This Land Is Our Land! Stop The Theft!

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Folk singer Woody Guthrie wrote music based on his experiences living among the vast armies of the poor and dispossessed created by the Great Depression. When he was 15, he left home to travel the country by freight train, accompanied only by his guitar and harmonica. In 1940, Woody wrote “This Land is Your Land” in support of the common folk and as an expression of his deep love for his country. Woody’s lyrics celebrated the beauty and grandeur of America while the chorus drove home his passionate populist sentiment that the nation’s land belonged to all the people, not just the rich and powerful.

In that same year, 1940, a young man from Texas named John Birch had just completed his ministry studies and set sail for China where he hoped to fulfill his lifelong dream to become a missionary. His adeptness at learning the difficult Mandarin language and ability to live among the country folk soon garnered him the attention of the infamous Lieutenant Colonel “Jimmy” Doolittle who was at the time trying to locate fuel depots behind the Japanese occupied enemy lines in China.

Birch reported back to Doolittle with such accuracy and quickness, that Doolittle promoted him to 2nd Lieutenant and sent Birch back behind enemy lines to recover his lost airmen. Birch’s bravery caught the notice of Claire Chennault, Commander of the Flying Tigers, and resulted in his promotion to Captain so he could establish an intelligence unit to locate enemy planes. Tragically, when only 27 years old, Birch died at the hands of the Chinese, the same Chinese he had heroically been trying to help, and the same Chinese who were supposedly WWII allies with the U.S.

Just four months before his death, John Birch wrote some prose that illustrated his desire to one day return to America, work the land, raise a family, and dutifully serve God. “The War Weary Farmer” reflected his longing for plain living, high thinking, and some fields, hills, woodlands and streams he could call his own, the ultimate American Dream of land ownership.

John Birch emphasized his desire to live a simple life by making fields green, fattening the cattle, sustaining his loved ones, worshiping God, enjoying a good book and lying on a shaded grassy bank to watch the clouds sail across the blue. To John, rural peace and sunset views mattered more than urban excitement or Broadway plays and he was concerned that he would be able to find the peaceful freedom he so yearned for, when back in America.

Impressed by Birch’s courageous torch of human righteousness, Robert Welch was determined to fight against the evils of this world and specifically Communism, so he founded the John Birch Society in 1958, dedicated to defending the U.S. Constitution and independence of the American people. The following youtube details exactly what Welch warned would happen to America if important steps were not taken to arrest the ongoing infiltration of socialist ideology.

Almost sixty years later, the Communist stranglehold in America is stronger than ever as evidenced in the eight year reign of Barack Hussein Obama and in the bold socialist promises of both Democrat presidential contenders, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

In an ironic twist of events, John Birch’s cherished, rural farmland is quickly and quietly being sold to pseudo-communist China, a country whose eight million acres of farmland is too polluted to farm! “We want to bring American sunshine, land and water back to China,” said Zhang Renwu, a businessman who owns two farms in Utah growing alfalfa to feed dairy cows. In fact, it is now cheaper to send alfalfa from LA to Beijing than it is to send it from the Imperial Valley to the Central Valley! So, farmers are making hay while“A hundred billion gallons of water per year is being exported in the form of alfalfa from California” a drought ridden state!

When China’s largest pork producer, Shuanghui International Holdings, paid $4.7 billon for its U.S. counterpart, Smithfield Foods Inc., it also acquired more than 100,000 acres of farmland in Missouri, Texas and North Carolina. (Virginia-based Smithfield didn’t disclose how much farmland was covered by the purchase, but just one subsidiary had reported it owned more than 100,000 acres in the three states.) China is now on the fast track to becoming the dominant land owner in America, its corporate holdings either owned in part or dictated to by the Chinese government.

As Donald Trump illustrates in many of his speeches, the Chinese have made trillions of dollars flooding our shores with super cheap products, the trade balance heavy in their favor, enabling them to use some of that money to buy land and property all over America! Not only that, our Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been actively confiscating land with the intent to make sweetheart deals for these same Chinese investors! Now that America is the largest debtor nation and owes billions of dollars to the Chinese, the Department of the Interior through the BLM has been actively stealing rancher land, killing their cattle and at the same time selling out America to the Chinese!

China now owns some of the largest American companies and as a result has become the number one employer in several cities across the United States! According to Dealogic, some of the biggest U.S firms to be swallowed, or are soon to be swallowed by a Chinese company are; Starwood Hotels, Smithfield Foods, Ingram Micro, General Electric Appliances, Terex Corp.(construction equipment) Legendary Entertainment Group, Motorola Mobility, and AMC Entertainment Holdings. In addition, Chinese investors are getting government approval and loans for solar fields, have taken over battery companies, and even the USDA has given the Chinese approval to import their chickens!

Why has all this been allowed to happen? In order to keep the world reserve currency and Ponzi scheme up to snuff, the U.S. needs to collateralize assets and make sweetheart deals so that the country that has us over a barrel, namely China, doesn’t dump our debt!

Hopefully the recent murder of Nevada rancher LaVoy Finicum by a United Nations hit squad intent on assisting the BLM/Agenda 21 land steal has awakened many to the federal governments thuggery and land grab, a grab that going forward will also include the seizing of thousands of square miles of land by using the “Endangered Species Act” as a front to confiscate both state and private property. Is it a coincidence that this same “endangered” land could otherwise be used to drill fossil fuels, mine rare earths, build a pipeline or install a border fence?

In 1964, Ronald Reagan spoke of the loss of freedom and property rights, “Those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening!”

Over fifty years later, in 2016, voters can help prevent the theft of our land and commerce from happening! Vote for Trump and help make America great again, the land that God blessed and made for you and me!