Fourteen Years After 9/11, Has America Heeded It’s Warning?

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The phrase “Big Apple” was first used by Martin Wayfarer to describe New York City in 1909. He used it as a metaphor to describe how New York, the “Big Apple,” got a disproportionate share of the sap from the country’s tree of wealth. The saying evolved in the 1920s when New York Morning Telegraph sports writer John J. FitzGerald overheard African American stable workers using the phrase while talking about New York’s racing scene, which was considered “the big time.” Fitzgerald liked it so much he named his racing column “Around the Big Apple.” Jazz musicians in the 1930s and 40s made it more popular by using it in the same way, referring to the New York jazz scene as “the big time.” The name became less prominent until the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau used a red apple to increase tourism in the 1970s and since then the “Big Apple” has become an international symbol for New York City.

In Latin, the words for “apple” and “evil” are similar. Mālum is the word for “apple;” mălum is the word for “an evil or a misfortune.”As a result of the apple’s association with Adam and Eve’s story, it has become a loaded symbol that represents, among other things, temptation, sin, immortality, seduction, the forbidden, and knowledge. New York’s big sinful apple has now become a symbol for everything that is wrong with America and its current socialist regime.

The mayor of New York City, William Wilhelm Jr., aka Bill de Blasio, was an active supporter of the communist Sandinistas and was so enamored with Soviet-backed revolutionaries that he participated in a relief mission for them and upon his return to the United States joined the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York (NSN). Communist De Blasio continues to be unapologetic about his involvement with a foreign Marxist movement accused of slaughtering innocent civilians and practicing the “disappearance” technique of eliminating political foes.

Following de Blasios 1994 marriage to former admitted Lesbian Chirlane McCray, the couple honeymooned in Cuba in violation of the United States ban on travel to the Caribbean Communist stronghold. De Blasio’s daughter, Chiara, was quoted in published reports as saying one of the biggest surprises of her father’s mayoral campaign was learning that her parents had honeymooned in Fidel Castro’s Cuba, illegally.

Once elected mayor of New York City, classy de Blasio and family moved into Gracie Mansion after “dumping” their unwanted trash in front of their Park Slope house. Worn out t-shirts, odd books like “The History of Spanx” a flag of Barbados, cracked dishes and stained clothing littered the sidewalk and were carelessly draped over a chain link fence labeled “Free!”

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Soon after de Blasio took control in January of 2014, the city became a haven for the homeless. Bums are now the mayor’s biggest fans, ecstatic about his relaxed enforcement against homeless panhandlers, saying it hasn’t been this good for them in years! Masturbation, screaming at people, drug use and squeegee men who use dingy brown rags to rub the windshields of extorted drivers are now flourishing in the rotting apple. Public urination has become such a serious problem that New York politicians have decided to test a pee-repellant paint on walls in areas with high public urination problems. The specially treated walls will supposedly cause the urine to spray back onto violators. (What about the resulting stench?)

The homeless situation in New York City is so bad that diplomats from Third World countries are complaining that the area around the United Nations is crawling with more vagrants than in their impoverished homelands! “America is the one of the richest countries in the world, and New York is one of the richest cities. But there are more homeless people here than there are in Gambia,” said that nation’s attaché Alieu Samba, 74, whose African nation ranks 182nd out of 194 global economies.“ When officers come here from Gambia for a meeting, they see all these homeless people laying down on benches. They say, ‘What are they doing there?”

The homeless epidemic sadly includes veterans, an issue that de Blasio promised to end, but de Blasio has not held a single meeting with his veterans advisory board and has refused to meet with local veterans groups. Instead de Blasio continues to ignore them and the state of the New York shelter system where “Dangerous living conditions, rat and roach infested residences, and fire violations are the stark reality facing too many homeless families and children in the City’s shelters,” the mayor’s own commissioner of the Department of Investigation, said.

In typical Marxist fashion, de Blasio, refuses to tolerate the same uber-poor outside his uptown Gracie Mansion, so a vagrant free zone has been established around his mansion and its surrounding Carl Schurz Park, a 15-acre oasis.

Although New York holds first place for the American city with the most millionaire density, over 30 % of the city’s children live in poverty, an all time high, and by the time De Blasio’s “welfare vision” is implemented, New York City will be the United States number one dependency capital, with one in seven New Yorkers on the public dole and 1.4 million residents eating at food pantries (out of a total population of 8.5 million), a number which is currently growing 20% every year.

Other notable Big Apple statistics include; NYC has the highest number and rate of abortion; with more black babies aborted than born in the city, it suffers from the worst racial segregation in schools than any other U.S. city, and leads the nation in the number of new HIV cases. New York’s anti-cop, anti-gun mayor, is also seeing a spike, an increase of over 10%, in homicides. In an effort to reduce the violent crime, NYPD bosses have been throwing pizza parties for gang members to show their love. I guess armed Bloods gang leader Garland Tyree has not yet attended a Pepperoni Summit. On August 17th, firefighter James Hayes, was shot and almost died as he tried to control a fire at the gang leaders Staten Island home.

Obviously riches do not pave the way to righteousness and as the fascist elite rise in NYC and continue to allow the poor to keep getting poorer, and the wicked in spirit to become more shameful, new shiny towers continue to rise toward the heavens. The Freedom Tower, built at “Ground Zero,” was to be the tallest building in America at a symbolic 1,776-feet tall, but it will soon be surpassed in height when the Nordstrom Tower at 1,795 ft is completed in 2018. Taller is always better in Babylon.

At one time, the Empire State Building, named after the “Empire State” was New York’s most iconic and tallest skyscraper and was outfitted with flood lights to illuminate it at night. In 2012, the floodlights were replaced with LED fixtures and a computer-controlled system that now allows the building to be illuminated in creative ways. On August 9th, a light and sound show took place on the building featuring the Hindu Goddess Kali, the Goddess of Time, Change, Power and Destruction.

Exactly 33 days after that ominous illumination of Satan marks the anniversary of 9/11. Thirty three is a significant number in the Bible and can have many meanings, but if one relates it to the image of the devil Kali and 9/11, it’s meaning likely represents judgement, for there are thirty three, “3’s” in the book of Revelation, a book that defines God’s judgement on the world. As seen in my post “One Nation No Longer Under God’s Protection,” September may prove to be very interesting.

In four separate Islamic attacks, on September 11, 2001, almost 3,000 innocent people lost their lives and the Twin Towers of NYC crumbled into a pile of debris. Less than three years after that fateful event, on July 4th, 2004, New York laid the cornerstone, called “Freedom Stone” for the new memorial Freedom Tower. At the ceremony, Gov. George Pataki stated, “Today we take 20 tons of Adirondack granite — the bedrock of our state — and place it as the foundation, the bedrock of a new symbol of American strength and confidence. Today, we lay the cornerstone for a new symbol of this city and this country and of our resolve in the face of terror.” Mayor Bloomberg then reiterated, “As we lay this cornerstone, we remember that the liberties, which are the bedrock of our nation, can never be shaken by violence or hate.”

Nearly two years after the Freedom stone, its face chiseled with “as a tribute to the enduring spirit of freedom,” was laid, it was unceremoniously removed because after the tower had been reconfigured, the cornerstone was found to be 40 feet west of the perimeter of the would-be building. Soon after that, the Freedom Tower was renamed One World Trade Center in an effort to woo tenants such as Vantone Industrial Co., a Chinese real estate giant with close affiliations to the Chinese Communist government.

Last year Obama stated his worse fear was a nuclear attack on Manhattan, and just days before that, a nearly blind guard was caught sleeping on the job at the One World Trade Center, the only guard stationed in the number one terror target’s south lobby. The relaxed security comes at a time when the NYPD, in an act of political correctness, has abandoned a secretive program that dispatched detectives into Muslim neighborhoods, and at a time when Islamic extremists in Iran boast that the United States is their number one enemy.

The Big Apple, the “big time,” is quickly degenerating into a state of socialist impotence, a city that constructed a memorial tower no longer named freedom, no longer resting on its symbolic “Freedom Stone,” a cornerstone that was to be the bedrock symbol of American strength, confidence, and resolve in the face of terror, a stone that was to remind every American that liberty can never be shaken. Instead, the Freedom Stone now dishonorably lies in grassy plot at a private business, like a graveyard tombstone marking America’s loss of freedom.

On September 25th, Pope Francis will be addressing the United Nations and is expected to enthusiastically endorse the proposed “Transforming Our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” a document that  seeks to “strengthen universal peace” and usher in a new era of “shared prosperity.”  Its seventeen goals clearly state that member nations will be expected to make “constitutional amendments and creation or adjustments of institutions.”

Shared prosperity is progressive lingo for socialism and New York City is the poster apple for all that socialism represents; elite fascism, a weakened underclass and a tyrannical big government that promotes a nihilistic culture.

The Freedom Stone, once hailed as the “bedrock” of American strength is more symbolic today than ever. The rock has been neglectfully cast aside, just as America has neglectfully cast aside it’s only true Rock of strength, the Rock of our salvation, the Rock who birthed America, the Rock of Ages.

“You deserted the Rock, who fathered you; you forgot the God who gave you birth.” (Deuteronomy 32:18)

He is “the stone you builders rejected, which has become the capstone.” Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4: 11-12)

America’s Godly foundations are crumbling and it is time to once again lay its precious cornerstone, the one for all generations, the “Rock of all Ages,” for in Jesus, there is none so faithful and true.

I am not alone
There’s a stone I’m built on
There’s a love that will never let me go
He hears my every cry
He knows how to understand me
He is my one defense, day and night
I rest my soul on the rock of the ages
And my feet stand firm on a sure foundation
All my hope in this salvation
Jesus, Jesus, rock of ages
Precious cornerstone
The one for all generations
Laid that I would hide myself in You
Through every trial and storm
When all else is sinking
There is none so faithful and so true
When my heart is faint, my faith is small
Oh hide me, Lord
And when all is well, through it all
Oh hide me, Lord

“He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” Psalm 62:2

May God Bless America!





2 comments on “Fourteen Years After 9/11, Has America Heeded It’s Warning?

  1. Rose says:

    As America sinks into more depravity, New York paves the way…how amazing it is that the electorate would blindly call out to Satan! The Lord has boldly taken His protection from America while His followers languish in the filth that this causes…Will we have a new day in America…a new awakening? I pray so!

  2. gary says:

    awesome write filled with truth, bless you, spike

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