On Memorial Day, Remember!

God planted his seed of freedom and independent thought,

in a land where his wise scripture would be widely learned and taught!


It was the birth of America, a nation founded by God and destined to lead,

where its God-fearing citizens could be free and perform noble deeds!


War broke out and a Republic was born, destined for new heights;

a constitution was then drafted, based on Gods unalienable rights!


War has continued throughout the years, a self-preservation act;

to protect America against those wanting to destroy its sacred tract!


Memorial Day is a national holiday, a time set aside to honor our brave;

men and women who sacrificed their lives and went to their untimely grave!


It is a day for flags to fly at half mast and for church steeple bells to ring;

for choirs and concerts to express their utmost appreciation and sing!


Parades with marching bands celebrate on crowded neighborhood streets;

recognizing the lives of heroes who performed many distinguished feats!


Cookouts bring familys together exemplifying freedoms shared by all;

free to do as they please, read a book of choice, party or play ball!


Visiting a cemetery, placing flowers at the graves of those who have died,

makes the engraved headstones feel less cold, so much more glorified!


On Memorial Day, a sorrowful aching beats within the surviving familys hearts;

their precious sons and daughters remain in their souls, never to depart!


America will forever be indebted to the soldiers who have given their lives,

so citizens can lead a life full of opportunity, rewarding those who strive!


Now America faces a homegrown threat, one against God, Americas divine weapon;

aided by a government being hustled into the cunning hands of evil and deception!


This is a battle that Americans must fight here at home, praying that God be our shield;

defending soldiers who are denied their religious rights from a military that will not yield!


Troops can no longer utter the Lords name out loud, their protective spiritual force;

a dangerous trend has emerged, God openly shunned from public discourse!                  


The Pentagon no longer reflects a soldiers ideals, the framework that made us great;

love of God, country and family, our very culture, is being abandoned like deadweight!


This war against evil can be won, but Americans must head to the polls in droves;

in 2014 declare an election war against Capitol Hill to change the political controls!


Those who do not represent “we the people” must pack their bags and get out;

Americans will persevere in cleaning up the corruption, firmly demonstrate their clout!


Future generations are depending on every patriot to defend Americas inherent rights;

citizens who recognize Americas unique exceptionalism and are determined to fight!  


On Memorial Day as we pray for our fallen soldiers, speak to them about our intention;

that resolute Americans intend to win this war, helped by Gods divine intervention!


Americans will exalt God, glorify his name, fight for freedom and their religious rights;

make our soldiers in heaven feel proud and blessed that they paid the ultimate price!









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