Baracktrema Obamai, The Worm


It has come to my attention that a tiny parasitic flatworm that lives in turtle’s blood, a skinny two inch long creature, has been named after President Barack Obama. ‘Baracktrema obamai’ is a newly discovered species related to a parasite that can cause a devastating disease in humans. Scientist Thomas Platt who discovered this new creature says they “are phenomenally incredible resilient organisms”

It is good to know that America finally has a scientist they can fully trust. The characteristics of this small skinny worm so closely resemble Barack Obama that it is startling. In fact, our Worm-in chief may be the biggest two inch worm that has ever infested the White House, a “phenomenally incredible resilient” publicly funded parasite who is so ‘resilient’ he is trying to wiggle worm his way into a third term in office.

Rumor has it that when haggard Hillary gets indicted for treason, or her secret service footmen get so fed up with her abusive foul mouth they don’t come to her rescue the next time she falls off the stage onto her already brain damaged but coiffed head, that Baracktrema will inch his way into control.

Will there be a false flag to help Baracktrema’s chances? Our wormy leader is spineless, but no dummy. He attended Harvard where studying about Mao, Lenin and Hitler are essential to the development of the young dictator’s in waiting there and he knows full well that Hitler got a big power lift after the false flag Reichstag Fire in 1933 that destroyed the German parliament building.

Back then, fires and atom bombs were all the rage. Now it’s more complicated. In the increasingly dangerous world of Baractrema, nuclear seems to have become the chic false flag weapon of choice now, just ask North Korea, whose recent nuclear test was nothing more than a sales pitch to other rogue states to buy their nuclear products.

Here in America, false flags are now easier to pull off due to Baracktrema’s black ninja swat team of CIA-like accomplices who seem to have become his own private cabal of incendiaries ready at a moment’s notice to instill harm on an unsuspecting public.

These same CIA creeps obviously sponsor a drama school as well, where paid citizen performers are taught how to pretend to have their knees blown off multiple times. Watching the same set of actors lose their fifth set of knees during a false flag is like watching our kids play the game ‘Operation” where the same yanked ankle gets tweezed back into place, over and over again. Just plain annoying.

When not busy applying fake blood, these same Soros paid character actors are being used on the campaign trail, to swoon and “faint” when the slippery Obamai parasite worms his way up to the podium. Even Elvis would be jealous.

In spite of all this, to many Christian Americans, social justice is far more important than nuclear false flags, our safety and our children’s futures. These are the same Christians who do not seem to understand the difference between voting for a politician who supports abortion and one who does not. Will they be equally confused when they someday arrive at Heaven’s gate and find it locked? Sure hope they ponder that next Sunday while daydreaming in the pew.

It is these same Christian social justice warriors who insist on overlooking all of Obamai’s “in our face” insults. Lavish dinner parties with his Hollywood rapper pals and cop haters, secret meetings with Muslim operatives, apology tours around the globe, extravagant vacations that include extended family, friends, and dogs that have their own private jet and handlers, nuke free air travel for worthless campaign-golf trips, radical racial bigotry toward whites and the middle class, and open border policies for hard-core terrorists just needs to be ignored because Obamai is black and America has not treated blacks right.

Yes, we all must feel compassion for the first black president, Baracktrema’s life has not always been easy. Growing up with an assortment of communist caregivers intent on making sure their bundle of socialist joy would have access to a lifetime of free entitlements must have been tough on him. Also, transitioning from being the leader of his high school marijuana, cocaine “choom gang” to becoming the leader of the free world and not being able to even smoke a cigarette in public now must be a real bummer for the D.C. parasite. It’s no wonder he has to alleviate his stress on the golf course playing with his little balls rather than being back at the White House attending to the important business at hand!

Back at the White House, the stress on the Obamai worm is almost unbearable. Sharing the oval office with two beastly, hen-pecking women is a real nightmare.

Michelle, with her muscular biceps bigger than his, and bulge in her pants bigger than his, can sure keep that tiny two inch flaccid worm in check, and Vice-parasite Valerie Jarrett, well, she knows better than anyone how to keep her Worm-in-chief in line! In fact, Iranian born Jarrett does not need Baracktrema’s code to the nuclear button to threaten or leverage him, she helped hand over the secretive billions of dollars ‘ransom’ to her fellow countrymen for their nuclear advancement! Heck, nuclear access to Jarrett is like having access to toilet paper wherever she goes! As long as she keeps Baracktrema focused on climate change cow farts and peeping Tom bathrooms, it is her world to reign and ruin!

The Bible teaches Christians to have discernment, (First Thessalonians 5:21-22) and to abstain from evil. It could not be more clear. Why then are Christians, their clergy and their churches giving Obamai, the public parasite, a free pass? How can they knowingly assist in his Soros funded resettlement programs where anti-god, anti-American, anti-women, and anti-Constitution Muslim illegals are coming here in droves, while Christians around the globe are being unmercifully slaughtered and ignored?

My discernment tells me that the Baracktrema Obamai worm infestation in America may be one of those really bad plagues God talks about in the end times, and that tells me our nation cannot survive another term with the Worm-in-chief… and neither can the rest of the world.

The intelligent child in this youtube has it right. Go eat worms, especially the long skinny Obamai ones and get rid of this pesky parasite for good. It will be good for your health and that of America.

Vote Trump this November.