God Bless The American Mother!

Mothers Day is the perfect time to thank our moms who are so very dear;

let them know how much we love them, make our deepest sentiments clear!


American mothers are the glue that have always kept our families together;

instilling a foundation of Judeo-Christian values that shun the statist tether!


American mothers know full well they possess unique and God given natural rights;

to rear their children the way they see fit, provide the opportunity to soar to new heights!


American mothers are instinctively aware that God gave his adored offspring to them,

to become stewards of his babies, his treasures from heaven, his most perfect gems!


The American mother is blessed with a unique inner strength, a staunch moral fiber,

a woman who can be gentle as a lamb, or rise to the occasion and be a ferocious tiger!


American moms will fight to the death to keep their beloved children out of harms way,

to keep them safe, protect them from danger, avoid risk, have their stern motherly say!


But there is a new fight the American mother must quickly understand and undertake;

a salacious grab for their children is happening now and their kids futures are at stake!


Marxist ideology has infested American values with traits that are morbid and unsound!

The public schools are now forums where a cavalier denial of parental rights abound!


Christian principles are taboo, but children are forced to tolerate foreign religious plights!

Schools deny references to God but permit prayer rooms, saying it is an Islamic right!


Schools promote safe sex and pornographic images are shown to every little one!

Thanks to president Clinton some sexual acts are permissible, they are just for fun!


Planned Parenthood is a guise to teach our daughters to acquire tainted liberal views;

become women with selfish agendas, hardened females with a wild and frenzied fuse!


Abortion has become as familiar and common as apple pie with ice cream on the side;

poisonous injection, torture in the womb, a baby sucked out who has suffered and died!


Why get married, who needs a husband, who even needs a man these feminists say!

Hillary declares a village can raise our children, but do we want them to grow up gay?


The callous, spineless media expose our children to an onslaught of filth and hate!

Trendy demonic music is the devil’s delight, deliriously convenient hellish bait!


Our children are being used by a despotic government that claims there is a need,

for free cell phones and fries, luring and drugging kids to adopt a progressive creed!


 It is time to let our politicians in Washington know they can never replace a mother;

that our precious children are far better off without the intervention from Big Brother!


Get the do-gooder officials out of moms lives so they can accomplish their crucial job;

so parents can raise their brood without moronic mandates from some unrelated, slob!


Innocent children are counting on fathers and mothers to stand up, do what is right;

their futures and inherent freedoms are at stake; grandparents, everyone needs to fight!


Take time this Mothers Day moms, to pray about what you yourself can do;

demand answers, have the courage to adopt a politically incorrect point of view!


Continue to be an American mother, living unselfishly and keeping God near;

he praises your devotion to your family, Proverbs 31: 10- 31 makes that clear!


Cynthia J Quinn



5 comments on “God Bless The American Mother!

  1. jacqueline k hogan says:

    I am a Christian, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I do believe the government is trying to persuade our children to be more like robots.

    No empathy for others, nothing is Sacred, No personal morals.

    Evil all around, Christians are not allowed to speak, human life is not considered precious.

    The time has come…Christians need to take a stand. We know God is most important element of ourselves. Children are blessings from God. God sent His Son to die for us. Time for others (evil dooers)

    • jacqueline k hogan says:

      Time for the evil dooers to know we are One in God. We do not fear man. God is the center of our lives. No government will replace the love we have for one another.

      God is Great.
      Have faith.
      Walk for God.


  2. Jacqueline, you are so right! Thanks for your comment and Happy Mother’s Day to you! I will be posting many more important messages, so I am happy to have a listener and fellow patriot!

    • jacqueline k hogan says:

      Amen. Nice to know others will stand up with me. God bless. Happy Mothers Day to you.

  3. Taped on my computer is a 3X5 card with just two words….TRUST HIM. God is great!

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