FCC Collusion?

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While trying to get to the bottom of the Net Neutrality scam, I came across some important information that I believe can render the over 300 page book of new internet regulations null and void. This report exposes crony capitalism gone wild, a “follow the money trail” that should alarm us all.

Three months ago, Obama called for strong net-neutrality regulations, an easy ‘fait accompli’ for our tyrannical leader considering the fact that his appointed Chair of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is Tom Wheeler, his former campaign bundler who helped raise more than $700,000 to help him get elected twice. Wheeler first became aware of Obama after his wife, Carole Wheeler read one of Obama’s books.They both became early, enthusiastic supporters and even moved to Iowa for nearly two months (where she is from) to head up a field office leading up to the 2008 Iowa caucuses. Obama took the district on polling day.

Upon accepting the FCC position, Wheeler pledged to divest his stock holdings in AT&T, Verizon Communications, and in nearly 80 other technology, media, and telecommunications firms within 90 days of his confirmation as FCC chairman. A former telecommunications industry lobbyist and past president of wireless association CTIA and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, Wheeler also advised the US Office of Government Ethics (OGE) that upon Senate confirmation, he would resign as partner and managing director of private equity firm Core Capital Partners and refrain from participating in FCC matters that relate to funds affiliated with Core Capitol or to parties represented by Core Capitol.

Wheeler was sworn in as the Chair on November 4th, 2013 and according to Bloomberg Business, as of February 26, 2015 he is still listed as a partner at Core Capital and as an advisor at Mercator Partners, LLC. His position as ‘advisor’ at Mercator involves no less than 288 ‘relationships,’  including some of the same he dealt with at Core Capitol! Also, according to Bloomberg Business, Tom Wheeler is still on the boards of Nielsen Mobile, LLC, Roundbox, Inc., Twisted Pair Solution, Inc., OmniSky Corporation, Impatica Inc., RealNetworks Asia Pacific Co. Ltd., LimeLife, Inc. and TNS, Inc., all telecommunications companies that could very well benefit from his Net Neutrality regulations. The report shows Tom Wheeler is connected to 14 Board Members in 14 different organizations across 20 different industries. At that link, take a look at all his other affiliations! Notice that Wheeler’s age at Bloomberg has been updated and is correct! If even a portion of the Bloomberg Business report is found to be accurate, Wheeler needs to be removed from the FCC now!

Wheeler’s other two Democrat stablemates at FCC include Mignon Clyburn, daughter of Congressman James E. Clyburn. If you look at who Rep.Clyburn’s biggest campaign contributors were for 2013-2014, (here at this link) you will see donations of $20,000 or more from; National Cable & Telecommunications Assn, Honeywell International, Verizon Communications, Google, Inc., Att&T , Microsoft, Time Warner Cable and Comcast. In addition, one of James Clyburn assets include Oakmark Fund, whose equity includes 27.4% in information technology and two of its top ten holdings is Google and Oracle. Conflict?

James Clyburn’s daughter Mignon was feted at the Walter Kaitz Foundation annual dinner last September in which she received the “diversity advocate” award. Comcast was a presenting sponsor with their donation of $110,000 and Time Warner had paid $22,000 earlier to the same foundation that supports diversity in the cable industry. It was during the same time that 
Comcast and Time Warner were considering a merger when commissioner Mignon was honored! Conflict?

The other Democrat commissioner at the FCC is Jessica Rosenworcel who before entering public service, practiced communications law at Drinker Biddle and Reath. Rosenworcel served under the leadership of Senator John D Rockefeller IV and Senator Daniel Inouye. She is married to Mark I Bailen who is an associate in the Washington firm of Baker & Hostetler. Mark is mentioned as having clients in the growing fields of internet and digital media. He represents websites, bloggers, and others who publish and disseminate news, information, opinions, and ideas. Conflict?

The two Republican commissioners on the FCC, Ajit Pai and Mike O’Reilly urged the agency to delay a vote on February 26th saying the proposal should be made public and subject to a 30-day review before the proposal is completed. On Capitol Hill, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) urged Wheeler to appear on Capitol Hill before the vote to make the proposal public. They were declined.

The Internet has proven that creativity and innovation flourish best when governments govern least. The United States has a solemn duty to protect the legacy it founded; he who controls the Internet does control the destiny of nations—and ultimately the destiny of freedom.

What no one is telling the American public is that the next logical step is for the United Nations to step in to oversee the internet. A brand new document that has just been translated into English focuses on how the internet should be governed for “information security.” The document included the phrase, “All States must play the same role in, and carry equal responsibility for, international governance of the Internet.” There are references to governments working together in “combating criminal and terrorist activities” online, and in “curbing the dissemination of information that incites terrorism, separatism or extremism or that inflames hatred on ethnic, racial or religious grounds.” Also mentioned is the protection of “national security or of public order, or of public health or morals.” See where this is headed? The internet is doomed if governed by corrupt, NWO crony capitalists!

In his State of the Union Address in 2010, President Barack Obama touted his efforts to bar lobbyists from his administration.”We’ve excluded lobbyists from policymaking, jobs or seats on federal boards and commissions.”  Lobbying scholar Conor McGrath finds 119 former lobbyists in the Obama administration. His administration employs former in-house lobbyists from Microsoft, Fannie Mae, insurance giant Wellpoint, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Monsanto, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Raytheon, and Goldman Sachs. Obama has hired from the ranks of K Street firms Cassidy & Associates, Covington & Burling, Heather Podesta & Partners, Akin Gump, Arnold & Porter, Winston & Strawn, Timmons & Co., and others.

It is time for the American people to actively lobby for Obama’s impeachment and for Congress to take a stand!

3 comments on “FCC Collusion?

  1. Sharron says:

    Thank you! NOTHING the corruptor-in-chief does, surprises me anymore!

  2. Thunderstixx says:

    Impeachment hell, he deserves to be tried as a traitor.
    Too bad our spineless GOP leaders won’t even entertain the thought.
    The GOP is the worst kind of liars, they say they are your friend but stab you in the back every chance they get.
    I am sick of McConnell and Boner Boy…

  3. John W. says:

    Why doesn’t the link “Author Profile” work? While I share Ms. Quinn’s concerns, I’d like to know more about her before I direct others to this site or share the article on net neutrality.

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