Vote Out Of Love And Respect For America


I am sure many feel as I do about the upcoming election and share with me a deep fear of losing the exceptional America we all so love. We question, will America be able to survive the onslaught of greed and lust for power by those in control?

We ask, have “We The People” benefited from “Big Brother’s” push for a changed America, or has an infatuation with the oddball fringes of culture transformed America into a mishmash of contradictions, conflict and divisions?

We ask, why does Big Brother cheat on America and prefer to make love and lousy agreements with foreign countries in sinister, treasonous ways behind closed doors?

We ask, can there be any justice left in America, knowing that the Department of Justice and the F.B.I. have both succumbed to scurrilous scandal and dishonesty?

We ask, how can it be that good-hearted America is allowed to be repeatedly raped by “Big Brothers” thug-like accomplices; the lawyers, lobbyists, special interests and elite globalists whose only infatuation with America is to pimp her and rob her of her assets?

We ask, why does our government seem more interested in wasteful spending sprees rather than in frugal restraint and concern for our children future?

We ask, how can our government mistreat our Veterans, sully the good name of our military, and purge the Pentagon of its conservative leadership, and still retain its prestige and supremacy?

We ask, why does our government believe that climate change is our nations biggest threat, while giving billions to Iran for the advancement of its nuclear program?

We ask, why does our government enter into false wars that are more about diabolical dominance than dutiful deliverance and deliberately place our military in harms way?

We ask, why is our government allowing America to slowly lose her borders and sovereignty, purposefully acquiescing control to the United Nations for global conformity?

We ask, do the United Nations armored vehicle convoys traveling on our highways portend false flags and Marxist planned chaos?

We ask, why has our government allowed the best healthcare in the world to erode into a tangled mess of paperwork and higher costs, after being told the new plan was for our own benefit?

We ask, why are our school children being dumbed down with Common Core and being corrupted with deviant conversation that reeks of pornographic shop talk that seeks to indoctrinate?

Why, we ask, is Planned Parenthood allowed to continue to operate, knowing that babies are being sucked out of their mother’s wombs and torn apart for retail?

Why, we ask, do Americans who love their way of life allow themselves to be baited by false promises and illusions promulgated by a press being funded by the New World Order?

‘Both Sides Now,’ written by a young Joni Mitchell and recorded by artists such as Judy Collins speaks of truth versus fantasy, that there are two distinct sides to life….one based on reality and one based on illusion. We learn in that song that “dreamers” are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

It is time to face the harsh reality of the state of our union and bear the weight of responsibility for our children futures. There is no time left for mistakes.

On November 8th, we as Americans have the privilege to cast a vote for positive change that will unabashedly demonstrate our love and respect for America. How we respond will carry great eternal significance for each of us, for God is America’s founder and benefactor of our blessings and protection! God loves America and he has appointed Trump to lead our nation for this historic season in time! (Daniel 2:21)

Don’t let clouds get in your way. Vote for Donald Trump, and help make America great again! May God Continue To Bless America!