Was the Sam I Am Ram Kiss, Noteworthy or Nauseating?


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The photo of the St. Louis Rams NFL draft pick Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend was splashed all over the headlines throughout the world and will now forever be an iconic image of the immorality that has overtaken the United States of America.

As Rams coach Jeff Fisher felt the love from virtually everyone in his midst, exchanging fist bumps and accepting congratulations, one of his younger employees voiced his full support, “Such a pimp move. It was, Guess what I’m gonna do? Whatever the (expletive) I want. In the world today, it’s truly impressive. That’s what makes him the best guy to work for, and why so many of us would kill for the guy. It’s very simple: Trust The ‘Stache. It’s big and powerful for a reason.”

“Such a pimp move, I can do whatever the (expletive I want) so impressive”…sums up the current American cultural situation quite well. This “pimp hiring” by coach Jeff Fisher, who intends to change his locker room standards to make sure that Sam will “enter a supportive and accepting environment” is quite “impressive.” I am sure all Sam’s husky, taut, testosterone torrid teammates feel the same effeminate love as well. I guess Fisher had to “impress” the St. Louis fans with, “something”…after all, the franchises non-winning consecutive seasons now totals ten.

Many Americans were revolted by the sight of two men heavily engaged in french kissing on national TV, including Miami Dolphins safety, Don Jones, who was fined, suspended and now must undergo sensitivity training for tweeting “omg” and “horrible” after watching Sam’s wet kiss. Will sensitivity training help Don achieve higher standards? Don should be congratulated for his repugnance of a NFL football player openly exchanging saliva with another man on ESPN!

Barack Hussein Obama had to share in the Sam I Am Ram spittle spotlight as well and could not wait to congratulate Michael. “The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey. From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are,” a White House official emailed to ABC News.

Did Obama miss-speak? Shouldn’t he have said corporate “bedroom” rather than boardroom and what journey was Obama referring to, the same homosexual “journey” he took before marrying Michelle, a marriage that legitimized his run for political office? Throughout history, many U.S. Presidents have become known for their humanitarian contributions to society. Obama can now top Bubba Clinton’s “oral sex contribution” with his even more lascivious “same sex, oral sex contribution.” Bravo! Will this contribution to American society be the greatest legacy of Obama’s incompetent political career? Will his future presidential library come complete with a side show of transgendered misfits and drag queens who were educated in an erotic educational school system run by his fellow gay activist Arne Duncan?

Oberlin College in Ohio has also decided to join the bandwagon to hell and is considering a new set of rules in the athletics department which would include mandatory transgender sensitivity training for all of its staff and coaches. Their new guidelines would replace the pronouns he, him, his, she, her, hers…with “they, them and theirs. So, I guess in the future, Cheerleaders must re- choreograph their chants with “2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate, not the king not the queen, we support “them” the team!”

I am a politically incorrect, Domestic Terrorist, Christian mother, but am not a homophobe and have gay friends, but do I consider them to be role models for our children or feel their activism should shape America…no! As a result of their national prominence, sports figures are leaders, and like all leaders, have a responsibility to set a good example for our nations youth. Great leaders have the ability to bring out the best in people and those around them by leading with conviction, courage and righteousness, qualities that cause people to better themselves as human beings. Sports leaders have always had the unique opportunity to foster a positive psychological development in our nations youth and to act as mentors who are able to make a positive social impact on young impressionable minds. This role model mentoring has always added considerable wealth to the national treasury of life, a treasury of life that is now bordering on the same catastrophic deficit that is affecting our national debt, but money problems can be solved, corrupted souls cannot.

The wickedness in our topsy turvy America today seems to stem from the pursuit of something good, in the completely opposite and Biblical wrong way. Sexual perversion is sex gone bad, sex pursued in the opposite way it was intended to be. If we continue to be silent and allow ourselves to be censored, are “We the People” not complicit in  supporting the immoral gay activist agenda?  Will we as Christians continue to relish all the benefits of our faith, without a huge cost to our eternal life and America’s well being? God is good, merciful and forgiving, but he is not indulgent and his moral laws are not up for discussion, they are set in stone.

God created man with free will, to know right from wrong, to have a conscience. We as a people, in a country founded and blessed by God, must make a choice. Do we want to sit back and be led by the agnostic minority who have decided to dictate our moral law or will we play quarterback on God’s team and lead America to victory? Which of the pictured football players above do you want your children and grandchildren to pass to? The ball is in our hands, ready for a “Hail Mary Pass” to greatness once again, are we game?

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

Dwight D. Eisenhower








The War Against the Military and American Spirit…and the Solution


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In the aftermath of our Government’s repeated attempts to disgrace and dishonor our military and veterans, I thought perhaps it was time to define the American spirit, the spirit that made America exceptional, the spirit that the vast majority of politicians seem to lack and prefer to recognize as right wing terrorism, the spirit that “We the People” will continue to defend and safeguard and that our troops are fighting for.

How does one accurately portray the American spirit, define a patriot’s very breath? It is best to go back in history to be able to fully understand the birth of the American spirit, that indefatigable yearning for liberty, freedom and independence from tyranny, the spirit that brought George Washington to his knees while praying for Divine Providence and protection. It was a deep seated craving; an intense longing and victorious resolve that refused to accept failure. It was a virtuous spirit that was nonpartisan, a united determination to form a Republic and Constitution for “We the People,” where citizens could enjoy natural and inalienable rights, granted by God.

Since our early beginnings, our ancestors have fought on the battle field, lives sacrificed so that future generations of children would be able to live under the protection of freedom, able to pursue a life full of hope, dreams and endless opportunity. The American spirit knows that freedom fuels ambition and provides the passion to excel and attain unlimited achievement. The American spirit unleashes a creative inventiveness that can only spring from a gut where the seeds of imagination have been allowed to germinate, unencumbered by restrictions of thought. This entrepreneurial proclivity has the ability to attain incomprehensible heights of financial and philanthropic achievement, the American Dream. The American spirit appreciates its blessings and strives to give back to the same country that has given them such tremendous opportunity. The American spirit is the most charitable in the world.

The American soldier understands better than anyone that the American spirit is a priceless national treasure worth fighting for; know first hand the putrefying tactics of brutal dictatorships whose aim is to decompose the soul. Our soldiers have crawled in bug infested jungles, marched in scorching deserts, been tossed around in rough seas and shot down from the sky while witnessing countless, godless acts of murder, heinous attacks on the religious, the shameful neglect of the poor, the tragic desperation of a demoralized populace deprived of spirit and hope. The American soldier weeps for the children of the world who are the innocent tragic victims of war, the political pawns whose dreams are filled with nightmares of death. The American soldier embarks on daring, dangerous missions so that America’s children will never have to suffer the same fate. The American soldier knows they may never see their families again and hear the word they cherish the most, Daddy.

The bald eagle was chosen June 20, 1782 as the emblem of the United States because of its long life, great strength, majestic looks and also because it was believed to only exist on the American continent. The eagle represents freedom. He lives on the mountain tops, able to fly to the valley’s below, or soar upward to the boundless spaces above. The American soldier is the wind beneath the eagle’s wings and the American spirit, as so eloquently expressed by Roger Whitakker in his rendition of  Wind Beneath My Wings

Actions speak louder than words and the actions of our top leaders in Washington D.C. is like a show and tell of the exploitation of power and complete disregard of the American spirit and the American soldier. The blatant berating and disregard of our military by our government is beyond description and borders on treason.

But, what difference does it make that President Barack Obama used the lame excuse of a sequester to disallow eighty year old veterans in wheel chairs admittance to the World War II Memorial built in their honor, commemorating their brave service to America so that communism did not spread to our shores. What does it matter that our Commander-in-Chief is rushing to unload senior officers at the Pentagon who disagree with his anti-American ideology, at the rate of one senior military officer every 8.8 days, an amount that is close to 200 officers dismissed since he took charge of our military. What does it matter that during the Obama years, Special Operations Forces has seen a 123% increase in the number of countries of deployment, secret missions being conducted far away from prying eyes, media scrutiny or any other type of outside oversight, a special ops globalization. Retired Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich, professor of history and international relations at Boston University has noted, the utilization of Special Operations Forces during the Obama years has decreased military accountability, strengthened the “imperial presidency,” and set the stage for a war without end. In short, Bacevich wrote on TomDispatch, “handing war to the special operators severs an already too tenuous link between war and politics; it becomes war for its own sake.” Without a clear picture of where the military’s covert forces are operating and what they are doing, Americans may not recognize the consequences of and blowback from our ever expanding secret wars as they develop all over the world.

What difference does it make that Vice-president Joe Biden leaked top secret, classified information to the media that the Navy Seals were responsible for Bin Laden’s death, putting SEAL Team 6  in harms way, with a target on their backs. What does it matter that retired Secretary of State Hillary Clinton neglected to properly beef up security at the mission in Benghazi, after repeated requests to do so, resulting in a massacre that she refused to take any responsibility for, instead telling Congress “What difference does it make?” What does it matter that fifteen Libyans who were cooperating with the FBI to get to the bottom of the Benghazi lies are now dead? What does it matter that General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, failed to respond to the attack on Benghazi. What does it matter that the Director of the CIA, John Brennan, a convert to Islam, refused to take his oath of office on a Bible? What does it matter that Secretary of State John Kerry’s pompous foreign policy gaffes have led to hiring a chief spokesperson, Jen Psaki, to speak for him. What does it matter that Kerry once ran around with Jane Fonda giving aid and comfort to the enemy while openly slandering our Vietnam Veterans. What does it matter that our Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has throughout his career sought to protect Iran from U.S sanctions and diplomatic pressure.  What does it matter that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid killed an amendment that would have restored the military pensions that were cut in a budget deal, but is willing to extend unemployment benefits. What does it matter that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi watched as veterans were turned away from their sacred memorials, but attended and gave a speech at the “Camino Americano,” or “American Road” amnesty rally that was allowed access and clearance on the National mall, just a short walk from the barricaded World War II memorial. What does it matter that the Pentagon continues to purge God and believes the biggest threat to our national security are those who believe that Jesus Christ will return to Jerusalem to rule the world?

When Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt met in 1941 on the battleship HMS Prince of Wales to agree to the Atlantic Charter, a church service was held for which Prime Minister Churchill chose the hymns. He chose “Onward Christian Soldiers” and afterwards made a radio broadcast explaining his choice: “We sang “Onward, Christian Soldiers” indeed, and I felt that this was no vain presumption, but that we had the right to feel that we were serving a cause for the sake of which a trumpet has sounded from on high. When I looked upon that densely packed congregation of fighting men of the same language, of the same faith, of the same fundamental laws, of the same ideals … it swept across me that here was the only hope, but also the sure hope, of saving the world from measureless degradation.”

We are witnessing the radical secularization and extermination of America’s belief system and spirit, the very ideals that made us great. The most dangerous war right now is being waged on American soil, on the American people. Ephesians 6:10-20 explains that our foe is Satan, not men. Character and coming together in hope and purpose will win the current battle in America because our genuine and righteous Commander-in-Chief is the eternal, omnipotent Christ, whose kingdom cannot fail.

Onward Christian Soldiers