, waited a year and received an email on Dec. 31 notifying him the Bennington had been added to the VA’s list. That makes about 2,800 crew members aboard the ship on those two days eligible for benefits if they have illnesses associated with Agent Orange. Now Pires is waging the next battle: His personal application for benefits, based on his prostate cancer and ischemic heart disease, which has been pending for nine months.

Thanks to the help of the ongoing investigation by ProPublica and the Virginian-pilot, someday these Vietnam Vets and their children, who also may be affected, will be helped, no thanks to the United States bureaucracy.

Thank God for the Patriots of old like Bob Hope who understood the importance of America’s troops and veterans, the days when Bob Hope could joke about “one G.I kissing another G.I…why? …can’t help it if he’s my replacement!” The days when our troops and veterans were honored by all and supported!

Vote for non-politican Donald Trump who will make America great again and promises to support our treasured, brave Veterans!

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Let’s Make The American Family Great Again!

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When thinking about what made America so exceptional, three things in particular come to mind; the faithful courage of our ancestors, a hard work ethic, and family.

All good Marxist home wreckers know that the family is America’s greatest asset and therefore their primary target. In “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, their stated desire is to target traditional biblical family and marriage, hand children over to the state, and then enter into despotic rule where people have few rights and live in fear of their government.

After almost eight years of living under the reign of a president whose community organizer mentor was Saul Alinsky, who parroted Karl Marx in his own Communist manual, “Rules For Radicals,” the reality of the possible extinction of the American family has become even more prescient. The intravenous-like feeding of progressive poison has been slowly dripping into the American culture for decades, but with the help of Obama’s transformative secularism, the traditional family unit is in imminent danger of collapse and our children’s future along with it!

As a result, America now has millions of children who have been raised by neglectful or absentee parents, children who have  not been taught faith, courage, moral principles, discipline, respect and a good work ethic, children being told they are entitled, that ‘taking’ is more important than ‘giving,’ freebies more important than earnings, success something to envy rather than strive for, that competition is not good for the “collective effort,” and that instant gratification is preferable to long range dreams and goals. These are children who come from homes where lies smother truth because with truth comes accountability and in Obama World what difference does that make!

These are children who have not been taught to respect their parents, teachers, police, or elders, a disrespect so alarming it would seem the only person they respect is the devil himself. The disgraceful dialogue on social media regarding Justice Antonin Scalia and former First Lady Nancy Reagan are just two recent examples of the out of control, spine chilling rants that seem to be surfacing from the gurgling hot spa’s of social media hell. These are the children who watch the president of the United States not pay his respects to these same important, historical people by not attending their funerals, children who have  watched Obama disrespect and use our veterans as political pawns when barricading their War Memorials, or letting them die without adequate hospital care, children who have no respect for freedom or its cost, spoiled children who are not taught to stop and thank every veteran they meet for the ability to live in America without fear.

These are children who have not been taught the United States Constitution, who do not know the dangers of Sharia Law or how close America is to losing its sovereignty because of lax illegal immigration policies, children who have no idea who General George S. Patton is, but mindlessly support anti-American traitors like Sean Penn by attending his movies, or who will stand for hours waiting for concert or sports tickets, but will not take the time to stand in line to vote. These are children who scorn capitalism, but visit the libraries and attend the schools built by philanthropist capitalists and who ignorantly applaud anti-capitalist Michael Moore and think he is cool, but have no idea that he is the epitome of a hypocrite with his worth of over $50 million capitalist dollars.

These are children who attended the recent Super Bowl game and clapped along with their parents during Beyonce’s trashy, choreographed performance that symbolically portrayed a mob of angry fisted Black Panthers, a hateful bigoted group who believe all whitey’s should perish, the same children who after the game will go home and spend hours watching Beyonce’s latest filth-filled video because their parents are so self-absorbed they do not seem to care. These are also the children who watch their over-paid sports role models get convicted for drugs, marital abuse, and murder, and watch as their superstars refuse to salute the American flag at the beginning of an event.

These are children who do not know how to communicate without a cell phone in hand, who lower their heads when in conversation, letting their impolite thumbs do their talking, children who are not instructed to sit at the dinner table to discuss the political and social events of the day with family members, but instead hole up in their rooms for hours at a time with Face Book, a disloyal companion that cannot provide genuine guidance and advice when most needed. These are children whose imaginative thoughts and phrases are being stifled, held captive to Twitter’s 140 letter character limit, children who have no idea that the simplest hand written notes are still read hundreds of year later, while their electronic messages are nothing more than fleeting bits of information thrown into a robotic, computerized algorithm used for Orwellian data purposes.

These are children who for years have been dumbed down and indoctrinated by an inadequate, socialist public school system run by an inept Department of Education whose Secretary of Education from 2009 to 2015, Arne Duncan, pushed hard for Common Core but never allowed his own children to attend public school with a Common Core curriculum. In fact, Arne left his position so his children could attend the elite, private University of Chicago Lab school where they continue to dodge Common Core. These children who attend inadequate public schools will suffer for a lifetime because of their poor education, while many of our politician’s children, including Barack Obama’s, will excel because of their enrollment in private schools.

These are children who if brought up in the ghetto are being taught hate by parents, teachers, local community leaders, and national black leaders who blame racism and bigotry for their problems, rather than placing the blame on years of Marxist policies and an historic black president who could have helped them, but instead chose to use racism as a cover-up and excuse to ignore the core root of their problem; broken families with fatherless children whose only support is welfare and only advocate a social worker supplied by the court system.

In Hillary Clinton’s book, “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us,” now in its 10th printing, Hillary lays out her Marxist vision for the children of America, openly advocating for a society that meets all of a child’s needs, a nanny state that “allows” parents to be equal partners with the government in the raising of their children, where it takes a “village” or community education to “enrich” their learning, something Hillary’s gaggle of extreme leftist feminist supporters and their eunuch husbands and boyfriends applaud her for.

One does not need to look much further than Hillary’s own haughty, “unpleasant and unapproachable” daughter Chelsea to know that her ‘expert’ advice on raising children is downright insane. In addition to Chelsea’s well known elitist snobbery, she also wins the Blasphemous Hall of Fame award for flaunting her inverted cross on several occasions! Great First family; Bill a lecher who while president exposed out children to scandalous sex that he claimed was not sex even though sex was mentioned over 500 times in the 473-page Starr Report, Chelsea, an irreligious spoiled brat who runs the family global cabal, and Hillary the ‘Butcher of Benghazi’ who feels she can lead the country into oblivion better than any other Communist. 

America is on the verge of collapse both economically and culturally, but through hard work, determination and the courage to do what is right, Donald Trump can make America great again!

The following photo of the successful, classy Trump family speaks volumes. Let their example demonstrate to our children how to win at life and secure a bright future because “Winners never quit and quitters never win!”

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.34.50 PM

Make the American family great again! Vote Trump for 2016 and May God Bless America!

Trump’s wife Melania is bringing up their son Barron without a nanny, a must see interview of a wonderful mother and wife.

Ted Cruz, More Than Just Sweet-talkin’ Son Of A Preacher Man

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Practicing Christians can smell, feel and hear falsehood and are not easily fooled by its sly pretense and slick lack of authenticity. Truthfulness and sincerity do matter.

Ted Cruz made a huge error when he decided to enter the ring of dirty politics by lying about other candidates stance on issues and deliberately tweeting falsehoods at the Iowa caucus for a win. Evangelical Cruz should know, a victory won through deceitful tactics is no victory at all.

As a result of Ted’s unethical leadership on the campaign trail, social media sites have turned into hotbeds of Evangelical hell, with many Cruz supporters hurling one damaging and degrading insult after another to any soul who happens to stand in the way of their fictitious stories. Especially insulting is when bands of Evangelicals team up to divinely dissect and debunk another persons Christian faith and values just because they are not supporters of their anointed candidate Ted Cruz! Granted, every candidate has their foul mouthed loser supporters, but is it not important that Evangelicals, the supposed heart and soul of Ted’s campaign, set a good Christian example?

Why has Cruz allowed supporter Glenn Beck to advocate blasphemous measures like fasting during lent for Ted Cruz (false idol anyone?) or to slander Trump supporters by calling them racist “Brownshirts,” Hitler’s notorious paramilitary group, or likening Trump supporters to Ferguson protestors, or to proclaim that God allowed Antonin Scalia to die in order to boost Cruz’s standing? Ted’s silence on these matters speaks volumes of a leader who cannot or will not lead. It is time for the preachers son Ted to rise above the decay, reign in his heckler, holier- than- thou campaign spokespeople and supporters and insist they take the moral high road!

Cruz’s devout supporters have illustrated to many Americans exactly why our forefathers wisely advocated for the separation of church and state, a Constitutional concept emphasizing that the use of religion by political leaders for their own ends would present a danger to both the faithful and to the peace of society. It should come as no surprise to anyone following the Cruz Evangelical illusion that Ted Cruz’s religious background actually does NOT advocate for the separation of church and state! Quite the opposite!

Ted Cruz’s father is Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, a self-described preacher, public speaker and director of the Purifying Fire International ministry, a ministry with no working web site or phone number, and who according to the the Wall Street Journal is an acting surrogate and Ted’s powerful weapon for the fierce battle to gain the vote of the religious right. Rafael has made more public appearances on behalf of Cruz than anyone but the candidate himself.

Rafael Cruz left the Roman Catholic Church in 1975 and became an Evangelical Southern Baptist after having a “born-again” experience. Both Rafael and Ted Cruz are members of a strict fundamentalist branch of the Southern Baptist church with deep roots in Dominionism and Charismatic Pentecostalism. Both Cruz’s believe that fundamentalist Christian leaders should take over the state and make the goals and laws of the nation “Biblical” based on THEIR interpretation of the Bible. Dominionists believe they are engaged in an epic battle against the forces of Satan and have anointed themselves as agents of God who alone know God’s will. They sanctify their rage. They seek total cultural and political domination, and in the pursuit of their truth have no moral constraints.” (Sound familiar?)

At the New Beginnings Church in Irving Texas in August of 2012, Rafael Cruz delivered a sermon where he described his son’s senatorial campaign as taking place within a context where Christian “kings” were anointed to preside over an “end-time transfer of wealth from wicked people to the righteous.” Cruz then urged the congregation to “tithe mightily” to achieve that result, a ploy by the Charismatic movement to get people to tithe at higher levels. It is interesting to note that ‘Americans United for Values’ questioned the Cruz’s after their tax returns showed they contributed less than 1% of their income to charity between 2006 and 2010. Rafael Cruz also indicated that his son Ted is among the Evangelical Christians who are anointed as “kings” to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the “Seven Mountains” mandate and to bring about an ‘End Time’ transfer of wealth.

While most Dominionists would say they favor the Constitution, and merely seek to restore it to the original intentions of the founders, in fact, their views are profoundly anti-democratic. In the Dominionist worldview, ‘biblically incorrect’ people and those with different religious views are second-class citizens, so Dominionists are in favor of reducing or eliminating the legal standing of those who do not share their views. Rafael Cruz stated during an interview conducted by the Christian Post in 2014 that “I think we cannot separate politics and religion; they are interrelated. They’ve always been interrelated.” For Rafael Cruz, the only legitimate government is one that operates according to his theological views and the only righteous Christian is the Evangelical Christian who is “Biblically correct,” according to his interpretation.

Even more troubling than the Cruz ties to Dominionism, however, are their political ties! Ted was a Bush lawyer who helped tally the “chips” in Florida that helped George W Bush get elected, and his wife Heidi was a Goldman Sachs/Council on Foreign Relations/Bush advisor who also happened to co-write the CFR’s blueprint for the North American Union. Heidi was a member of the CFR-sponsored “Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, which was launched in October of 2004, a Task Force that advocates for greater economic and social integration between Canada, Mexico and the United States as a “North American” region! Is that why Ted Cruz did not give up his citizenship with Canada until 2014 after the Dallas News called attention to his dual citizenship?

Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City. Heidi then became an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas and served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative.

Robert B Zoellick has a resume a mile long and includes positions at the World Trade Organization, The Council on Foreign Relations, the infamous Trilateral Commission, (PNAC) The Project for the New American Century (Neo-Con Ground ZERO) Global Trade, Climate Change, World Bank Group and Lower Carbon Growth.

Robert Zoellick was also vice chairman of Goldman Sachs from (2006-2007) and is currently chairman of its international advisory board and Goldman Sachs is the fifth largest contributor to Ted Cruz! Heidi is presently on leave from her position as managing director of Goldman Sachs’s Houston office, while she helps Ted manage his campaign. Zoellick, the man leading the charge for a New North America centered around oil rich energy may be the reason why Ted, while campaigning in Iowa, could not support ethanol subsidies even if he wanted to! Cruz’s first allegiance is to his oil and gas pushing friend and Heidi’s boss Zoellick!

Well God Bless Robert Zoellick and Goldman Sachs!

Pictured above this post is Ted Cruz having an audience with one of the directors of the secretive Bilderberg group, Henry Kissinger, a photo Cruz uploaded to his Facebook page on January 29th where he stated he was “Honored to share a few moments with Dr. Kissinger and hear his thoughts on the challenges facing our nation.” This years Bilderberg guest list indicates that Cruz buddies Kissinger and Zoellick must have had a lot to talk about in this campaign year!

Although Ted Cruz announced his presidential campaign at Liberty University, Evangelical President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. enthusiastically endorsed Donald Trump’s campaign for president. Falwell spoke of his father’s support for Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s, an affiliation that was controversial in some evangelical circles because Reagan’s opponent in the 1980 election was then-president Jimmy Carter, a devout Southern Baptist. When Falwell’s father walked into the voting booth,” he wasn’t electing a Sunday school teacher or a pastor or even a president who shared his theological beliefs; he was electing the president of the United States with the talents, abilities and experience required to lead a nation.” “After all, Jimmy Carter was a great Sunday school teacher, but look at what happened to our nation with him in the presidency. Sorry.”

And we now know, Ted Cruz is a lot more than the sweet-talkin’ son of a preacher man, and everything is not alright.


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