Vote For The Endurance of America!

The Endurance

The Endurance

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was an Irish-born British explorer who was a principal figure of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Shackleton a competent, charismatic leader decided his goal was to be the first to reach the South Pole by way of crossing the Antarctic continent, and it was this journey that would become one of the most remarkable survival stories of all time.

Shackleton, known for his energy, ambition and ability to get out of tight situations, took a crew of twenty-seven and boarded a strong wooden ship he had named the “Endurance,”after his family motto, ‘Fortitudine Vincimus’, meaning “by endurance we conquer,” and set sail.

It was early December, 1914 and the Endurance was easily slipping through the loose ice pack when just a month later huge mine fields of ice floes and bergs began to appear, and by January 20th, 1915, the Endurance had found itself trapped in the thick, heavy ice with no apparent way out.

The crew did not turn to the navigator, the scientist, or the esquire to get them out of the trouble they were in but instead turned to the one person they fondly referred to as the “Boss,” Shackleton, whom they trusted had the natural instincts and unfailing perseverance to get them out of their precarious situation.

Months slipped by while trying to free the ship. Shackleton kept his crew busy by making them stick to routine chores and the occasional games and skits in an effort to thwart their two most fearful enemies at the time, tedium, and the freakish cold, summer weather that brought with it more gigantic floes and bergs.

Huge ice assaults attacked the ship for weeks until in October, the hull finally succumbed to the pressure and began to leak, then keel over. It was time to abandon ship, in a remote place 1200 miles from civilization and far from any shipping channels. Shackleton and crew camped out for months while drifting on sheets of ice.

Supplies became depleted and hunting scarce, so Shackleton and his entire crew set out in three life boats for Elephant Island, 100 miles to the north, a desolate, uninhabited island. From there, Shackleton took a crew of five and set out for South Georgia Island, 800 miles to the NE where there was a whaling station.

After a journey through gale force winds, stormy, fifty foot vicious seas, and using no maps for navigation, just intuition, the sailors reached their destination. Three days later Shackleton left to rescue the rest of the crew who had been stranded at Elephant Island for three months and where against all odds he discovered all the men had survived.

Twenty-one months of constant trial and tribulation could have led to disastrous defeat and death, but through sheer endurance they conquered, due to the heroics of their leader, Ernest Shackleton.

What does the above story have to do with the endurance of America?

As Jesus wisely knew, analogical comparisons or parables can take an idea or message and make it much more comprehendible!

America is in serious trouble, adrift in a sea of traitors who will not stop until the country succumbs and sinks under the tremendous weight and pressure of their ice-cold, anti-American ideology, a nation shipwrecked and in desperate need of a courageous captain who can boldly navigate it to safety and a secure future.

America cannot endure another four years of the same Republican/Democrat leadership that has commandeered the nation to its present sea of debt and delinquent diversity. It is obvious that “Elephant, GOP Island” is uninhabitable except to the precious elite, an island that has become treacherous territory for “We The People” and must be abandoned. It is time for Americans to hop on board what remains of their rickety lifeboats and place their trust in new leadership.

Will voters choose Ted Cruz, an attorney and freshman senator who has relied on wealthy contributors, Ivy league smooth talk and lying to navigate himself through troubled waters? Should a husband who has not been faithful to “the love of his life” be considered trustworthy by a crew who depends on him for their future survival? Should voters place their trust in a Constitutional lawyer who, like Barack Obama, refuses to unseal his birth records to demonstrate that he is Constitutionally eligible to become president? Will voters want to be crew on that voyage to the unknown?

What about John Kasich, the epitome of an ego-centric, selfish, career politician who is more concerned about his own future than that of America, a candidate who should have left the race a long time ago but instead is apparently being played like a shill or place card for the GOP establishment and is a money puppet for George Soros! Will voters choose to be crew on his selfish ship and depend on him for America’s endurance and survival?

Then there is another candidate, Donald Trump, whose intuitive explorative navigation in the icy waters of the business world has sailed him to heights of greatness, a charismatic man gifted with commonsense, entrepreneurial leadership capabilities that few people possess. Is Mr. Trump a bully or is he just a good old-fashioned gutsy man in a wimpy world that has gone flaccid like a piece of soggy asparagus?

Are voters smart enough to realize they are lucky to have a self-funding, billionaire political outsider like Trump campaigning to become their “Boss?” Do complacent Americans recognize the fact that Trump’s love for America and his selfless goal to make America great again is a courageous act of patriotism that many in his same lofty, comfortable position would never desire or attempt? Will steadfast conviction drive voters to the polls in support of Trump in spite of the constant Capitol Hill anti-Trump sentiments and daily barrage of biased news reports promulgated by a press bought and paid for by the elite globalists whose goal is for a One World Order and who are determined to help ‘place’ another establishment politician into the oval office?

Informed voters are no longer interested in electing a captain who will take over the helm of the much abused ‘Good Ship Lollipop’ and continue to navigate America through the same muddied waters to its uncertain future.

“I called to the other men that the sky was clearing, and then a moment later I realized that what I had seen was not a rift in the clouds but the white crest of an enormous wave.” Ernest Shackleton

‘We The People’ need a leader who can navigate over that enormous wave of troubled water and has the vision to see the clearing sky beyond and a bright future!

Vote for Donald Trump and the endurance of America!

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