Pigs Eventually Lose

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Britain’s Oxford University Press recently asked a children’s author to avoid mentioning anything pig, sausage or pork related, due to their global audience. I guess I better hurry up and buy several copies of Animal Farm by British author George Orwell! How else will my grandchild learn what it means when I say the American government is made up of a bunch of pork driven pig’s who should be made into sausage?

Our pigs on Capitol Hill are impacting the entire world with their relatively new US tax code, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, better known as FATCA, a tax nightmare that began with a law that has been on the books since the Civil War, citizen-based taxation (CBT). It is a law that states American citizens shall forever be liable for income taxation by the United States, wherever their money is made and wherever they live.

According to the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, anyone born in the United States is a de facto US citizen regardless of whatever other citizenship they may hold in their lifetime. Therefore, anyone with a US birth certificate is forever taxable by the US, even if they have never lived there as a adult or earned any money there.

CBT began with the intent to collect revenue from anyone who left America to avoid their military responsibilities. It’s punitive provisions require that people who receive no services from the USA, no payments from the US government, have no property, no investments, or no monetary ties, must file complex returns.

In 2008, Obama signed the (HIRE) Act, “Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment, seemingly humanitarian legislation to help the veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Included in the legislation that no one bothered to read was how HIRE would be funded; FATCA (HR2847) would allow the US government to recoup money it was losing to overseas tax havens. The little known law went into effect last July 1st, 2014.

FATCA is one of the most piggy, arrogant and immoral pieces of legislation to ever emanate from the US capitol. All other nations on earth practice residence-based taxation (RBT). In addition, Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) now allow the US piggy bankers to break the once sacred privacy laws of the foreign countries in which the financial institutions are located.

But, why did the Washington “FATCATs” enact FATCA for the measly 900 million or so annual dollars it collects? The FATCAT pigs real purpose was to clear the way for a global FATCA, informally known as GATCHA (A more fitting acronym would have been GOTCHA, but close enough) a new global standard where there will be an automatic exchange of financial information between governments, a permanent record of all your financial information available to be shared in an instant with local and global government agencies…and ultimately, the catalyst for the New World Order hog chow feast, a global tax.

In Animal Farm, unlike the other animals, the pigs live in luxury and enjoy the benefits of the society they help control, showcasing the inequality and true hypocrisy of communism. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The American people can easily identify with Animal Farm, for the president and many of our legislator’s are greedy pig’s, just like in the classic tale.

There is an old Wall Street saying about excessive greed that affects your judgement; Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. Pigs eventually lose, but let’s make sure. Forget the fences at our southern borders, forget wasting our farmer’s corn on ethanol, forget worrying about Muslims being appointed to high security positions. Fence off Washington D.C., feed the pigs some corn, scare the Muslims away…and with the help of the C.I.A. (Catch It All) our troubles will be over…..in hog heaven, as they say.

2015, Another Slick Year?

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Recently, the above photo popped up in my e-mail. It depicts an ad from Nordstrum’s department store that showcases fashion designer Tom Ford’s latest lipstick line, ‘Lips and Boys’. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the provided link, thinking it had to be a marketing ploy to gain attention.Unfortunately, in ObamaWorld anything is a possibility and I soon discovered that ‘Lips and Boys’ was a new line of thirty-nine lipsticks filled with “rare and exotic ingredients” that produce an “incredibly smooth application.” Each lipstick is named after “characters” in Tom Ford’s life; Alasdhair, Blake, Casey, Cooper, Didier, Diego, Flynn, Francesco, Giacomo, Guillermo, Gustavo, Holden, Ian, Jack, James, John, Justin, Kyril, Leonardo, Liam, Luca, Luciano, Matthew, Olivier, Omar, Orlando, Pablo, Patrick, Pavlos, Peter, Preston, Rafael, Richard, Rory, Sebastian, Tomas, Wes, William and Xavier.

I have no doubt that these “Boys” are quite the “slicky, sticky, studs” and are glowing with glossy pride that they now have a creamy lipstick named after them, but I have to wonder how many non-feminists want to wonder what “Sebastion” did to Tom Ford to earn the murcky brown color they would be spreading all over their lips. The good news is that at $32 a stick, not too many teens will be able to afford “Jack” plum. The bad news is that Disney World now has a host of new “exotic” names to pick from for their next bigender children’s flick.

As we look forward to 2015, Obama’s hope for change will obviously continue to embrace political correctness and show up in our daily lives in unacceptable, reactionary ways. Aided and abetted by the media, slippery progressive politicians will continue to use their slick, loose lips to help sink our country. As we begin the new year, it is time to imagine lipsticks that would enhance and enable the lips of every conservative woman in America who is sick and tired of the lies that are compromising the futures of their children and Grandchildren.

“Tight Lips,” lipsticks would surely bring a smile to all those sad, neglected lips that are clearly not being heard! Lipsticks with suggestive names like; Bye Bye Barack, Munchie Michelle, Banal Biden, Runny Reid, Putrid Pelosi, Ketchup Kerry, Hemorrhoid Hillary, Segregation Sharpton, Jaded Jarrett and Earful Earnest would certainly keep quiet lips well agitated; plumped, and ready to get the necessary conservative message across.  A companion line of lipliners including, Macabre Muslim, Communist Red, and Devil’s Delight would also help get those conservative tight lips flapping as well!

So this January 20th, while watching Barack’s sweaty shade of Teleprompter Taupe lips read the State of the Union Address, remember not to pout! Just pucker up in your best shade of Rebellious Red, gloss over with the shimmer of God’s spirit, and pledge to kiss the devil good-bye in 2015!

May God Bless America!



Our Greatest Gift

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As one ages, birthday’s seem to occur more frequently, causing one to ask where the past year has gone. Then comes the glut of thoughts and self-reflection, introspection eager to explore all the angles, including unfulfilled dreams and hopeful wishes for the future. Birthdays offer a way to measure and weigh time; was it a productive year well spent, or were the days unproductive and heavily laden with wasted hours? After reviewing all of God’s timely trials and tribulations, it is the perfect time to receive one of his greatest gifts, the gift of wisdom, for the wisdom of hindsight is one of life’s greatest treasures.

As Jesus Christ prepares to celebrate his birthday on December 25th, 2014, will he be reflecting on an increased quality of life and time well- spent in America, or will he instead be shedding a tear for the Barack-like Babylonian behavior and waning of faith in him? Will Jesus be disappointed in the Christian “Can’t Do” attitude that he better defines as “Won’t Do?” Will Jesus continue to teach us in 2015, hoping for a spiritual revival, or will he decide to judge instead?

When looking back at 2014, it seems that many Americans have not wisely learned through history and hindsight that if we as a nation continue in the current direction, we are doomed for failure. The breakdown of the family unit, suppressive and stifling Government giveaways, racial division, political correctness, immorality and a visible snubbing of God are the devil’s lair, deceptive tools meant to break down the essential foundation of America and leave it in ruin’s.

This Christmas, more than ever, it is important to focus on Jesus Christ, his birth, our rebirth, and God’s greatest gift to humankind… faith! It is a time to think about the year ahead and be reminded that “fruitful” hope and change can only be orchestrated through God.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus! How Great Thou Art!

















Pelosi’s Cup Runneth Over With Water From the Swamp


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On March 27th, during the Lenten season, Democratic Minority Speaker of the House, Catholic Nancy Pelosi was awarded the Margaret Sanger Award, an award presented annually to recognize leadership, excellence and outstanding contributions to the reproductive health and rights movement. She joins Hillary Clinton in the Sanger Slaughter Hall of Fame. The good news is that the top Democratic dogs will soon have enough awards to fill the large exotic wood trophy cabinet being installed on one of the bare government walls where a plaque of the Ten Commandments used to hang. The plaque was extremely disruptive to the order of political and legislative business on Capitol Hill; to be reminded of conscience and morality on a daily basis was stifling.

Finally an award given on superlative merit rather than good looks!  In Margaret Sanger’s own words, it is a woman’s duty “To look the whole world in the face with a go-to-hell look in the eyes…to speak and act in defiance of convention.” Pelosi sure does fit that description!  Her vacant, ‘blinking false eyelash look’ when talking into the camera would “scare any bat out of hell,” as the old saying goes.

George Grants book “Killer Angel” tells the shocking story behind one of the biggest myths of today… the legacy of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Through detailed research, Grant describes Sanger’s true character and ideology, which included blatant racism, revolutionary socialism, sexual perversion and insatiable avarice. His biography covers Sanger’s disturbed and unhappy upbringing and eventual fixation with drugs, alcohol and the occult. Particularly noteworthy was Sanger’s involvement in the Eugenics movement and black genocide. Nazi Germany’s racial policies, extermination of Jews, and so-called “life not fit for life” were also influenced by the movement and the lead organization, the American Eugenics Society.

At her gala Sanger Slaughter acceptance speech, pious Pelosi accused pro-lifers of being dumb. “When you see how closed their minds are or oblivious or whatever it is–dumb–then you know what the fight is about,” declared Pelosi.

I think that perhaps Pelosi misspoke. What she meant to say was how closed their eyes, instead of minds, are because most Americans cannot stand to look at her feral face anymore. Pelosi did get the “dumb” right though… citizen’s are completely dumbfounded at her bold faced lies and pomposity. The reason “American Idol’s” ratings have recently dropped is because the American audience has a new “False Idol” game they are fascinated with! It is called the “Pelosi Laugh O’ Meter” All you do is call, 1-800-Holycrap and it puts you through to a line that measures the intensity of your Pelosi induced laughter. Take a look at this CLIP and watch as a baby, who is handed a transcript of Pelosi’s Sanger Slaughter Award speech, is reduced to fits of laughter. The “False Idol Pelosi Laugh O’ Meter” is becoming so popular that it may even become a game show on  television, with Harry Reid as the host! Harry’s ILLEGAL use of campaign funds to purchase more than $31,000 worth of jewelry from his granddaughter’s jewelry store means he will probably be auditioning for a job on the show in the near future.

Several months ago, Pelosi consulted her 5-year-old grandson when he asked “Are you ‘yes” war with Syria, “no war with Syria?” telling his grandmother he was opposed to an attack. She took issue with his use of “war” to describe what she considers “action” and told him she generally agreed, but favored a strike because “they’ve killed hundreds of children there.” I wonder if it has ever occurred to Pelosi, when gazing  into her adorable (I am sure) grandson’s eyes, that she is ever so grateful that her daughter chose life? While pathetic Pelosi acts concerned about the fate of several hundred children oversea’s who are dying, she cannot deny the fact she is a Catholic feminist government leader who just accepted an award that turns a blind eye to the over 56 million children murdered in the U.S. alone since 1973.

Joel Rosenberg, author of the Auschwitz Escape, predicts imminent divine punishment over abortion rights and is not the only one predicting America’s demise if we do not change our ways. He says that “if we get to sixty million (abortions) we will have killed ten times more Americans than the Nazis killed of the Jews.” He also said, “ Now we know the judgement that came on Nazi Germany, and we feel like it was correct, it was just.

But America need not worry. Before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepted her Sanger Slaughter award, she paid a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, laid a bouquet of white flowers by her image, and upon leaving told the Mexicans gathered outside that “You have a marvelous virgin!”  In America’s government, where words speak louder than actions, Clinton must have hoped that her five word, five second adoration of the Blessed Mother was enough to cancel out the evil that would fall upon her when accepting the Sanger Slaughter award the following Friday. Clinton was so sure that the Blessed Mother was on her side, she even  announced the United States would once again FUND family planning through the United Nations! “We are going to fund a contribution of $50 million this fiscal year. That’s a 130% increase over our last contribution, which was made in 2001. Congress has also approved the Administrations request for $545 million in bilateral assistance for family planning and reproductive health programs this year.”

This past December, Planned Parenthood released its new 2012-2013 annual report and revealed it received $1.5 Million in Taxpayer Funds  EVERY DAY during 2012-2013 in the form of grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements, an increase of 5% to a total of $1,21 billion in its fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. ..of that, 45% or $540.6 million, was provided by taxpayer-funded government health services grants and a total of 327,166 abortions were performed in the year ended on September 30, 2012.

But, what does it matter? Obama’s Department of H.O.P.E. ( His Orafice’s Pour-out Evil) has America’s repentance fully covered. Obama has figured out that all he has to do is speak about the righteousness and inherent rights of people a few times a year and God will not bother to count the hairs on his head or notice all the abortions he has funded! This year, America is in especially good religious shape because Obama spoke about the inherent dignity of EVERY person at the National Prayer Breakfast in February. He stated, from the very bottom of his tele-prompted heart, that “Killing the innocent is never fulfilling God’s will,” insisting, “In fact, it is the ultimate betrayal of God’s will.” I am sure that God was impressed with Obama’s oratorial skills, maybe almost as impressed as when Judas betrayed him! To top off his prayer breakfast homily, Obama continued to say, “Freedom of religion is under threat…around the world.”

To make good with God over his sacrilege concerning global religious freedom, Obama scurried off to meet with Pope Francis. The two elected leaders exchanged gifts. The Vicar of Christ gave Obama his book, “Evangelii Gaudium,” or the Joy of the Gospel.” The president gave the Pope a box of fruit and vegetable seeds from Michelle’s organic garden of Eden. American’s are happy that Obama left their pet serpent at home. Catholics here in America were very impressed, Obama’s heart-felt GIFT was much better than the one he gave to the Queen of England; an IPod full of photo’s of her visit to America and his Inauguration, and an audio of his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention and 2009 Inauguration Address! 

In Nancy Pelosi’s own words, as seen in this  CLIP, “We will keep our promise to drain the swamp that is Washington D.C., to let sunshine disinfect the congress. Perhaps Nancy should begin by draining the swamp at the Washington D.C. nonprofit that offers its donors who make a donation of $10 or more a month, “a coat hanger as our way to thank you.” The  HANGER necklace is supposed to symbolize illegal abortions, but a suction hose embossed with the letter “G” for abortionist  DR. KERMIT GOSNELL, America’s worst ever serial killer, would make more sense. His  acts, symbolically committed in Philadelphia, known as “The Cradle of Liberty” are historic.

But what does it matter? Another National Prayer Breakfast is just a year away!



Barry, a Leader of Dope, Not Hope.

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When Vladimir Putin was appointed Prime Minister of Russia, very little was known about his background. Putin (Poo-teen) was born in October, 1952 to an ordinary family; his mother Maria Shelomova a kind, benevolent person and his father a foreman. Putin was an only child and grew up in a communal apartment with two other families. Religion was not permitted in the Soviet Union, however, his mother had him secretly baptized as an Eastern Orthodox Christian and he remains a practicing member of the church today. Putin would like to reestablish a pre-Soviet combination of church and state, saying: “First and foremost we should be governed by common sense. But common sense should be based on moral principles first and it is not possible today to have morality separated from religious values.” Further more, Putin has proposed compulsory religion and ethics classes for Russian students.

He attended a prestigious high school, School 281, which only accepted students with near-perfect grades. Fascinated with spy movies as a teen, he aspired to become a KGB agent. In the sixth grade Putin joined the Young Pioneers Organization and almost immediately became the head of a Pioneer detachment in his class. A Young Pioneer was a young communism builder who labored for the Motherland and prepared to become its defender. The Pioneers was disbanded as an organization in 1990, but its spirit and songs live on, prepared to fight for the Communist Party!

Putin is a small, (5’ 7”) and slim man who by the age of 16 was a top-ranked expert at Sambo, a Russian combination of judo and wrestling and his fists are considered to be “deadly weapons.” The Russian martial art of Sambo was developed in the 1920’s to improve the hand-to -hand combat skills of the Red Army. Since the age of 11 Putin also practiced judo and later earned his Master of Sports in judo. Putin writes on his website, “Judo teaches self-control, the ability to feel the moment, to see the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, to strive for the best results, “

When tall Barack Hussein Obama (6’ 2”) was elected president of the United States, very little was known about his background. Barry (known by his father and grandparents as Bare-ick.) was born in August, 1961 (birth certificate yet to be legally determined) to an atheist mother and Muslim father. His mother left his father, his father left the family, the mother and son left Hawaii for Indonesia, the son left Indonesia for Hawaii, the son was left in Hawaii with his Grandparents, mother and father rejoined him in Hawaii and left him again in Hawaii for Indonesia and Kenya.

Once settled in Hawaii, Barry lived with his grandparents and attended the prestigious Punahou school in Honolulu, Hawaii until graduation. According to Pulitzer Prize winning author David Maraniss, who wrote the biography “Barack Obama, The Story” a self-selected group of boys at the school loved basketball and good times and called themselves the Choom Gang. Choom is a verb, meaning “to smoke marijuana.” As a member of the Choom Gang, Barry was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends. The first was called “TA” short for “total absorption.” If you exhaled instead of absorbing it fully into your lungs, you were assessed a penalty and your turn was skipped the next time the joint came around. Along with TA Barry popularized the concept of “roof hits”; when chooming in a car all the windows had to be rolled up so that no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling. Barry was a great leader in the dope crowd.

In Barry’s yearbook, student’s were given a block of space to express thanks and define their high school experience. Barry’s display included one photograph of him playing basketball, shirtless, with the caption “We go play hoop,” and another that showed him in a white disco suit with a colorful shirt and below was his line of gratitude. “Thanks Tut, Gramps, Choom Gang and Ray for all the good times.” Ray was the long-haired homosexual hippie who hung around the Choom Gang, selling the group pot.

A former classmate of Barry’s, Mia Marie Pope recently revealed that Obama identified himself as a foreigner and a crack-smoking homosexual. He was “always getting with these older white men.” She recognized that Barry was the one that had crack cocaine, which she said was “newsworthy” in the groups she hung out in. They then began to believe it was Barry’s engagements (homosexual acts) with these older white men that helped him procure the expensive crack.

Both Putin and Obama are committed communists infatuated with power, however Putin was brought up in the Russian culture, works for “the good” of his homeland and is determined to make his country preeminent on the world stage. Unlike the USA, his government does not allow birthright citizenship, meaning the majority of immigrants and their children (if any) are going back to their home country once their stay is over. Considering the recent violence and rioting in Moscow against illegal immigration, it is unlikely that the Russian government will allow Muslim immigrants in large number to enter Russia. On the other hand, distracted Obama has let America slip to 10th position on the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom, was brought up in an international Muslim communist culture, has never felt at home with the American culture, is attempting to purge Christianity, is pushing for citizenship for  illegal aliens, and during Ramadan in August hosted an Iftar dinner, and praised Muslim immigrants for helping build the nation.

This past October, Vladimir Putin usurped President Obama as the Forbes’ Most Powerful Person in the World for 2013, based on the shift in power towards Putin on the world stage. Putin outsmarted Obama in Syria and has now moved on to Egypt where he will visit later this month. According to U.S. officials, Putin will visit Cairo where he is expected to announce a major arms sales package as part of an effort to build closer military relations. News reports from the Egyptian capitol say that Russia will resume arms sales, including advanced weaponry, following a cutoff of U.S. arms last month. It will be the first time since the 1970’s that Moscow will regain the foothold it lost in its close ties to Egypt when Egyptian President Anwar al Sadat expelled Soviet military advisor’s and ended purchases of Russian arms. Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney said the administrations failure to back the Egyptian military is undermining 60 years of diplomacy that made Egypt a lynchpin of the Arab-Israeli Peace Treaty.

Meanwhile, back at home, the Obama oligarchy continues to play the “Marxist Game of Life” with all roads leading to the end of American sovereignty in order to institute a New World Order, while Democratic strategist James Carville jokes about Obama’s declining poll numbers and tells him to take “a toke on the mayor of Toronto’s crack pipe.” Carville was referring to the fact that Toronto mayor Rob Ford currently has a higher approval rating than Obama, his poll numbers gaining 5 points after Rob admitted he smoked crack cocaine.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said. “ A leader is a dealer in hope.” Unfortunately, America voted in a former leader of dope, twice, who is not capable of hope. The greatest lie of them all.




The July 4th “Cause”

“The Cause” for American independence struck a deep chord in many a colonists heart;

it was time to break away from the imperialist British king, to have a fresh start!


General Washington knew how to tap the well of patriotism, he was a born leader;

Washington commanded the American Revolution, virtue his righteous feature!


Political indifference in America was a treasonable behavior, a contemptible act;

liberty loving people were willing to risk their lives for the Spirit of  “76 pact!


The Continental Army was comprised of untrained recruits ready to fight and die;

minutemen ready at a moments notice to augment the militia, to quickly multiply!


Washington believed in the sacredness of “The Cause,” God was close by his side;

the war would ultimately be won with the help of divine providence, it was his guide!


Great Britain’s strategy was “top down,” a coercive approach with a well trained militia,

and an immense navy ready to invade with their available floating flotilla!


Americas uncommon approach was from the “bottom up” based on popular consent;

“We the People” and their fledgling republic were determined to win and not relent!


The American “bottom up” approach was successful, its grassroots efforts worked well;

organizational skills, tenacity and the will to win were all qualities difficult to dispel!


Neither small pox, lack of weapons and shoddy conditions could quell the patriotic tide;

citizens willing to sacrifice their fortunes, their sacred honor and even their own hides!


General Washington prepared to face death rather than suffer dishonorable defeat;

he was the epitome of an officer and a gentleman who would not settle for retreat!


The Battle of Long Island proved that Gods divine assistance was fast at work;

winds, river currents and fog helped Washington’s militia escape, a supernatural perk!


After a near-miraculous escape across the East river, Washington’s militia was dazed;

the troops were sick, emaciated and demoralized, but their faith went unscathed!


The war entered a new phase infused with renewed courage and determined discipline,

when the Continental Congress committed its support to help Washington’s militiamen!


A Declaration of Independence was drafted, its final version ready on July fourth;

the Continental Congress and Continental Army were aligned together henceforth!


Loyalty to the “The Cause” trumped truth with the press who cast an optimistic spin;

few Americans were aware that their young soldiers were taking it on the chin!


A defensive strategy was developed that entailed frequent skirmishes and bouts;

daily encounters helped train the troops, develop confidence and eliminate doubts!


American independence was felt to be foreordained, that underlying faith unshakable;

resolute troops forged ahead with certainty, their brave conviction unmistakable!


“The Cause” persisted for eight long years, eventually leading to a victorious win;

the war won by courage and determination, blind faith the presumptive underpin!


On July 4, 1776 America claimed independence from Britain and a republic was born;

a government based on the consent of the governed, citizens leading the reform!


Power flowed from the people to its government, leaders were led by popular vote;

politicians were honorable, wanting to do what was right and not self promote!


There was a patriotic obligation for citizens to be educated and informed at all times;

keep a watchful eye on government, make sure public servants did not commit crimes!


As the American Revolution proves, much can be accomplished with the help of prayer;

its time again to call on God to help America, this time from its own government snare!


America is in the battle of its life, to preserve the very same freedoms it long ago won;

rogue politicians are ignoring the constitution, a tyrannical government has begun!


This is an historic moment in time, one that will forever impact future generations;

Americans must rise to the occasion, break the government controls, true emancipation!


“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led;

like sheep to the slaughter,” said Washington, his wise advise full of dread!


In Washington’s words, “happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected,

it is impossible to govern a nation without God and the bible,” its not to be dissected!


The time is right to heed Washington’s wise warnings and rekindle “The Cause”

put an end to coercive “top down” government tactics, there is no time to pause!


Citizens have a moral responsibility to uphold Americas constitution and laws therein;

to lose freedoms naturally ordained by God would be the nations downfall, a tragic sin!


Voting at the polling booths is the easiest way to demonstrate a desire for change;

electing those who support “The Cause” can shake up Capitol Hill, help to rearrange!


Pray God protects those brave leaders who fight for Americas exceptional soul;

bless them so they can fulfill their divine destiny for humanity, their heavenly role!