Uncle Sam, It Is Time To Drop Your Drawers!

Uncle Sam has been a symbolic image of national identity since the war of 1812,

when a man nicknamed Uncle Sam stamped “US” onto oak barrels on his shelves.


His meat packed barrels went to supply the troops, one of their daily rations in the war;

emblematic of our government “US” made Uncle Sam’s initials and name iconic lore!


Uncle Sam became the symbol for Americas government, changing his looks on cue;

the Civil War saw Uncle Sams face resemble that of Lincolns, a beard was added too!


Tall and lanky with top hat, striped pants, a swallow-tailed coat and red vest,

Uncle Sam was a patriotic figure beaming with dignity from his caricature breast! 


The last rendering of Uncle Sam was for the “I Want You Poster” by J.M. Flagg;

to boost recruitment for World War I, help put enrollment in the government bag!


In World War II the Germans called America Samland and again we used that poster;

“I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy was the patriotic song, pride peaked like a roller coaster!


Since then, America has come a long way baby, its government has changed a lot!

Its high time to reinvent Uncle Sams image for what he is now and for what he is not!


Statesmanlike Uncle Sam disappeared long ago, we need to update that version;

trade his svelte navy jacket for a trench coat to cover-up his progressive perversion!


Sams trench coat should be bright red, the color of socialism, the color of his flag; 

his arm tattooed with a hammer and sickle so his communist friends can brag!


The red bow tie must be replaced with an effeminate pink silk scarf, good for any storm;

Sams climate change gurus cannot decide whether we are going to be cold or be warm!


Lets change his top hat to a metal helmet with numerous antennas rising from the top;

spying on Americans is Sams top priority, he prides himself in being a sly sinister cop!


One of the antennas must shoot up very high, much higher than all the rest;

dedicated to surveillance of the press, the ultimate freedom of speech theft!


A James Bond, Sam will never be, 007 works for the betterment of his close allies;

Sam spurns foreign friends, but cowers to Islamic terrorists, permitting their rise!


Its time to adjust Uncle Sam’s staunch upright stature, slump him over in a large bow;

its the new conciliatory gesture the president makes in front of brutal dictators now!


Modern-day Sam should wear large dark shades to cover his deceptive shifty glances;

shut out any possible radiant light from God that might curtail the devils advances!


The long white beard must go, replace it with a bandana to conceal Sams crooked lips;

unprompted speeches sometimes divulge secrets, time to cover up his subversive slips!


Let’s update Sam, show him with a stash of ammo, an AK-47 assault rifle and grenade;

he’s waiting for Americans to be unarmed, defenseless for his DHS Hitleresque brigade! 


Uncle Sams finger has always pointed toward his citizens, he needs to redirect his aim;

Sams government is mired in lies, time to point the finger at himself, take some blame!


Greedy Sam should put a gold ring on that finger proclaiming his fondness for addiction;

a lucky horseshoe ring for a gambler who taxes to support his debt, a severe affliction!


Sams new elite designer shirt should be patterned with hundreds of green dollar signs;

signifying the trillions of debt now burdening America, putting it in a cataclysmic bind!


Sam deviously uses the IRS to target church groups, change their religious status;

smearing, auditing, taxing foes, making sure they do not receive anything gratis!


The old Uncle Sam used to think power meant the power of God, faith, truth, hope;

Sam’s ruthless power now is akin to abuse, his bullying enormously wide in scope!


Sams recurring verbal attacks are more befitting of a tyrannical dictator type of man;

his face should now resemble Vladimir Lenin who adopted a Marxist revolutionary plan!


Uncle Sam has squashed religious freedom in Americas military, a scary warning sign;

that America’s First Amendment right of religious freedom is rapidly on the decline!


Sam demoralizes our military; Marines ordered to hold umbrellas for Obama in the rain;

put Mary Poppins and her umbrella with Sam, a repulsive reminder of his insolent reign!


Is Sam a coward or barbarian, hiding when people call for help, leaving them to die?

Seal Team Six and Benghazi Americans found out the hard way, coldly left high and dry!


A shameful Uncle Sam who does not have the guts to fight for Americans has no honor;

his new image should depict him wearing a yellow flashing badge that blinks ‘Dishonor!”


Its time to drop Uncle Sams striped drawers, perhaps he will feel and learn humility;

humbling his despotic spirit would give all Americans some peace and tranquility!


The final fix for this Uncle Sam poster is to rename it “Big Brother Betrayer Wants You!

Use disloyal Sam like he used us and educate Americans who do not have a clue!




6 comments on “Uncle Sam, It Is Time To Drop Your Drawers!

  1. Daniel Hollywood says:

    Cynthia, You really described Ole Barry Soetoro AKA, Barack H Obama, I guess he is the new face of America. We really do need a facelift.

    • It is scary, but unfortunately a reality that we need to get our arms around…and squeeze hard! It has to stop. I write these blogs to help make people think about things in a different way!

  2. Let’s do it! Boy, that would send a message, wouldn’t it!

  3. Steve says:

    Count me onboard. Great minds think alike, I was going to say the same thing as Daneil LOL

  4. Steve says:

    Good poem…or prose…almost scary, but I agree.

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