The Republican Tyranny Against Trump!

Ending Julius Caesars Tyrannical Reign

Ending Julius Caesars Tyrannical Reign

Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, a manchurian candidate who was propelled into office twice by a socialist, sycophant press who dramatized his fresh charismatic “oratory” appeal, politically correct ‘color’ and promise of ‘transformative change’ to a dumbed down, uninformed, unenthusiastic electorate who were tired of the ‘squishy,’ feeble, outdated Republican rhetoric of their last two establishment candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Mind-numbingly, in 2012 the GOP relied again on their narrowing Republican base to win the election, while ignoring America’s young people, African-Americans, and Hispanics, a repetitive campaign flaw. Republican voters, not energized and motivated by the establishment’s stale cookie cutter Bush-like establishment politician named Mittens, unsurprisingly stayed home, while the Democrat’s sophisticated ‘get-out-the -vote’ voter-mill operation kept churning out the newcomer votes necessary for their victory.

Why should Republicans trust the GOP and believe the election of 2016 will turn out any differently than before if they continue to get behind career politician puppets like John Kasich, who like a broken record recites the same old canned speeches with flip flop promises, or a Bible toting Ted Cruz who refuses to unseal his birth records (deja vu?), is shown on youtube being introduced on stage by a preacher who spews gay hate, and after being accused of adultery, refuses to sue the National Enquirer even though he is a lawyer? Will these typical politicians help grab some of those necessary secular voters? Would an establishment-boy-friday pick like Paul Ryan, who is very much disliked by ‘We The People” after his numerous betrayals of them be able to rally the base to win the election? The underlying question seems to be whether the GOP is so much in sync with the Democrat establishment bureaucrats that a Hillary win would be a better solution  than a Trump win, after all, the political hierarchy must be saved at all cost!

Two Marxist Obama terms later, America, once the respected leader of the free world, is now a mere shadow of its former self, its beacon of light extinguished, leaving in its place an evil gravitational black hole that is sucking in our European allies one by one, replacing their once storybook surroundings and idyllic lifestyle with villainous refugees who have migrated there for one specific reason, to form an intolerant Islamic caliphate. As Americans watch the horrors taking place in Europe, there is a sinking feeling that the same rape, murder and terrorism being played out there is soon coming to America, for open borders are a welcome invitation and bureaucrats who desire a One World government the catalyst.

America is breathing its last. This presidential race is no longer about one party versus the other, or is a personality contest, it is about the survival of America and its future! People of every color, young and old, understand America is in serious trouble and as a result they are coming out in droves to demonstrate their enthusiastic support for Donald Trump, a candidate they feel in their hearts and minds is capable of making America great again! America is in financial shambles and voters flocking to the polls feel it will take a businessman like Trump with a proven track record of success to sort through the years of political waste and criminal activity. America is also on the verge of losing its sovereignty through its current open borders policies and Trump will not only close our borders to illegals coming here to harm our country, he will properly negotiate the necessary deals that must be made for our national security!

Americans no longer have the luxury of time to waste on ambitious career politicians who are good at teleprompter boasting and playing the part, but whose hands are tied due to their associations with big lobbyists, Wall Street and nefarious foreigners like George Soros! Trump is a self-funding businessman, a rare and timely gift to every American who believes it will take an outsider to fix our vast problems!

The tyrannical rule of Roman emperor Julius Caesar came to an end when his own nephew, Marcus Brutus took part in a murder plot against him. Brutus joined the Senate during a time when the revolt against Caesar was reaching its peak, many fearing a “dictator in perpetuity.” Caesar did not see it coming and the iconic line “Et tu, Brutus” (Latin for, “and you Brutus?”) escaped his lips just before his fateful demise, the quotation made famous due to its occurrence in William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ a line that signifies the utmost betrayal by a person, such as a friend.

Brutus’ last moments ended in defeat while defending Rome and rather than be captured, he committed suicide, dying with the satisfaction of knowing he had been faithful to the principles that embodied the honor and nobility he placed so much value in throughout his life.

Will we watch as a similar tyrannical GOP leadership plays out on the national stage, a party that is purposefully ignoring ‘We The People’ and with the help of the press plotting to harm their chosen candidate, Donald Trump? Like Brutus, Trump voters place tremendous value on conviction, honor and duty to their country and everything it stands for! As New Hampshires famous slogan says, they prefer to “Live Free Or Die!”

Will this GOP party full of ‘Caesars’ eventually get their political way? If they do, their party’s death will be sudden and swift, never to recover and  “Et tu, We The People?” will be heard around the world as they gasp their last political breath.


Mother Knows Best


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Mitt Romney’s decision last week not to run for the GOP nomination for President cleared the way for the Republican establishments first choice, Jeb Bush, an obedient, good old boy politician who has great aristocratic name recognition, big corporate money at the ready, and a politically correct Mexican- born wife; stellar prerequisites that give him a free pass to go to the head of the GOP political pecking order. For the next two years, the Bush- league campaign will play out, while most conservative Americans who are tired of the same old smoke and mirrors go underground and finish preparing their survival bunkers.

Romney spoke of hoping that one of our next generation Republican leaders may emerge. Next generation? I hate to be a spoil sport, but we no longer have the luxury of time to allow another young, inexperienced politician assume the role of Commander-in-chief. Youth does have it’s advantages; affability, good looks and unlimited energy, but with age comes; shrewd judgement based on experience, looks that do not lend themselves to self-indulgent, egotistical, narcissism, and energy that, once the kid’s have left home, includes time to read and reflect, vital hours to renew the soul and hear God’s whispers.

America is at war. Our main goal should be survival from the beast called Islam and I no longer feel good about electing another politician. What our Nation needs more than ever is a righteous, heroic General like George Washington to step forward and save America for our future generations.

Just what will the qualifications be for this General? First and foremost, he will be a Commander-in-chief whose primary responsibility is to protect Americas sovereignty and keep the people safe. He will be reluctant to go to war, because he has witnessed the death and devastation it creates, but once at war, will have our troops backs, properly equip them, and never send them into a battle we do not intend to win quickly and forcefully. This General will believe in God and openly pray for his protection and guidance. This General will be righteous; brought up and educated with a high code of moral ethics and values and will lawfully abide by the Constitution of the United States. This General will be a brave, courageous, spokesman for America, a leader the entire world will respect. This General will be an American patriot.

As we all know, Obama has ‘retired’ many Generals because of their conservative views and unwillingness to honor his nefarious, treasonous actions and there are probably a handful who would make great Presidents. One General in particular comes to mind, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin who was one of the original members of the US Army’s Delta Force. Later, Jerry Boykin commanded all the Army’s Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School. In all, Lt. Gen. Boykin spent 36 years in the army, serving his last four years as the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. He is an ordained minister with a passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians to become warriors in God’s Kingdom. Jerry Boykin is currently Executive Vice President of the Family research Council.

Barbara Bush made national headlines in April of 2013 when she said on NBC that her son Jeb shouldn’t run for president in 2016. Mother always knows best, but I think Jeb drank too much of the Kool-Aid.