Why Melania Trump Would Make A Great First Lady!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.58.33 PM

Melania Trump has gracefully avoided the campaign trail, not eager to share the limelight or repulsive, putrid politics that go along with it, instead choosing to stay home with her young son Barron and raise him without the help of a nanny. Melania is to be applauded for her wise decision. Full- time motherhood is the most difficult job in the world, one that requires unselfish dedication and the dutiful desire to nurture the next generation of good-hearted, charitable, ambitious Americans capable of insuring a bright future for our nation. America achieved its greatness from that simple concept of family, and it is one that all parents must once again embrace if America is to become great again.Thank you Melania for being a great example to all!

Normally, the wives and children of presidential candidates, especially those family members who have nothing to do with the campaign, are off limits to the big money smear artists who devote their lives to digging up old dirt in order to alter voters impressions of a particular candidate, therefore, the recent Ted Cruz attack ads in Utah against Melania were off base and uncalled for. In an attempt to sway his heavily religious Mormon audience, Bible toting Cruz chose the moral low road and allowed his television ads to highlight a scantily clad Melania, photos taken years ago during her very successful modeling career that grew when in 1996 she joined a firm in New York. Her former boss describes Melania as very professional and determined when it came to her career. “She was a homebody, not a “party girl” he told the Post in 2005.

Melania, who speaks four languages, may have some nude skeletons in her closet, but I bet some women would love to inherit that same skeleton! I sure as heck would rather have her gorgeous skeleton than Heidi Cruz’s vertebrae spine that cracks loudly in support of the North American Union and a One World Order! String bikini’s can easily be discarded for full wet suits, but liaisons with the elite grand masters of the world cannot as easily be shrugged off!

Ted Cruz, always priding himself in being the more Godly choice for president, does not seem to practice what he preaches with his outright lies and bad-mouth tactics!

Maybe “anointed” Ted, Rafael, Glenn Beck, and Mitt Romney need to open their Bibles to Luke 7:36-50 where the Pharisee chose to focus his thoughts on the sinfulness of a woman’s previous behavior, (a woman who truly sinned) rather than rejoicing in the woman’s repentance, a woman the Pharisee knew full well was now serving Jesus by performing righteous deeds, a woman who Jesus forgave and loved, because her actions of faith spoke louder than any empty words.

Hopefully in time for Easter, the Cruz camp will act a bit more like the role model that Melania has become, and less like the blind, vindictive Pharisee.

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