Netanyahu is a Leader, Obama a Party Pooper

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The Obama-Jarrett-Kerry diplomacy side show is attempting to hypnotize the American public into believing that the tyrannical threesome are snake charmers who can “sing” a bunch of love lyrics into an Iranian black hole full of snakes and come out of the experience intact. One of the earliest records of snake charming appears in the Bible in Psalm (58:3–5): Even from birth the wicked go astray; from the womb they are wayward and speak lies. Their venom is like the venom of a snake, like that of a cobra that has stopped its ears, that will not heed the tune of the charmer, however skilled the enchanter may be.”

The legitimate way to render a snake harmless is to remove its poisonous fangs or venom glands. The only way the Iranian snake head can be made impotent is by disbanding and removing its nuclear capabilities. According to the Jerusalem Post on Friday, Washington “has given the Iranians 80 percent of what they want,” that Iran will be permitted to keep over 7,000 centrifuges, enough to give them the capability to produce enough enriched material to assemble a nuclear bomb within a matter of months.

Can Iran be trusted? Just last week a secret underground facility just outside of Tehran was revealed, an “underground top-secret site” that is enriching uranium intended for nuclear weapons and has been hidden from the West for years. According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) the complex called Lavizan-3 is “buried deep underground in tunnels and underground facilities” with “radiation-proof doors” to prevent any leaks that could be detected by inspectors.

On February 11th, a huge Tehran sponsored rally took place marking the Islamic Revolution’s 36th anniversary that featured; the trampling and burning of an American flag, a display showing Obama hanging from a gallows, and signs of Kerry portrayed as a devious fox. Iranian expert ILan Berman said the Revolution Day footage indicates that Iran still views the U.S. as the main enemy. “And that is not going to change even if we make a deal,” Berman said. He said the problem for the White House is the expectation that a deal on the nuclear front will lead to a broader reconciliation with Iran, which is not going to happen. It is these recent developments that has prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress, hoping to lobby for tougher sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

To distract the American sheeple from the bigger issue of a nuclear Iran, the main purpose for Netanyahu’s visit, Democrats have whined that Netanyahu did not use the correct protocol when planning his speech to Congress and that Washington D.C. has a policy against meeting with foreign leaders who were facing elections, a puzzling statement considering Kerry and Biden both met with Netanyahu’s opposition leader Isaac Herzog on Saturday, February 7th, Netanyahu’s main rival in the upcoming March 17th Israeli election! In addition, a coalition of U.S. funded progressive groups have invaded Israel with a massive campaign to defeat Netanyahu, including; the State Department-funded group OneVoice International which is funding V15, a political group aided by Obama campaign alumni and the U.S. based group Ameinu which has a $3 million dollar initiative to target “segments of Israeli society” such as young secular Israelis, low-income secular Jews, and Arab Israelis—communities that traditionally oppose right-leaning parties such as Likud. Why would billionaire Democrats including Soros, meddle in a foreign election if it is the U.S. policy not to interfere! (Please see this shocking link!)

On Sunday Netanyahu left for Israel around noon and will be in Washington for less than 48 hours before flying back Tuesday afternoon, while Kerry left on Sunday for Geneva for 48 hours and will return on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, back at Capitol Hill, many key Democrats have decided to boycott Netanyahu’s speech and have asked the Black Caucus to not show up, following shepherd Joe Biden who said he will not attend. I wonder if Obama will be sulking in the corner of a golf course on Tuesday because in 2014 Netanyahu was about to target one of Iran’s nuclear facilities when Obama threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets before they could reach their targets! The nerve of Netanyahu to want to protect his country from the Iranian beast without despot Obama giving him permission! I guess showing Iran that the USA is in solidarity and alliance with Israel is not part of the snake charmer Obama-Jarrett-Kerry negotiating plan!

Does all this stink to you? Forget about throwing tea into the harbor, it is now time to throw crap back at Washington D.C.! We all need to follow the lead of Russian farmer Alexandr Bakshayev who dumped a cartload of animal dung on the front steps of a bank he owed some money to. The manure was worth $610 dollars, the exact amount he owed the bank.

National Poo Day will take place on tax day, Wednesday, April 15th. It will be the day we all pay our taxes in manure deposits. The following video is an especially well done commercial funded by the United Nations that brings attention to the health hazard associated with public defecation. The health and welfare of the American people are at risk and being endangered by the crimes being perpetrated in D.C. by the Democrat Poop-in-chief and his fellow stinkers so we will use the UN commercial to call humanitarian awareness to our poo plight. No  matter where we go, there is no getting away, so we will take take a stand and make Washington “Take Poo in Lieu!” Start your composting today, for liberty and justice for all!

Was Seal Team Six Handed Over To The Valley of Death?

Seal Team Six raided Usama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan aiming to kill;

Navy heroes whose courage made America so proud, an awe-inspiring drill!


Ninety-three days later in Afghanistan these same elites took a nighttime helicopter ride,

in a CH-47 Chinook not set-up for battle with an enemy that does more than just chide!


Seal Team Six and twenty-two other military men were flown to Tangi Valley, a hot zone;

Extortion17 was without escort, air cover and suppressive fire, they were sent in alone! 


A rocket propelled grenade hit the old ill-equipped chopper as it attempted to land;

our warriors set up like sitting ducks without support, blown up on enemy sand!


Bagram Air base held a ramp ceremony before returning our dead men to the States;

after a brief prayer an Iman preached Allah’s words, bedeviled cursed words of hate!


That Iman prayed over the charred remains of our brave young sons who tragically fell;

praising Allah and despicably condemning our revered American boys to a blazing hell!


These Seals who killed the founder of Al-Qaeda in the fight against terrorism, to protect;

had their flag draped coffins appallingly desecrated in order to be politically correct!


This act of betrayal proves that some of our top brass have been infected with evil;

the Muslim Brotherhood is defiling our military and striving for an Islamic upheaval!


Remember how Obama wanted to transform our nation, his narcissistic cocky goal;

his idea of transformation is to allow Islamic entities to push our freedom into a hole.                                                                                                            


Counterterrorism is in the hands of CIA Director John Brennan, a Muslim convert worm;

he says terrorist attacks on the USA should not be described by using an Islamic term! 


Why did Biden and Obama leak the classified secret that Seals took out bin Laden;

making our heroes the wrathful targets of intolerant Jihadists who do not pardon?


Why were our elite sent to Tangi Valley and dangerously placed in harms way?

Why were so many Seals ordered to be together on that fateful August day?


Why does the Afghan army, police and security need to know our every maneuver?

Why is our tactical information shared, risking espionage from an enemy intruder?


Why was protocol ignored, Afghans in the Chinook switched at the last minute?

Why was the mandatory flight manifest not changed, where is it, who was in it?


Why does the symbolic word Extortion, the wrongful taking of property by violence;

remind us of Al- Qaeda’s view on the taking of bin Laden, was this reciprocal balance?


Why have the fundamental Rules of Engagement in our military been crazily changed?

Why are we handicapping the troops allowing our vile enemy to shoot first is deranged!


Why do Pentagon officials feel that the Taliban needs to feel loved and wanted,

while our unprotected brave soldiers are being maimed, blown up and taunted?


Why has the media not covered the greatest tragedy ever to hit our Special Forces?

properly investigating and exposing the military coverup using their inside sources?


Why is the press not demanding the truth about the vicious attack in Benghazi;

Americans crying for help while Obama went to bed because he felt drowsy!


Why should we have to hear Hillary Clinton say “but what does it matter!”

listen to her habitual chicanery so she can continue to climb the political ladder?


Why did Joe Biden say at the time of bin Laden’s death, “There is no place to hide!”

while two years later VP Joe is still hiding, not divulging how our Navy Seals died!


Why have all these questions gone unanswered for so long, the responses so lax;

 is it because the Obama spinmeisters need a lot more time to cover the facts?


Why has there not been a Congressional Inquiry to inform Americans of the truth;

our representatives need to help the families who have had to be their own sleuth!


Pray Americans will wake up, understand the consequences of their passive voice;

an America changed forever because its citizens did not stand up to evil by choice!


Pray for our valiant troops for they are in danger, pawns in a corrupted military scheme;

warriors who need our politically incorrect support to help uphold the American Dream!


Pray for our fallen warriors and their family’s who are full of sorrow and cry each night;

thank them for the ultimate sacrifice made on our behalf so we can bask in God’s light!


Pray for the virtuous members of Seal Team Six who are in Heaven enjoying eternal life;

American heroes who can now rest peacefully on God’s shoulder and live without strife.