Obama Plague More Serious Than Ebola

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The Ebola Virus, recently introduced from Africa into the now borderless United States of America, is a deadly disease that took the life of an African foreigner who, after lying to authorities about his medical condition, flew to America for medical treatment.

The Obama Virus, introduced to the United States in 2008, has become a pandemic of epic proportions that has succeeded in contaminating and affecting nearly every American citizen and their way of life. Washington D.C., ground zero for the Obama virus is still, almost seven years later, incubating and spreading its filthy Barack bacteria through the Petri dish culture of infected, corrupt lawmakers and politicians who are hell- bent on lying, cheating and stealing from the American people. The symptoms and long- term effects of this demonic based, domestic disease gone virile has resulted in a morally corrupt, secular country that no longer honors or respects God’s blessings; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Obama’s “media medics” who insist on pricking the public daily with their tainted, contaminated “needles” of politically correct, haughty hogwash are only partially to blame because we, their guinea pigs, seem willing to digest their putrid Petri pontification and overall BS as actual truth. Intent on sensationalizing and infecting the minds and souls of their fearful, cowardly, captive audience, the news and entertainment media are the primary carriers of this Obama virus, a germ so virulent and unrestrained, that if left unchecked, will ensure the demise of our great Republic forever.

In 2008, I naively thought the Obama virus was just a sniffle when voters elected an inexperienced Black president, after all, that was the politically correct thing to do. When 2012 rolled around and Obama was surprisingly elected once again, I realized that the Obama virus had to be taken seriously, that it’s lethal, unchecked, pathogen had infected the majority of our inattentive, apathetic, immoral citizenry.

A few weeks ago, I hired a Black gentleman to help me lift some heavy items. He was a wonderful man who I enjoyed conversing with. Soon, our conversation skipped to the lousy economy and the need to move away from the city of Charlotte, North Carolina to a far more rural location in the event of any kind of a food shortage scenario. After much discussion about his refuge plans, I asked him if he had voted for Obama. His answer was “Yes, I voted twice for Obama. He’s no good, but he’s my cousin.”

Are Black Americans any better off now with a Black president? Would a “cousin” be foreclosing on 142,000 homes in Detroit, one-fifth of the city’s population, or in more simple terms, the bottom fifth of the city and it’s poorest residents, for unpaid property taxes while the city pulls in about $11 million dollars a month in tax revenue from the local casinos? Would a cousin shut off the water to hundreds of thousands of Detroit’s poorest residents who are unable to pay their bills? Should cousin Michelle Obama be talking about school children eating cucumber slices when an astounding 47 percent of the residents of Detroit are functionally illiterate and 60 percent of all children in the city are living in abject poverty? Well, I guess every clan has a “cousin” they also describe as the “black sheep,” but after all, they are still considered family. I am sure Detroit resident Melinda Brown Duncan would love to give cousin, black sheep, Barack an earful at her Thanksgiving dinner table this November.

If America’s deficit continues to grow and hundreds of thousands of new immigrants are allowed to suck off the government dole after Obama grants amnesty when the Mid-terms are over, do you honestly believe that Detroit will be the only city severely suffering from the Obama plague? Maybe a far easier antidote to curing the Obama virus once and for all would be to quarantine Obama and all his political hacks until 2016. Let Melinda Brown Duncan take over, she would probably do a better job.

Will the results of the mid-term elections on November 4th signal the beginning of a panacea? Will enough Christians make a concerted effort to get to the polls and vote with their Godly conscience to guarantee a landslide, or will narrow leads help Democratic operatives push their candidates over the top through nefarious and illegal means?

For the last several weeks I have taken a respite from the doom and gloom of politics. Organizing the house in anticipation of the holidays, feeding the hummingbirds and knitting for my first grandchild’s arrival became foremost on my mind. I completely succumbed to the ignorant bliss that accompanies an uniformed intellect. It was quality time that focused on the positive; the beautiful fall weather, feeding the Hummingbirds, and daydreaming about my grandchild’s birth. As the weeks went by, the house became organized once again, well fed Hummingbirds went south, knitted baby blankets and hats were completed…and my precious grandson was born.

Holding my new grandson for the first time brought inexpressible joy…his glassy eyes were like bottomless pools of deep blue that seemed to reflect the depth of God’s infinite love. As I stared in awe at my grandson, his tiny long fingers suddenly curled around my finger…. a newborn soul so ready to trust.

Are we a nation that trusts everyone but God? Has the purging of God from every aspect of our daily lives ruined our basic instincts and teachings? Have we as Christians forgotten the number one and most important Commandment of them all, to love God with all our might! Do we constantly forget that God knows the number of hairs on our head and that we cannot pull the wool over his eyes? Do we remember that fact when casting votes for candidates who support abortion and the murder of millions of God’s babies? Why do we vote for candidates based on color, sex or good looks and not on experience, righteousness and sincerity? Why do the majority of Americans not exercise their freedom to vote? What is wrong with us? Are we so “programmed” that we cannot distinguish right from wrong? These seem to be puzzling questions, but the answer to all is so simple; ignorance, apathy and the lack of faith in God.

Glenda Jackson, the same woman who says she prophesied the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan and the demise of the Berlin Wall says God has revealed a startling new warning. “He showed me that if Christians don’t start praying more than they ever have….this next {presidential} election is not going to happen. That it’s going to be suspended. Because evil is gong to arise.”

It is time to take the Mid-terms seriously on Tuesday and show Capitol Hill that we are tired of their lies. Can we trust the eighty-three per cent of Americans who identify themselves as Christians to get out and vote for conservatives and thereby take over the Senate? It is anyones guess but Gods…and he is watching….from a distance.

Proverbs 3

4 comments on “Obama Plague More Serious Than Ebola

  1. Rose says:

    So, so happy to have you back! Wow, that was one AWESOME article, full of truth and love…God’s love, a new grandchild’s love, love of family and friends and of course the never ending saga of America under the Obama Regime, which seems to never end. America needs patriots like you, Cynthia, and our prayers for our nation more than ever.

    • Rose says:

      Matthew 12:25 NLV

      Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every nation divided into groups that fight each other is going to be destroyed. Every city or family divided into groups that fight each other will not stand.

  2. Diana says:

    Your alive. I missed you I felt like half of me died. Article was great and so sad. I sent you an article that this was invented in the 80’s as a weapon. Do you wonder about way all these disease start in Africa I believe it’s due to depopulation. Glad you are okay.

  3. Doug says:

    Always enjoy your writing. God Bless

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