2015, Another Slick Year?

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Recently, the above photo popped up in my e-mail. It depicts an ad from Nordstrum’s department store that showcases fashion designer Tom Ford’s latest lipstick line, ‘Lips and Boys’. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the provided link, thinking it had to be a marketing ploy to gain attention.Unfortunately, in ObamaWorld anything is a possibility and I soon discovered that ‘Lips and Boys’ was a new line of thirty-nine lipsticks filled with “rare and exotic ingredients” that produce an “incredibly smooth application.” Each lipstick is named after “characters” in Tom Ford’s life; Alasdhair, Blake, Casey, Cooper, Didier, Diego, Flynn, Francesco, Giacomo, Guillermo, Gustavo, Holden, Ian, Jack, James, John, Justin, Kyril, Leonardo, Liam, Luca, Luciano, Matthew, Olivier, Omar, Orlando, Pablo, Patrick, Pavlos, Peter, Preston, Rafael, Richard, Rory, Sebastian, Tomas, Wes, William and Xavier.

I have no doubt that these “Boys” are quite the “slicky, sticky, studs” and are glowing with glossy pride that they now have a creamy lipstick named after them, but I have to wonder how many non-feminists want to wonder what “Sebastion” did to Tom Ford to earn the murcky brown color they would be spreading all over their lips. The good news is that at $32 a stick, not too many teens will be able to afford “Jack” plum. The bad news is that Disney World now has a host of new “exotic” names to pick from for their next bigender children’s flick.

As we look forward to 2015, Obama’s hope for change will obviously continue to embrace political correctness and show up in our daily lives in unacceptable, reactionary ways. Aided and abetted by the media, slippery progressive politicians will continue to use their slick, loose lips to help sink our country. As we begin the new year, it is time to imagine lipsticks that would enhance and enable the lips of every conservative woman in America who is sick and tired of the lies that are compromising the futures of their children and Grandchildren.

“Tight Lips,” lipsticks would surely bring a smile to all those sad, neglected lips that are clearly not being heard! Lipsticks with suggestive names like; Bye Bye Barack, Munchie Michelle, Banal Biden, Runny Reid, Putrid Pelosi, Ketchup Kerry, Hemorrhoid Hillary, Segregation Sharpton, Jaded Jarrett and Earful Earnest would certainly keep quiet lips well agitated; plumped, and ready to get the necessary conservative message across.  A companion line of lipliners including, Macabre Muslim, Communist Red, and Devil’s Delight would also help get those conservative tight lips flapping as well!

So this January 20th, while watching Barack’s sweaty shade of Teleprompter Taupe lips read the State of the Union Address, remember not to pout! Just pucker up in your best shade of Rebellious Red, gloss over with the shimmer of God’s spirit, and pledge to kiss the devil good-bye in 2015!

May God Bless America!



4 comments on “2015, Another Slick Year?

  1. Rose says:

    A delicious read this morning! I’ve decided the shade of my lipstick is LOVE! Love from the Father to our fellow man, who so desperately need to hear of His Truth!

  2. sue says:

    happy New Year!! I guess you read that Harry fell of his treadmill? clumsy man!!

  3. Carmen says:

    Thank you again, Cynthia for making me laugh a little. I loved the new names to the lipstick shade.
    Keep your faith in America and may God help us regain our Peace of heart. Keep writing and telling it like it is, not like sleazy media depicts it but like you can clearly say from all of us.

  4. Katherine says:

    You have taken cosmetic design to a whole new level! We must find ways to open our lips and speak truth to a culture that rejects the idea that we can, as a society, know what truth is. To secularists, truth is whatever each individual wants it to be. To us, it is the universal and absolute truth revealed by God in his Holy Word. Thank you for a creative and assertive message.

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