‘Tis The Season When Christians Can Make A Statement

SantaPark in Finland

SantaPark in Finland

According to “The Atlantic,” there is a joke going around in Beijing; “Santa Claus was descending into China from the sky. Due to the heavy smog, he fell to the ground, but no one dared help him up. While he was still lying in the snow, his bag was ransacked for presents, and his reindeer and sleigh taken away by the CHENGGUAN, who are much-despised urban-management officials.Therefore, no Christmas this year.”

There is no sign of Jesus, but in many big cities you can catch a glimpse of Santa and Christmas decorations, and Christmas has become the second-most-celebrated “festival” in China. Eighty-five percent of wealthy Chinese send their children to countries like the U.S. for higher education and when these students return home to China during the holiday, they bring their own version of Christmas back home. It has become an excuse to party and shop and have some fun.

Mall in Shanghai

Mall in Shanghai

Christmas in China is also the opportunity to “use the romantic atmosphere of Christmas to spread love. Long Fei, an assistant pastor at an “underground” church in Beijing whose activities are not officially monitored or approved by China’s religious authorities says “Many young people choose to give themselves to their beloved on this eve and eat forbidden fruit.”

The Christmas spirit has even reached as far as China’s sweltering south. Since 2009, a Santa Claus Post Office has operated in Guangzhou, offering specially stamped postcards, inked in Chinese calligraphy, and sends Santa’s laden with donated gifts to children in remote parts of the country.

President Xi Jinping visited Santa’s official cabin in Rovaniemi, Finland in 2010 and now an official 13,000-square-meter replica of that Finnish Santa village is currently under construction in Floraland, Chengdu. Named SantaPark, the theme park promises to “bring families and friends together in an active learning and magical Christmas atmosphere,” and will emulate the cavern residence of Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle, including Santa Claus’ office, elf’s workshop, and Santa Claus’ main post office. The amusement park will be based on the original Santa Park design which stands in northern Finland and opened in 1997. After the opening of the first SantaPark in Chengdu, five or six more Christmas themed attractions will be built in China.

Greeting Children At SantaPark, Truly Magical

Greeting Children At SantaPark, Truly Magical

There are currently around 100 million Chinese Christians (the government claims it is 23 million), more than the Communist Party’s membership, and Fenggang Yang, an expert on religion at Purdue University, believes this number will eclipse America’s estimated 159 million Protestants by 2025. “Although they don’t know Jesus Christ or the origin of Christmas, many people come to the church and join the carols and other worshiping events,” said Zhang Jie, a Christian in Beijing. Come Christmas Eve, state-approved churches will be packed as thousands queue for midnight mass or watch the services on outside monitors. Many will be first-timers, drawn by the crowds. It’s the rare time of year when China’s churchgoers are most noticeable.

Far from ushering in a new age of enlightenment from the “opiate of the masses,” the country’s strident and bewildering economic development has left behind Marxism and instead spent millions searching for priests and prayer books.

Celebrating Mass at the South Cathedral in Beijing China, Dec. 24, 2014

Celebrating Mass at the South Cathedral in Beijing China, Dec. 24, 2014

China’s leaders are trying to shift the economy away from investment-led growth to one driven by consumption to put economic growth on a more secure long-term footing. “Christmas is a perfect consuming festival,” said Patrick Peng, who works at Xidan Joy City, one of Beijing’s biggest shopping centers. “Our department store will prepare fantastic activities for consumers…this year we will prepare a music concert for them.”

Meanwhile, in America, better known as Mao/Muslim ObamaParkWorld, middle-class Christians who grease the wheels of consumerism and the economy throughout the year, especially during the Christmas season, are being subjected to Grinch-like retailers who Morgan Stanley analysts are not predicting a lot of cheer for this Christmas;  a 1.2 percent growth in comparative sales this year, down from 2.8 percent the previous year.

Are America’s CEO’s so politically correct they have lost all common sense?

The CEO of the Simon Property Group, David Simon, must be drinking too much Socialist Starbucks. Last week the Simon group unveiled their new Christmas mall displays, a minimalist, futuristic ice glacier, sure to please elites like Bill Glacier Gates and his climate aware kids, but not the children of Christian families who still cherish the enchanting, nostalgic displays that for decades have helped celebrate the birth of Christ during the Christmas season.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.45.11 PM

Fortunately, over the weekend, a Facebook group called “Boycott Simon Malls” sprang up urging customers to boycott malls owned by the company until the holiday displays featured a traditional set-up. More than 7,000 people have joined the group as of Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, Change.org petitions have popped up over the last three days pressuring Simon malls to abandon Santa’s glacier. A petition seeking the removal of the display at the SouthPark Mall in North Carolina had received more than 25,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning.

In response to the online backlash, Simon Property Group issued an apology and said it would replace the displays with traditional decorations, Huffington Post reported, however, members of the Boycott Simon Malls group have pointed out that while some malls have removed the arch in favor of traditional decor, others have only added Christmas trees to the glacial set-up.

It is time to rise up and ‘Buycott’ each and every retailer who does not have the sense to cater to Christians during the Christmas season and beyond! The only thing these retailers and our own American-style CHENGGUAN (who live in a smog of political correctness) should receive from Santa is a lump of coal. As a matter of fact, sending the IRS a lump of coal this next tax season instead of a healthy check, may be the perfect way to shut down ObamaParkWorld for good and put an end to all this Marxist nonsense.

This Christmas make a ‘Buycott’ statement. “If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window, Yes! You don’t go in that store, you walk right by that door….”

3 comments on “‘Tis The Season When Christians Can Make A Statement

  1. Pum says:

    Excellent post, Cynthia.

    Isn’t it strange that in Communists nations like China, the people are fighting to get away from that which useful idiot Americans are running to embrace.

    And nope, I will not give my money to any entity that is afraid to acknowledge Christmas. They will not receive one penny from my purse.

    I do so much enjoy saying, “Merry Christmas” and seeing the look on the faces of those who kowtow to political correctness.

  2. Bob says:

    Very well written you are way beyond blessed by our Heavenly Father.

  3. Anita says:

    What a blessing… Not only educational as to what is going on in China in regard to Christmas, but well done. The song is perfect, and thank you for your stand!!!!I love Christmas and it is a very special time of year to celebrate my Saviors birth… Merry Christmas!

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