Je suis un lâche, Mr President?

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During a recent interview with one of his sycophants at the New York Times, Obama’s lips formed a truth, that conservatives are the greatest threat to the nation. The only thing is, he should have added a comma and finished the sentence; “conservatives are the greatest threat to the nation, because they are tired of my lying, race-baiting, Islamic sympathizing, ungodly, disrespectful ways and intend to do something about it!”

“The only force that can weaken us….is us.” mused Obama.

Mr. President, please be careful when using the term “us” to explain America’s weakness. You, Mr. President, are the singular weak force that has brought a whole new meaning to the role of Commander-in-chief, a position once viewed with respect, but now looked at as nothing more than a cover-up for a guileless amateur masquerading as a leader. Christians refuse to accept and participate in your evil antics because their righteous Commander-in-chief is Jesus Christ, not some immature, egotistical pot head who happened to get elected because the Grand Old Party (GOP) is led by a bunch of insular ‘good old boy’ politicians who could not figure out how to outsmart the opposition, energize their base, and win the last two elections against a “Bucky Barack Beaver” circus star with a bright white Ipana smile.

“Our politics are dysfunctional… societies don’t work if political factions take maximalist positions,” said Obama, who repeatedly claims to be a moderate stymied by the GOP’s supposed obstructionism and radicalism.

Maximalist positions? GOP obstructionism and radicalism?…only in our fondest dreams Mr. President. Conservative Americans go to bed every night hoping and praying that the GOP leadership will grow some “character” and become our radical heroes in the fight to save America from her downward spiral into your “Grave New World”…but as they say, only in our dreams.

“And the more diverse the country is, the less it can afford to take maximalist positions” …said you.

Just what IS your position?  Je suis un lâche, Mr President?

Je suis un lâche, “I am a coward,” a fitting description for a Commander-in-chief who does not hesitate to send our sons and daughters into dangerous battlefields, but is afraid to attend a well securitized rally in France with other world leaders. A president who cowardly hides behind atheists, gays, feminists, environmentalists, communists and Muslims to do his dirty work. A president who will never take a “maximalist” position because he is too used to assuming the “missionary” position.

Je suis un lâche, Barack, we have you pegged, but we knew that all along.
The only force that can weaken America is you, Mr. President.

4 comments on “Je suis un lâche, Mr President?

  1. Sharron says:

    Very good article! It’s a shame the “masses” can’t see the writing on the wall!

  2. Rose says:

    Wow, TELL IT, Cynthia! There are so many “if only” by the conservative base without using their God given common sense that tells you a vote for Mitt Romney in the last election could have saved this great nation from the bumbling inadequacies of our current occupier of the White House! As I see in other posts everywhere, they are still in that mindset. Lord, you are the only one that can save this nation as common sense has flown out the windows and doors of most of this nation’s homes.

  3. John says:

    “A president who will never take a “maximalist” position because he is too used to assuming the “missionary” position.”

    Outstanding piece!

  4. Buckeye Jack says:

    Yeah see Cyn’ that’s the problem you never speak your mind. LMBO!! You just keep getting better and better. Keep writing. Keep fighting. I will always have your six. We need to get caught up someday.

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