Obama’s Ice Cream Socials For Gangs Are Anything But Vanilla

Who Eats An Ice Cream Cone With a Spoon? Barack Hussein Obama

Who Eats An Ice Cream Cone With a Spoon? Barack Hussein Obama

This past September, Chicago suffered its deadliest month since 2002, with 60 homicides. Through September 27th, homicides and shooting incidents rose 21 % from the year-earlier period, Police Department figures show. Mayor Rahm Emanuel blames the “fetal” cops who are afraid they will get in trouble for actions during arrests.

“We have allowed our Police Department to get fetal, and it is having a direct consequence. They have pulled back from the ability to interdict … they don’t want to be a news story themselves, they don’t want their career ended early, and it’s having an impact,” Emanuel said, according to the Washington Post.

Former White House Chief of Staff Emanuel learned while working at the White House for Obama to never claim responsibility for anything and when in doubt incite, never unite. He also blames violent crime increases in part to the after-effects of the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., cases that led to rioting in both those cities.

S Pulaski Rd/W Adams ST in Chicago is one of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America. Based on FBI data, the chances of becoming a victim of violent crime there including murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault is 1 in 17. It is densely urban, made up of small apartment buildings and apartment complex/high-rise apartments, where abandoned housing sets the tone.

It is a neighborhood where 31.6% of the households are run by single mothers, a higher concentration than in 99.6% of American neighborhoods and 61.6% of the children are below the federal poverty line. It is a low income neighborhood where 97.5% of children do not go on to obtain a college degree, a lower rate than found in 98.2% of the neighborhoods in America. It is a 100% recipe for disaster.

Emanuel’s pal Obama, however, has a solution for every problem, as long as it does not address the real problem, and his new Task Force On 21st Century Policing report details six “pillars” that outline the necessary steps to build legitimacy and trust with the Police and promises to bring positive change to communities by placing the emphasis on a law enforcement culture that embraces a “guardian” mindset.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans is highlighted on page 17 of the Task Force “Implementation Guide” and he proudly states, “I think we’re the only police department in the country with an ice cream truck and I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Now that Commissioner Evans has an ice cream truck, he should be fully prepared to deal with his portion of the nearly 6,600 drug offenders who are being released as part of Obama’s “Drugs Minus Two” program which could ultimately reduce the sentencing of as many as 46,000 convicted criminals. For now, ninety-one felons are returning to Boston. Christopher Maloney, U.S. District Court of probation said “There are districts around the country with 500, 600, 700, being released. We’re in good shape.”

Maloney said Boston police have been notified about the returning prisoners and the first 20 inmates will stay at The Coolidge House in the Fenway neighborhood…just look for the neighborhood ice cream truck selling “Felon Fudge Swirl”

Imagine for a moment that some drug related violence was about to occur at impoverished S Pulaski Rd in Chicago and let’s implement the Boston police Commissioner’s ice cream truck strategy as a way of communicating with the troubled youth there:

It is a blustery cold day in November, but things seem to be heating up. A new gang of illegals from Mexico are moving in, reportedly wanting to take control of the ‘hood. Emotions are at an all time high, guns and knives are at the ready, minds are heady with drug use, and climate change is first and foremost on their minds; the colder weather climate change that facilitates their ability to conceal more weapons in their seasonally heavy clothing. As tensions reach a peak and emotions flare up, strange tinkling sounds can be heard in the distance.

Driving up S Pulaski Road is an ice cream truck driven by one of the newly released drug dealers who when applying for his job, did not have to own up to the fact he was an ex-convict. In an attempt to cool down the tattooed manic gang members, the driver offers the growing crowd his four most popular ice cream treats; “Murderous Mud-slide, Rape Raspberry Ripple, Pimp Peanut Butter Fudge and Heroine Half- Baked. The astute driver, who was told by the police to push Obama’s super soft Therapeutic Toffee flavor thought better of that knowing full well that Therapeutic Toffee would never adequately soothe tensions during a turf war drug dispute, no matter how hungry they were.

As the drug crowd shot bullet holes into his shiny new pink ice cream truck and began to take off the wheels, the driver decided to turn off his ding-a-ling and make a fast exit, hoping he might be able to buy some drugs at the next street corner to calm his shaky nerves. While leaving the driver remembered learning in prison that more of his “brothers” had been murdered in Chicago from 2001 to 2013 than the total number of U.S military killed in Afghanistan since 2001 or killed in Iraq since 2003.

“The heck with this”, the driver said to himself,  “I need to take my coolness to safer ground. “I hear that a $43 million dollar gas station was just built by the Pentagon in the safer neighborhood of Afghanistan! Any government shyster who can spend that much on a gas station will certainly spend thousands of dollars for my “Taliban Tutti Frutti” flavored ice cream!

Further complicating Obama’s ice cream truck love-in is that his police arsenal of pansy pink ice cream trucks may begin to engage in turf wars as well, especially when one truck offers Halal Heathen Heath Bar Crunch and another Bigot Bacon Butterfinger.

Perhaps now is a good time to serve both houses on Capitol Hill a daily regimen of “Impeachment Peach” ice cream, voted the number one flavor in the United States. Politicians do pay attention to polls!

As seen in the following video, I scream, you scream, the convicts scream, we all seem to be screaming for ice cream!

Passionate Peace Praline anyone?

2 comments on “Obama’s Ice Cream Socials For Gangs Are Anything But Vanilla

  1. susan says:

    hold the bacon!! this was funny, but sad because this is how they operate. and Boston will send some of their felons to Pittsfield, where I shop, see DR’s, and my eldest daughter lives and works

  2. Amore says:

    It’s really quite a fantastic check into human nature. They believe all the
    others are wrong plus they are on the right path. Stay out of their control to be in power over your life.

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