Does Kerry Have An Anti-Israel Agenda?

Hamas Using Children As Human Shields, Courtesy of Adam Milstein

Hamas Using Children As Human Shields, Courtesy of Adam Milstein


About the only group that John Fonda Heinz Kerry seems able to charm and sway these days is the hallowed Hollywood faction that lives in the People’s Republic of California. The glitzy, grandiloquent aristocracy that germinates there is where fellow comrade Kerry is truly able to lead by his surgically improved chinny chin chin. However, when removed from the false security of feckless, adoring, communist sycophants, Kerry fails miserably in his duties as Secretary of State for the United States of America. Kerry’s mishandling of relations with Israel is particularly troublesome and the perfect example of his bumbling, inadequate diplomacy skills. To some, it even appears that Kerry is sympathetic to Hamas led Palestine! Could it be possible that our “ waffling tongue warrior” does empathize with Israel’s enemy?

During a recent hot mic blunder, Kerry laid out his diplomatic fortune cards to all who were watching. While on Fox News Sunday, Kerry was caught on a hot mic making some comments about Israel that he probably did not want anyone to hear. He is seen and heard mocking Israel’s claim about how they are conducting a “pinpoint operation” In Kerry’s words, “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. We’ve got to get over there. Thank you John (his aide) I think John, we ought to go tonight. I think it’s crazy to be sitting around.” Apparently, Kerry does not believe that Israel is doing enough to save civilian lives, while completely ignoring the fact that Hamas has been using their own children as human shields and has built subway- like tunnels filled with explosives underneath Israeli Kindergartens! Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it best, ““Here’s the difference between us: We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians, and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles.”

Is it possible that Kerry harbors some deep rooted feelings of tenderness toward Hamas led Palestine? Could the fact that he sleeps with and is married to foreign born and main ketchup squeeze, Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry be influencing his thinking and judgement? Kerry’s bedfellow since 1995, Teresa, is the one who wears the financial pants in that elite political family, so can gold digger Kerry truly be objective when negotiating with Israel on behalf of the United States? Can John Kerry hide his deep rooted Fonda-like radical behaviors, especially while being supported by Teresa?

Teresa Heinz Fonda Kerry presides over assets called the Heinz Endowments that are clearly involved in shadow political activities. Due to their exempt tax status, Teresa is not required to to provide detailed records of how she receives her funding and or to whom she gives grants and the scope of her political investments and left wing agenda’s she supports. In a report, Ben Johnson reveals the scope of Teresa Kerry’s political investments and the range of left-wing agenda’s she has supported. “Directly or indirectly, Teresa Heinz Kerry has sponsored a political spectrum that includes violent anarchists, anti-free market socialists, anti-Homeland Security activists, racial dividers, open borders agitators, pro-terrorist radicals and a range of honors and tributes that includes a memorial to an environmentalist whose misguided reforms have led to the unnecessary deaths of tens of millions of African children. Mrs. Kerry’s beneficiaries are in the forefront of the attacks on the Patriot Act, for which her husband voted; they are organizers of the demonstrations against the war in Iraq that her husband supported and the disorderly protests at the Republican convention to nominate his opponent. And they are behind the campaign to open America’s borders and remove existing border controls, and thus to weaken homeland security in the War on Terror.”

Teresa Heinz Kerry was a long time trustee of the Carnegie Corporation from 1993 to 2000. One of the main advocacy programs at the Carnegie Corporation is their leftist International Program which includes: “supporting policy relevant research and creating opportunities for U.S engagement with Pakistan.” Hmmm. As a side note, another one of their large advocacy programs is amnesty and to aid in immigration by creating “stronger systems for bringing immigrants into the pluralistic mainstream of civic and economic life.”

Teresa has also kept herself busy by distributing millions of dollars to the Tides Foundation. What is the Tides Foundation? It is another tax exempt “charity” that distributes millions of dollars every year to political organizations identified with left-wing causes. It is the “charitable” money laundering machine for extremist radicals and their causes, causes that contribute to the destruction of America and everything it stands for. The Tides Foundation allows its hard left donors to anonymously contribute money and avoid public accountability for their donations. For example, one funding beneficiary has been the “National Lawyers Guild” which began as a Communist front organization and is known for its defense of terrorists. It is an organization that is about as anti-Israel as you can get. The “Palestine Solidarity Legal Support” is also a benefactor of Tides as well. Are you getting the anti-Israel picture?

Tides has also given grant money to the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which is nothing more than a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and a big supporter of the Hamas movement. Even liberal Chuck Shumer, D-NY observed its leaders have “intimate links with Hamas…we know CAIR has ties to terrorism.”

Teresa Fonda Heinz Kerry cannot pretend ignorance to the Tides Foundation ideology for social change and it’s anti-Israel agenda, after all, she donated $1.6 million dollars to establish the Tides Center for Western Pennsylvania,
allowing the San Francisco based Tides Center to set up shop in the East. The Tides Foundation continues to be the largest funder of the left in America today, including; funding for environmental extremist groups, anti-anti-terrorist groups, Islamic groups and radical legal groups. So who are four of the largest supporters of Tides? THE HEINZ ENDOWMENT, GEORGE SOROS, THE FORD FOUNDATION AND THE ROCKEFELLER FONDATION.

A lesser known benefactor of Tide money is’ “We the People” From 2009 to 2011, the most recent years for which data is available, the government has given Tides some $28 million in grants paid for by the American taxpayers. Every year Tides pushes $300 million through its network of left wing groups including: the Open Society Institute of George Soros, AFL-CIO, the Iraq Peace Fund, the Arab American Action Network, American Civil Liberties Union, the pro-Castro groups United for Peace and Justice and Center for Constitutional Rights, along with groups opposing free trade and gun ownership while advocating green energy and government-funded abortion. Perhaps Tides biggest coup to date has been the use of its APOLLO ALLIANCE PROJECT to help draft Obama’s massive stimulas bill.

In the field of philanthropy, grants are normally weighed very carefully. Thus, Teresa Fonda Heinz Kerry’s decision to become a major funder of the Tide Foundation and be on the board of Carnegie Corporation is hardly an oversight and speaks volumes about her political motivations.

Do you suppose that her political animal and progressive bedfellow husband, John Fonda Heinz Kerry agrees with his wealthy spouse? As the old saying goes, a happy wife is a happy life.



The Muslim Brotherhood and its Secret Connection to the CIA

Grand Mufti with Hitler

Grand Mufti with Hitler


If the United States of America is beginning to look, feel and smell like Nazi Germany, it is probably because its shadow government is made up of Neo-Nazi economic fascists, the same global financiers and capitalists who helped form German Nazism and who are now laying the foundation for a Fourth Reich and  a New World Order. In the book “The Rise of the Fourth Reich,” by Jim Marrs, he deftly documents that National Socialism was a form of socialism almost indistinguishable from communism. The first stage of Nazi fascism was corporatism, or the merger of state and corporate power. In order to obtain great power, great wealth must first be accumulated through the monopoly of ownership over basic resources. It is this focus on commerce and banking that lies behind all the worlds problems today.

In Hitler’s rise to power, there is a verifiable link to the Muslim Brotherhood and Palestinian Arabs. They are the predecessors to the same fanatical Muslims  who have infiltrated and occupy the uppermost layers of our current government and military, including the presidency. According to former U.S. Department of Justice Nazi War Crimes prosecutor John Loftus, the connection between Muslim fanatics and the Nazis began with the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna who formed a group of Egyptian youth dedicated to social reform and Islamic morals. He was a devotee of Muhammed bin Abd al-Wahhab, the eighteenth century Muslim who founded the Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia. This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that is the progenitor of today’s al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Another famous Muslim Brotherhood leader at the time was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Hajj Amin al-Husseini, who incited his followers to a three year war against the Jews in Palestine and against the British Mandate and their administration of the Palestine territory. The Grand Mufti, in his quest for Islamic control over Palestine, collaborated with the Nazi’s, provided Hitler with Muslim soldiers when needed and aided in the mass genocide of Jews by asking for their forced relocation to Poland and its death camps.

Al-Banna was also a devout admirer of Adolf Hitler and wrote to him frequently. So persistent was he in his admiration of the New Nazi Party that in the 1930’s, al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood became a secret arm of Nazi intelligence, said prosecutor Loftus, who had unprecedented access to secret U.S. government and NATO intelligence files. “The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi doctrines. They hated Jews; they hated democracy; they hated the Western Culture.” It became the official policy of the Third Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as the fifth Parliament, an army inside Egypt. After World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood and its German intelligence handlers were sought for war crimes because they were not considered regular military units. Following arrests in Cairo, captured Muslim Brotherhood members were turned over to British Secret Service, who then hired them to fight against the infant state of Israel in 1948. Loftus stated: Only a few people in the Mossad know this, but many of the members of the Arab Armies and terrorist groups that tried to strangle the infant State of Israel were the Arab Nazi’s of the Muslim Brotherhood. The British then went on to “sell” the Arab Nazis to the (OSS) the predecessor of the CIA. The intent was that America was going to use the Arab Nazi’s in the Middle East as a counterweight to the Arab communists. The United States kept the Muslim Brotherhood on its payroll. But, the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser became nervous when the Muslim Brotherhood tried to assassinate him and ordered the Muslim Brotherhood to get out or be executed. So during the 1950’s the CIA evacuated the Nazi’s of the Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia, one of whom was Osama bin Laden.

Another Allied investigator, Department of Justice attorney James Stewart Martin, was sent to U.S. Military Command in London to investigate collaboration between the Nazis and American businessmen. Martin soon discovered that his commanding officer Colonel Graeme K Howard, was an official with General Motors. After Martin pointed out the cozy relationship General Motors had with the Nazis, Howard was quietly reassigned back to the States. Martins investigation also led to ITT firms and the German chemical giant I.G. Farben, but his research into these corporate giants was thwarted. Martin wrote in his book, All Honorable Men, that “We had not been stopped in Germany by German business. We had been stopped in Germany by American business.” “the forces that stopped us has operated from the United States but had not operated in the open….Whatever it was that had stopped us was not the government, but it clearly had command of channels through which the government normally operates. (think Bilderberg)

One of those insiders who helped protect the American Nazi interests in the wake of World War II was William H. Draper Jr. a business partner with Prescott Bush, U.S. President George Walker Bush’s paternal grandfather, who was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. In July 1945, Draper was appointed head of the economic division of the U.S. Control Commission which decided what Nazi corporations would be saved and who would face war crimes prosecution. He and John J McCloy, Germany’s new high commissioner, who, besides banking for the Nazis, had spent a year in Italy as a financial advisor to Mussolini…and who shared Hitler’s box at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, were in perfect position to intertwine the postwar banking and corporate business connections into a New World Order.

The same fascist globalists who supported the Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood, are the same fascist globalists intent on the destruction of America. Is it a coincidence that the current Director of the CIA, John Brennan once the station chief for the CIA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia converted to Islam while there, a fact that has never been disputed by the CIA or John Brennan himself? In fact, Brennan has publicly praised “the goodness and beauty of Islam,” which he characterizes as “a faith of peace and tolerance.” “The tremendous warmth of Islamic cultures and societies,” he said in 2010, typically makes visitors from non-Muslim lands feel very “welcomed.”

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Welcome to America.