Here’s Looking at You Mr. President!

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For twenty-three years, Saddam Hussein plunged his country of Iraq into a bloodbath of medieval proportions, helped by his sadistic, merciless regime in a country full of prisons, dungeons and torture chambers, some acknowledged, like Abu Ghraib, but many more disguised as hotels, sports centers and other innocent sounding places. It was a culture of betrayal and death where men, women and children were brutally tortured; where eye-gouging, genital-shocking, bucket drowning, crushed skulls, torn limbs, beating hearts and organs torn out of the breast, were commonplace. Death was palpable; entire families including women, children and nursing infants faced a torturous death.

To help diminish the atrocities, “Minders”were hired to keep watch over the reporters day and night, while behind the scenes, prison governors used satanic arithmetic to decide how many prisoners would die on that particular day. In a “return to faith” campaign proclaimed by Hussein, aimed at bolstering his support across the Islamic world, scores of women were executed, unfortunate accused prostitutes who were deemed useless scraps of humanity.

Saddam Hussein will always be defined as a despotic madman, a butcher, tyrant and genocidal racist, one of the most brutal dictators of the 20th century. History will never be able to adequately describe the inexplicable horrors carried out by Hussein’s demonic hand.

Saddam Hussein’s eventual death came in “a blink of an eye” after his executioner activated the gallows just after 6 a.m. on December 30, 2006. In a statement, Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri Maliki, said the execution had closed a dark chapter in Iraq’s history; “Justice, in the name of the people, has carried out the death sentence against the criminal Saddam, who faced his fate like all tyrants, frightened and terrified during a hard day which he did not expect.”

Hussein’s execution took place in a tomb-like concrete lined chamber at an Iraqi compound known by Americans as Camp Justice, a building Hussein’s intelligence services once used for their own executions. The execution video shows Hussein’s soulless eyes staring into the blackened space, blank eyes looking ahead to a hellish end.

Years later in the summer of 2015 in America, during the height of the Barack Hussein Obama regime, the  torture and grisly deaths of infants being aborted and sold for body parts has been exposed, an inhumane act being perpetrated daily at gulag-like disguised facilities known to the public as Planned Parenthood, a national franchise set up to advise women on their right to end the life of their babies. It is where women’s wombs are transformed into death chambers, where baby body parts have become mere chattel for medical research and corporate America. It is a shocking culture of betrayal and death, where young victims, both alive and dead, suffer eye-gouging, genital-tweezing, death due to drowning in fluid, crushed skulls, torn limbs, broken organs and split hearts, and who are then unceremoniously dumped into a mass grave consisting of a common plastic pail that is stored in the freezer for future use in a thriving body parts business. It is a business where the breath of the devil is palpable, the nauseating screams of the voiceless children heard only by God.

It is a sadistic time in America when instead of stopping the bloodshed of innocent lives, Saddam-like “Minders” have been hired to watch over reporters day and night to put the right slant on the satanic practices taking place at Planned Parenthood. “Minders,” including the Democratically aligned PR firm of SKDKnickerbocker, run by well-connected operatives including Mao lover Anita Dunn and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen have been hired to help put a positive spin on the ultimate national disgrace and mortal sin, a sin so grave that it severs America’s relationship with God. St. Paul’s letter to the Hebrews tell us that “if we sin willfully after having the knowledge of the truth, there is now left no sacrifice for sins” (Hebrews 10:26)

Five investigative video’s have recently been released, the latest taken at the Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood, the largest and wealthiest affiliate. The damming video shows Director of Research, Melissa Farrell, rattling off her business-like talking points about their baby-parts business, while emphasizing the all important bottom line. In the laboratory, the “quality of fetal parts freshly available” is discussed, while the clinician laments that it had been such a busy day that most of the “fetal tissue” ended up in one container, so it would be difficult to point to one particular specimen.

Fortunately, however, the freezer yields an 18 week old who is then put into a glass pyrex dish for all to see. Stainless tweezers then begin to deftly pick at the human remains inside the casserole dish, a demonic-like  pinching and spearing of organs, legs and tiny hands with clenched fingers, a scene that only Hannibel Lector could have imagined, a man whose main food preference was human entrails. The video finally ends with the happy thought that orbits (eyeballs) are “so easy like 95% of the time” (to be collected intact), eyeballs so easy to “harvest” because they are firm that 40 to 50 eyeballs are collected each month from infants who are 16 to 22 weeks old.

Caution, the following video detailing the above information is extremely disturbing and graphic.

Despite the video evidence that clearly demonstrates the satanist collection and illegal selling of baby body parts, and the devil’s obvious prostitution of women who are being used like useless scraps of humanity, the United States Senate, with Hussein Obama’s urging and threatened veto, voted this week to continue the for-profit genocide disguised as Planned Parenthood. Attention must now turn to Congressional and state efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Once back from summer break in September, America’s conservative majority Congress has a moral obligation to vote on legislation that will end Planned Parenthoods federal aid, an amount well over $540 million in taxpayer-funded government health services grants. Will justice in the name of the American people be carried out?

Will Barack Hussein Obama, who claims to be a Christian, stare blankly ahead without conscience when standing before the Great White Throne of Judgment depicted in Revelations? Will those millions of “orbits” that were gouged out of babies heads during his tenure as president be eyewitnesses as Obama is given his marching orders from God? As Saddam Hussein found out, in the “blink of an eye” life can quickly change.

 So, “Here’s looking at you kid, Mr. President!

Bogart Hussein Obama; “Where I’m going, you can’t follow. What I’ve got to do, you can’t be any part of. I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that. (We already do Mr. President.)

Reflections From An Aborted Baby!

I am in my mothers warm womb and extremely thankful to God,

for selecting me for earthly conception, such a heavenly divine nod! 


Many others vied for this blessed chance to live the American dream;

experience its many freedoms and opportunities from which I may wean!


God carefully chose me to be one of his coveted cherished few,

because of my tremendous promise from a destiny point of view!


God gave me the ability to become a great humanitarian, generate world peace;

to snuff out darkness with my compassionate soul and help make all evil cease!


But for now I am riding comfortably in my mothers big soft belly;

well fed, enjoying the fact she overeats at the neighborhood deli!


I relish being so close to my mother, her love makes me feel so dear;

nothing can separate us, I am uniquely attached to her, so intimately near!


Today though something is unusual, I have the sensation I am not wanted;

it is a scary feeling, like my secure womb is now alien and grimly haunted!


Now I feel something foreign and cold poke at me, then hear a deep voice say;

“Do not worry, this fetus can easily be aborted and in fact, we can do it today!”


In a flash, a long sharp needle penetrates my little beating heart;

horrendous pain shoots through me like some wayward sharp dart!


I begin to float helplessly in my mothers womb, almost lifeless and dead;

when a sudden strong suction removes my legs, body and then my head!


I died, birthed in pieces, killed and abandoned by my very own mother;

never to feel her breast next to mine; I guess she did not want to bother!


Planned Parenthood is where I died, where all this blood and gore took place;

I guess its business is to destroy a mother’s splendor, along with the human race!


I believe that Planned Parenthood should be renamed something else instead;

like, “Refuse Facility For Unwanted Babies” or “ We Abort The Unborn Dead!”


God compassionately accompanied me up to heaven, he was close by my side;

why didn’t my mother want to hold and keep me, I tearfully and mournfully cried!


God embraced me like my mother should have, and gently whispered to me;

that my mother loved me but her soul was hollow and she fell for the devil’s plea!


He instructed me that the devil swayed my mother at a very weak moment in time;

that my mother and the doctor who aborted me believe infanticide is not a crime!


God sadly told me the devil hand picks the best and brightest babies he wants to kill;

the ones who would never submit to the devils flirtatious whims and heinous evil will!


God asked me to pray for my mother’s enlightenment, to learn right from wrong;

to urge her to repent, a life in hell can be fiery unmerciful and eternally long!”


God said pray that the United States government gets out of the abortion debate,

or the ills of America will be long lasting and its inherent wickedness will never abate!”


He said its time to grasp our Judeo-Christian roots, stop listening to the liberal lies;

prophetically we know if we do not, America will be judged and face its untimely demise!


A nation that condones abortion is complicit in the sin, its reputation is muddy;

American citizens must fight and pray for life or their own hands will be bloody!


Throw out Roe vs. Wade, abortion is not a natural right and not Gods will;

paid for by taxes that defy the Lords commandment “ Thou Shalt Not kill!”


Obamacare and its sex rules fly in the face of every Christian home and place of work;

another immoral tax that needs to be repealed, for it is nothing but a progressive perk!


Life was decided by the Resurrection of Christ, victory has already been won!

Abortion is death, a sin courageously erased by Jesus, Gods saintly precious son!


The government needs to get out of the business of abortion, it is not their decision;

eliminate this huge genocidal apostasy, remember why Jesus died and has risen!