There is Something Very Fishy About Barack Obama.

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I bet you did not know that Barack Obama is a rock star in the environmental world!

He will go down in history as having a fish named after him called the “Etheostoma Obama,” better known as the “Spangled Darter.” As a matter of fact, Obama is the latest addition to an elite club of five fishy progressives, including; Clinton, Roosevelt, Carter and Gore, whom all share the same elite privilege of having a species of undersized, oddball perch species named after them! E.Obama was named after Barack Obama because” he is one of our first leaders to approach conservation and environmental protection from a more global vision,” stated Steve Layman from the Department of Biology at Saint Louis University. The “Spangled Darter” is a colorfully diverse fish who likes to zip around and hide under rocks in river drainage. Living in murky, drainage conditions and hiding under rocks is a well documented trait of an entire school of Democratic Blowfish, so it is no wonder that Obama was considered the best choice for this sludgy honor. It is truly a miracle that God provided America with a fish that matches it’s namesake, Barack Obama, so well! I will fervently pray that in the case of a food shortage in the coming turbulent days, God will not be asking Peter to cast his nets into those same muddy river bottom drainages. I would prefer to starve.

One would think that having a fish named after him should satisfy his narcissistic nature, but for Barack Obama, being a small fish in a large pond is not good enough. Why not take over the pond itself? The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Water Restoration Act is being rewritten to encompass virtually every collection of water in this country, from rivers to lakes, streams and even temporary pools of water. The 1972 Clean Water Act was originally intended to protect the navigable waters of the United States, but quickly morphed into a totalitarian move of supreme water rights aggression and control. In two separate cases before the Supreme Court in 2001 and 2006, the decisions partially reined in the abusive powers of the EPA. Now, the Clean Water Restoration Act of 2009, under Obama’s oligarchy, has re-surfaced and seeks to re-establish the nearly unlimited powers of the Clean Water Act. The new bill removes the word “navigable” so that ranchers and farmers who have mud puddles or melting snow on their property will come under the regulation of the Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA. This new Clean Water Act will define U.S. waters as “all waters subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, the territorial seas and all interstate and intrastate waters and their tributaries, including lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams),” “as well as “mudflats, sand flats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows” etc. Virtually everywhere water is or collects, even on a temporary basis, is covered in this draconian Act. It is so all encompassing that it makes one wonder if someday our sweat and tears will be data mined and collected.

In true Poseidon fashion, with trident in hand, the EPA ‘s three prong attack includes prohibiting states from trapping and using rainwater, from reusing farm irrigation water and provides for the harsh fining of farmers $37,500 per day for having any standing water on their property. In order to have productive land and provide this nation with our vital food supply, farmers must have some degree of water on it….so it stands to reason that the EPA is, by default, the government overseer of everyone’s property and more importantly, the nation’s food supply.

Mother nature has continually been used and raped to satisfy the lusty greed of those elites who smell another quick way to amass their fortunes. Limousine liberal Al Gore, the climate alarmist who lives a jet-setting life in his gas guzzling, carbon spendthrift lifestyle, is the poster boy for eco-hypocrisy. Gore co-founded Generation Investment Management with Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Managing Director David W, Blood and partnered with several other investment and venture capitalists, including Kleiner Perkins, to increase his approximate $1- $2 million dollar wealth to a fortune that may exceed $200 million. Kleiner Perkins alone has raised over $1 billion dollars in the financing of forty or more so-called green tech companies. Scrooge Gore sits at his desk counting his money while pressing the government to enact new laws that continue to make his partnerships more profitable. In the meantime,  middle America is being forced to shut down companies because of brutal environmental regulations. The Obama kettle of political fish continues to shoal together and let America be sold down the river.

Even more troubling are the global water implications and resulting compliance with the United Nations. The ”World Resources Institute” (WRI) teamed up with Goldman Sachs and General Electric to form the “Aqueduct Alliance” which includes new corporate partners Coca-Cola, Talisman Energy, Dow Chemical, United Technologies and the financial/news conglomerate, Bloomberg LP. The Alliance was set up to monitor the worlds ground water and has a satellite named GRACE that can accurately monitor the depletion of groundwater and map global water risks. Kate Voss, policy fellow at the University of California Center for Hydrologic Modeling said the ignorance of groundwater levels and sustainable withdrawal rates is “Like taking money out of your bank account without knowing how much money is in your bank account.” She also stated that GRACE “becomes leverage for water managers and politicians to hopefully start acting.” What a performance that will be, the Harvard elites will be quoting Rudyard Kipling saying “ Water, get it! You limping lump o’brick-dust, Gunga Din!”

Is it any wonder that partner United Technologies, the world’s largest arms-producing company was attracted to the Alliance because of the potential conflict or “crisis” in the event of a water shortage, contrived or otherwise? Next year the water privatization market worldwide is expected to reach $1 trillion. As Goldman Sachs puts it, “There is no substitute for water. It is the only utility you ingest.” According to a leading critic of water privatization, Canadian Maude Barlow, “The biggest water company of all is General Electric.”

Fish eyes cannot focus directly upward because they are located on the sides of the head and are virtually blinded to what is above them. In the song “Let’s All Go Down To The River” sung by Etta James, she vocalizes  “Let’s all go down to the river, there’s a Man a-walking on the water and He can change the water and turn it into wine.” Perhaps God will do his faithful a favor and clean up that muddy river bottom of its fishy blinded progressive perch and turn that infested water into wine. Who needs water?


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