Uncle Barack’s Cabin

Uncle Barack's Cabin

Uncle Barack’s Cabin


Uncle Tom’s Cabin, authored by abolitionist activist Harriet Beecher Stowe and published in 1852, helped lay the groundwork for the Civil War. The main character in her book, Uncle Tom, was a long-suffering black slave. The “sentimental” genre novel, was the second best-selling book of the nineteenth century following the Bible and depicts the reality of slavery while also asserting that Christian love can overcome enslavement. In recent years, the negative politically correct associations with Uncle Tom’s Cabin have, to an extent, overshadowed the historical impact of the book as a “vital antislavery tool.”

Let’s fast forward in time to 2008, when the citizenry of the United States of America elected Barack Hussein Obama to become their first black president, and then elected him again for an astounding second term in 2012! Almost six years into this presidency, Harriet Beecher Stowe would be shocked to learn that now everyone in America, white and black and everything in- between, have become slaves to a black man who, according to his black communist Senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, feels that his six story, 55,000 square foot cabin full of hundreds of obedient slaves is way too confining! Jarrett sympathetically stated, “I think frankly we’ve all been through a cold and bitter winter and the bear has cabin fever.” “His cabin is a little bit bigger and harder to escape than most.” Just last week,”imprisoned” Uncle Barack himself dreamed openly about a future life outside his too big white cabin, “ I’ll be on a beach somewhere, drinking out of a coconut!”

To date, cabin weary Uncle Barack has 31 trips under his belt, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, including his week long safari in Africa last year that judicial watch estimates cost between $60 and $100 million dollars. Uncle Barack and Auntie Michelle find their cabin so stifling, that Uncle Barack is now officially recognized as the most travelled president in US history! Perhaps if all American taxpayers pitch in, a special tax deductible fund called “Bring the Vacation to US,” can be added to our tax forms! Once enough is collected, the White House could be moved to a luxurious gated golf community in a warm resort location! In the long run, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars could be saved, global carbon credits would accumulate and Americans would sleep better at night knowing that a full time golf agenda would keep many of our elite bureaucrats busy and out of our hair!

All hardworking Americans want to learn how we too can shirk our responsibilities and party just like Uncle Barack and his fellow Slavemasters! Maybe then we too would be able to master the art of blindly ignoring the fact that America is $60 trillion dollars in debt, that thousands of parentless possibly diseased children, dangerous terrorists and drug cartel members are illegally entering the USA every day, and that our non-existent foreign policy has allowed the Middle East to become a hotbed of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorism! Maybe we can examine what Uncle Barack and his team of Slavemasters did last weekend as an example and learn the secret to a happy life without the stress of worrying about an America that is about to be handed over to the NWO.

First, where else would a bored, roaming grizzly with cabin fever go, but to the luxurious Rancho Mirage, CA where the state flag features a roaming grizzly, and upon arrival at the airport, a real life grizzly animal named Sen. Barbara Boxer is always on standby to meet and greet Uncle Barack as he once again exercises his dereliction of duty. Uncle Barack’s fun filled four day weekend began by attending an invitation only breakfast, Democratic fundraiser at the home of environmental activist Anne Earhart, where 25 supporters forked over up to $32,400 each to meet the famous amateur golfer. After the fundraiser, Uncle Barack delivered the UCIrvine commencement address at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. With a feisty tone and a touch of aggravation, he laid into Republicans who question the science of climate change and urged the graduates to take on global warming as a cause, while declaring that the number one problem affecting the world today is climate change!

Uncle and Auntie Obama then wined and dined at the luxurious Rancho Mirage cabin of Michael Smith and his partner James Costos…double the campaign supporter pleasure, Michael the decorator of luxurious cabins like the White House, James, Uncle Barack’s hand chosen Ambassador of Spain and Andorra, a man well qualified to maintain and raise the Gay rainbow flag over the U.S. Spanish Embassy at all times!Uncle Barack then enjoyed a much needed break from his oh so ordinary Maryland Golf course to hit some balls at some of the toniest golf courses in California. It is the sixth time he’s golfed in Rancho Mirage and the 176th time he has hit the links since becoming president…such a great way to release all that cabin fever! Meanwhile, Auntie Michelle was taking a much needed break from her cabin slave attendants and her duties as the High Priestess of Obesity to visit daughter Malia who is interning for the summer with major campaign contributor and film maker Steven Spielberg. Sounds like a busy and fun time was had by all!

All Americans eager to party as well must keep in mind that the key to Uncle Barack’s being able to relax and enjoy his California gay coconuts is because his fellow Slavemasters are hard at work lying, cheating and stealing for him while he is away from his confining D.C. cabin. For example, Vice-president Joe Biden jetted off to Brazil to congratulate the U.S. soccer team after their win over Ghana, making sure to include family in the freebie trip by watching the game with one of his granddaughters and a young nephew. All this while Islamists in Kenya and Nigeria slaughtered 74 innocent soccer fans as they watched the World Cup at viewing areas.

Sycophant extraordinaire, Secretary of State John Fonda Kerry was busy reciting Maya Angelou poetry in London while boasting about climate change and then raced off to shore up his bromance with Leonardo DiCaprio who gave a speech at Kerry’s star studded “Our Ocean” conference on the world’s real “vital security issue”; climate change! Funny, someone on his well paid advisory staff has not pulled John Fonda Kerry aside to inform him that those ISIS beheadings are taking place, weather or no weather!

Hustler Harry Reid made notable headlines by declining an invitation from the Washington Redskins until the team changes its offensive name and he “will not stand idly by while a professional sports team promotes a racial slur as a team name and disparages the American people.” Should that be Harry’s number one priority while every American is in danger of eventually losing not only our scalps, but our entire head to Islamic extremists? But, heroically, the United States Patent Office, decided to step in and do the dirty work for dirty Harry and using questionable strong armed tactics, cancelled the Washington Redskins federal trademarks!

Nancy Pelosi showed off her stellar executive branch skills by giving Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco a piece of her mind about his insistence on walking for marriage. Pelosi called the event “venom masquerading as virtue.” I think Python, Holycrap Pelosi should have been honest and also told the media that Bishop Gehring, the clergy she “uses,” works for George Soros! Nancy also condemned Republicans for adding white potatoes to the WIC vegetable bill; “including the potato is an assault on science.” My question is, was she once assaulted as a young girl by “Mr.Potato Head” and did that assault impair her brain?

Attorney General Eric Holder was kept busy making sure his hundreds of full time lawyers were sealing every possible loophole that would prevent thousands of illegal aliens from being deported so that they can become the new Democratic voter base! Who would have thought that a Democratic Senator ( Guestavo Rivera of New York) would put forth a new legislative proposal that would give these aliens the right to vote and collect government benefits! Brilliant! The DOJ was also hard at work making sure no one in the media talked about the e-mail back-up system in place at the offices of the IRS that has all the evidence ever needed to incriminate Lois Lerner!

DHS was covertly trying to out-do all the other Slavemasters by hastening the transformation of the USA into a militarized police state by coordinating the transport of United Nations armored vehicles that were being hauled on flatbed trucks, up the Interstate near the Alabama-Georgia border, bound for an undetermined destination. Mohamed Elibiary a senior adviser to DHS and head cheerleader of treasonous behavior in Uncle Barack’s “cabinhate” spent his time gleefully tweeting about an inevitable “Caliphate” in the Middle East.

Whew. You have to give Uncle Barack’s swami cabin chieftains a lot of credit! They sure know how to pick up the bureaucratic ball and run with it while Uncle Barack is away from the cabin! The bottom line is, just whistle to the tune, Don’t Worry, Be Happy! and everything will be just fine.  “Ain’t got no place to lay your head, somebody came and took your bed…don’t worry, be happy! ” According to Harriet Beecher Stowe, Christian love can overcome enslavement! But, will Christian love overcome treason? Uncle Barack has aided, abetted and given comfort to the enemies of the United States by releasing enemy combatants who will once again wage war against the USA….and that’s just for starters. Voting in November will no longer solve the entire problem. Richard Anthony asked in a recent article “are we ready to enlist a brave few prosecutor’s across the country to file criminal charges against the president, with Americans the plaintiffs of the suits?”

Here’s a bit of sage advice for Uncle Barack from Patrick Henry, “If this be treason, make the most of it.”

So Uncle Barack, sit back, keep sipping out of your coconuts and, Don’t worry, be happy!








The Melting Pot is Being Stirred Up By Anti-American Radicals

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In 1908, Israel Zangwill wrote a play entitled “The Melting Pot.” The hero of the play proclaims; “America is God’s Crucible, the great Melting Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and reforming…Germans and Frenchmen, Irishmen and Englishmen, Jews and Russians-into the Crucible with you all! God is making the American.” When the play opened in Washington D.C. on October 5, 1909, former president Theodore Roosevelt leaned over the edge of his box and shouted, “That’s a great play, Mr. Zangwill, that’s a great play.”

Between 1890 and 1920 some 18 million new American citizens of mixed nationalities and ethnicities shared a common bond; God, family and love of their newly adopted country, America. There was a yearning to adopt the English language, wave the American flag, abide by the Constitution of the United States, and pursue the American Dream. When World War II broke out in 1941, these were the same immigrants who did not hesitate to enlist in the armed forces and were willing to protect and die for their cherished country. Unfortunately, the emphasis for many immigrants today is to maintain their own ethnic identity and in many cases racial hostility. Now many immigrants do not want to appear “too American” and political correctness has taken on an anti-American meaning.

Commander-in-Chef Barack Obama has been in control of America’s melting pot since 2008 and during those five years has attempted to alter some of it’s most essential ingredients including; the freedom of speech, the freedom of information, the freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. Chef Barack’s heavy handed, transformational use of Hellish hot sauce and Marxist spices, combined with his zeal to overload the pot with undocumented America haters, will eventually lead to a food poisoning so fatal that America will never recover.

The main Sous-Chef under Obama, the (DHS) otherwise known as the Department of Homeland “Sewage” has been aiding and abetting in the putrification process of the melting pot and in an act of treasonous defiance has been systematically adding to the rot. The mismanagement of the DHS security computer database which tracks who is eligible to enter the US is both shocking and alarming. DHS began modernizing the database in 2008 with plans to complete its upgrades by September 2015. The current PROGRAM to prevent terrorism and provide border security has been in use since the 1980’s and relies on “obsolete technology” that cannot “match names from foreign alphabets.” After spending $19 million, the upgrades to the system had to be scraped because it was riddled with IT problems. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has spent $226 million as of August 2013, but is currently revising its estimate to fix the broken system, and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is “re-planning” its $818 million, “having determined in June 2013 that the system under development was not technically viable and could not support ICE’s needs.” 

But, why spend hundreds of millions updating an immigration database when DHS does intend to use it? In September 2012, DHS instituted a “lean and light” system of background checks, with only a few randomly selected applications being processed. Then on November 9, 2012, just three days after the re-election of Obama, the entire agency was told to “put all Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or deferred deportation of illegals, on hold until further notice.” JUDICIAL WATCH received no other documents indicating how or when DHS resumed background checks-if at all. This in addition to former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis actively urging unlawful immigrants to pursue employment, telling them that “federal laws are very clear and protect immigrants equally, whether or not they have papers.”

Adding to the already enormous White House immigrant legal pool, DHS recently hired a battalion of “specialized” immigration attorney’s who are working full time to oversee immigration litigation and enforce federal immigration laws. The new attorney’s have activist backgrounds with a variety of pro-amnesty groups such as the Mexican American Legal defense and Educational Fund, the Advancement Project, and open borders groups funded by the Tides Foundation (aka Soros) These lawyers were hired under unconventional means by former chief council for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) Stephen Legomsky, now a professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis, and who is known for his hostility toward having any borders. At this LINK, take a look at some of the radical activists Legomsky hired to help ensure a borderless America. They all hail from pro-amnesty and pro-asylum backgrounds and also worked with various pro-amnesty groups including the Tides Foundation (aka Soros)

The “kitchen help” in charge of making sure Obama’s melting pot boils over is his Director of Domestic Policy Council, CECILIA MUNOZ who was a former top lobbyist at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) an Hispanic separatist/supremacist organization that advocates for blanket amnesty, open borders and the establishment of a separate area or state in the southwest, populated solely by Latino’s, free of Caucasians. The motto for La Raza, Spanish for “The Race,” is “For the Race, everything, outside the Race…Nothing!” and I am sure that Ms. Munoz thinks about this daily as she gazes at her framed cover of the Village Voice featuring the Statue of Liberty with a black eye and holding a banner that reads “Immigrants, Get Out!

According to its web site, La Raza views lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights as an important part of its civil rights work and works to file AMICUS BRIEFS that provide judges with legal viewpoints supporting same sex marriage. It is a great illustration of how millions of dollars of immigration reform funds, paid by the taxpayer, are being used to promote a counter-culture that is the antithesis of America’s conservative moral base. Another disturbing fact about La Raza activist Ms. Munoz is that she is married to AMIT A. PANDYA, a human rights attorney, a counselor at the Soros “Open Society Institute” and Chief of Staff at the International Labor Affairs Bureau of the US Department of Labor, a marriage made in anti-American, nepotism Heaven!

Chris Crane, head of the National ICE Council, the union representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has stated that La Raza agents are embedded in ICE and setting their policies, many of which are now prohibiting the 20,000 employees from doing their jobs. In a stunning show of middle finger diplomacy, Obama once again invited illegal immigrants to his STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS and yet refuses to meet with ICE officers.” An angry and frustrated Crane said,  “ICE officers are forced every day to release violent offenders back into the streets; we are prohibited from enforcing immigration violations and document fraud and from cracking down on illegal employment; we are prohibited from enforcing public charge law to protect taxpayers; and we are forced to catch-and-release illegal aliens who are not ‘priorities’ even when officers’ believe there is a threat to public safety”

So with all these government agencies and thousands of lawyers in control, how is US immigration faring? A recent audit of DHS by the Government Accountability Office found that the agency has lost track of more than 1 million foreign visitors who came here on temporary visas and cannot confirm they have actually left the United States.

Another report from the Center for Immigration studies has determined that the Obama administration released 68,000 illegal aliens with criminal convictions in 2013. More alarming is that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE) reported 722,000 encounters with illegal aliens in 2013, but only followed through with charges against 195,00 of them, or just 25%.  According to ICE personnel, the releases occurred because of current administration policies that shield most illegal aliens from enforcement.

In 2013, every ICE field office reported a decline in interior enforcement activity, with the largest decline in the Atlanta field office, which covers Georgia and the Carolinas. This in spite of the fact that more than 870,000 ALIENS on its docket who have been ordered removed, remain in defiance of the law. Under Obama’s current policies, an alien’s family relationships, political considerations, attention from advocacy groups and other factors can trump even serious criminal convictions and result in the termination of a deportation case. About three-fourths of the aliens ICE detained had criminal and/or immigration convictions so serious that the detention was required by statute.

Could the poor tractability of criminals have anything to do with the fact that in NORTH CAROLINA in the month of February 2014 alone, there were 154 counts of child sex crimes brought against illegal aliens? Does the fact that the age of sexual consent throughout the majority of Mexico is only 12 years of age?

Finally, there is the chilling problem of terror-linked Muslim immigrants. Obama ordered the State Department and DHS to ignore a post 9/11 law barring entry to those giving political or charitable aid to Hamas and other known terrorist groups. He suggests that too many innocent Muslims seeking a better life here, including Palestinian “refugees,”  have been “unfairly” excluded by Draconian post-9/11 immigration laws.

I wonder if Obama’s top terrorism adviser, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, JOHN BRENNAN, who developed relationships with the Saudi Government while working as station chief in Saudi Arabia in the 1990’s, and subsequently converted to Islam, truly cares.   

Senator John McCain recently vowed to fight for amnesty and that if a comprehensive immigration reform passes, he would name it the Edward M Kennedy immigration bill. Kennedy famous for not bothering to rescue his drowning female companion is now running Hell’s kitchen for the federal government. Kennedy, who cannot wait for his long time immigration- in- crime buddy McCain to join him warns, “but leave the hot sauce at home!”